Choosing The Best Latex Mattress

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Due to its durability and comfort, the latex mattress is one of the most popular types of mattresses in the world today. A few years back, these well-built mattresses were primarily known for having a hefty price tag. But in recent years, latex mattresses have become more affordable, making them available to anyone looking for a good night’s sleep. 

The latex mattress is popular for a good reason. Latex naturally has a springiness that can’t be matched by other materials and conforms to your body more than any memory foam mattress would. 

So, what exactly is latex?


Natural latex

Natural latex is a material harvested as sap from rubber trees. Since it’s natural, it doesn’t produce an unpleasant chemical smell as you sleep. 

This sets the mattress apart from a regular memory foam mattress with polyethylene, as these mattresses are known for their foul off-gassing. A pure natural latex mattress is made from 100% latex harvested from trees and doesn’t need to be mixed with any chemicals, making your sleep free from any harsh chemicals.

How is synthetic latex different?

Not all latex mattresses are purely made of natural latex. 

Synthetic latex is almost similar to natural latex but isn’t harvested from trees. It can be made from various materials but is most commonly made with styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). This type of plastic is commonly used as a natural rubber substitute and is often used to make artificial turfs for children. Research has proven the chemical to be clinically safe. 

However, since synthetic latex is still a chemical, it’s been surrounded by a series of controversies. The synthetic latex mattress may closely resemble the natural latex, but it falls short in springiness and durability compared to the natural option.


What’s the right latex mattress for you?

The number of latex mattresses on the market has expanded. This may leave you overwhelmed when choosing which one best suits your specific comfort needs. However, the Stratami latex mattress clearly stands out from the rest. The design makes it a popular choice among customers with different needs. 

Unlike most other latex mattresses, the Stratami doesn’t have a layer of cotton or wool added as a top layer for comfort. This natural latex mattress also doesn’t use coil springs to drive down the cost, as many other mattresses in its price range do.

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Features that make the Essentia Stratami exceptional

Organically made

This 100% natural latex mattress is made of the highest quality natural latex and organic components to reduce VOC exposure as you sleep. The Stratami, like all other Essentia mattresses, is produced in the company’s global organic latex standards certified factory.


Added comfort layer

The mattress harbors a one-of-a-kind dome-shaped contour latex layer that adds to the comfort levels of the mattress. The mattress is well-priced compared to other latex mattresses, with a similar complete latex core that usually retails at twice the price of this latex mattress.


Easy to clean

The Stratami features an organic cotton cover that’s removable and washable. This cover is certified according to the global organic textile standard. Having a full zip makes the cover easily removable and washable, which adds to the comfort level provided by the mattress.

Several layers of zoned latex

The Stratami features a dome-shaped three-inch layer of natural latex on top of a five-inch natural Hevea support foam. This ensures your spine is properly aligned as you sleep.


Benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress

Unmatched comfort

With the natural latex mattress, you won't have to toss and turn all night long looking for a better sleeping position. The mattress provides high levels of comfort and unparalleled support, which makes it possible to enjoy an uninterrupted night’s sleep. 

Natural latex mattresses conform to your body and support it where needed, helping the spine remain well aligned throughout the night. This means you won't wake up with back or joint pains, and you aren’t limited to sleeping in one position. Pressure points like hips and shoulders are well cushioned to allow you to enjoy a peaceful and restful night's sleep.


Hypoallergenic properties

Natural latex is resistant to mildew, dust mite, and mold. Naturally, dust mites can’t live in natural rubber surfaces, which means they can't live in natural latex mattresses. This type of mattress is ideal for people who are sensitive to dust mites since it can often relieve allergies. 

Natural latex mattresses have an open-cell design that makes it impossible for mold to form. Since they allow free airflow, latex mattresses don’t harbor the moisture-rich environment that’s ideal for the growth of mold. Latex mattresses are made using a different process than medical-grade latex. This makes it safe even for people who experience minor skin irritations from medical latex gloves.

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Sleeping on a latex mattress is cooler than on traditional memory foam. Most latex mattresses have an open cell structure that maximizes airflow in the mattress. This is why a latex mattress is your best bet to stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter. 

If you experience hot, sweaty nights on memory foam, a latex mattress would be the best upgrade since it offers the body contouring support of a memory foam mattress without the heat. Unlike memory foam, a latex mattress doesn’t become less supportive or softer when exposed to the warmth of your body under a heavy blanket. Latex retains its shape better than memory foam does.


Motion isolation

Tossing and turning on a memory foam mattress affects everyone lying on it. The buoyant and weightless feel of a latex mattress ensures that one person’s (or animal’s) motion isn’t transferred to a sleeping partner. This means you’ll enjoy a peaceful sleep no matter how much movement your partner makes at night. 

The motion isolation properties make it possible for one partner to wake up or get out of bed without disturbing the other partner's sleep. This provides a much more pleasant sleeping experience for both people.



The customization option offered with latex mattresses makes the mattresses rank better than other types of mattresses. This also makes latex mattresses a popular choice among customers looking to achieve specific comfort levels. This type of mattress can be customized to have two different firmness levels to accommodate each sleeper's individual comfort needs on each side of the bed. 

This type of mattress can be customized to have two different firmness levels to accommodate each sleeper’s individual comfort needs on each side of the bed. Investing in the best latex mattress can provide high quality of sleep and can add extra layer of comfort

Unlike traditional mattresses where you both had to put up with the same firmness or comfort of the mattress, latex mattresses ensure you don’t have to compromise your individual comfort needs because of sharing a bed with a loved one. Check out these other tips for selecting an ideal mattress for hot sleepers.