Why Every Young Kid Needs a Slot Car Set

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Some toys never go out of fashion, and they tend to be the ones that are loved by adults as well as kids. We’re not talking teddy bears here, but more traditional toys. 

The train set, for example: many a kid loved playing with their trains so much that they kept them throughout and still have them today, and modeling is a great hobby to have. It’s also a toy that kids can play with alongside Dad, which is a good thing to do.

Perhaps the best father and child toy is a slot car set. Fun and fast, and these days there are some brilliant sets to choose from, racing cars have always been held in awe by youngsters. 

While a slot car set may be seen as a boys toy, you’ll find many a young girl who enjoys the fun, thrills and spills of racing a model car around a high-speed track, with harmless crashes as part of the deal!

Slot cars have come a long way in the past couple of decades. The advent of digital slot cars, with the ability to change lanes and more, and more detailed modeling techniques mean the sheer variety of brilliant models is something to behold. 

There are plenty of categories to choose from, so you can pretend to race at Indianapolis or one of the many fast ovals in the USA, or at any number of famous Grand Prix tracks across the world. 

With easy to use controllers and modern equipment, if you’re looking for a slot car set for your kid, you’ll probably end up playing with it more than them! So, where do you go to get the very best slot car sets for kids these days? The answer is undoubtedly Carrera Slots who have been in the business of supplying quality slot car sets since 1963 – that’s a long time to get to know the market! Let’s have a look at what Carrera offer that other slot car suppliers don’t.

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Exclusive Licences

As the leading slot car experts in North America it is no surprise that Carrera has obtained a special license to reproduce – exclusively – Ferrari model cars. 

That’s right, only Carrera can build Ferrari F1 slot cars, and these beautifully created models are just like the real thing, down to the finest detail. Ferrari – like Carrera – is a name synonymous with motor racing and fast cars, so it is fitting that these two historic brands work together.

It doesn’t stop there, however, because if Formula One slot cars are what you are looking for, Carrera also has an exclusive license to reproduce Red Bull models. 

Red Bull may not have been in F1 for as long as Ferrari, but they have stamped their name on the sport in the 21st century with a series of World Championships thanks to the great Sebastian Vettel. Again, the detail is remarkable and you can only get these at Carrera Slots.

Advanced Technology

As Carrera has been in the business of slot car sets for so long, they have been able to take advantage of the developments in technology that have influenced the scene. 

This includes the development of advanced digital slot cars that are far more interactive than the standard model, as well as the track and accessories to go with them. 

Carrera can supply you with everything from basic beginners sets – perfect as a Christmas or birthday present for a youngster who wants to get started – to highly sophisticated collectors sets and individual models, suitable for the serious slot car enthusiast who wants to keep up with the game.

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Even more interesting is that Carrera also sells Scalextric slot cars and sets. Perhaps the most famous slot car brand of all, Scalextric keeps up to speed with the very latest designs and models and is favored by those who like exquisitely detailed models of both modern and historic cars. 

But remember you won’t find Red Bull or Ferrari F1 cars from Scalextric, as only Carrera has the rights to those brands in the North American market. You will find a broad range of different models, each of which is highly collectible in its own right.

A Toy for Life

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is not unusual for kids to have kept their slot car sets long into adulthood. Indeed, some of the older models are now very collectible and sought after, as the current range of Carrera models will become in time. 

This is a toy that can be enjoyed by all ages, and one that is designed for good old-fashioned family fun. Whether you want to race at Daytona, or in NASCAR, F1 or IndyCar, there’s a Carrera model for you, so why not check them out in more detail and see just how beautifully made Carrera Slots are, and we guarantee you’ll soon be hooked!