10 Signs Your Company Database Is In Deep Trouble

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Most business owners often use third-party applications to take backups of their databases. They do not invest in the right firewalls, and in case minor issues occur, they attempt to fix them on their own. Experts in database management say this is the biggest mistake you can make when you are maintaining a database for your business. It is crucial to bank on the right database administrators to conduct regular health checks of your server and generate reports to fix issues before they become huge problems for your company causing data loss and greater damage!

If you are the owner of a business, you will find that database server issues come in all forms. The reasons could be related to the software or the hardware or, in worst cases, both. Either way, your company will face server issues, and this hampers your business from missed chances, employees sitting waiting for downtime to get over, and a big loss of sales.


Look out for danger signs and fix them immediately

Your database server and computers work day and night, and so when warning signs strike, this means there is a problem that can spiral into a bigger issue that will cost your company dear. Therefore, when you see your database is giving you signs, make sure you take action steps fast. Now the question is, what are those signs? 

The following are 10 signs that show that either your server or your database needs help-


  • The server or the computer becomes slow, freezes or crashes suddenly- the last being the most common and obvious one
  • You are not able to perform tasks on the database that you used to do before
  • You see too many pop-up windows all of a sudden
  • You have made work rounds for things that are not functioning correctly.
  • You have no idea about the present back up the situation of your database
  • You do not have the latest Microsoft updates installed on your system
  • You do not have a firewall 
  • You do not have the latest virus definitions 
  • The printing you receive from the server is inconsistent 
  • The receipt and transmission of emails is quite inconsistent 
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Experts from credible company RemoteDBA say that every business needs a proactive and regular server as well as computer workstation maintenance for seamless operations.  The following are some suggestions that companies should follow to avoid problems with their system or server-

  1. Microsoft needs critical updates for security, and they should be applied to the database at least once every month.
  2. You need to manage and review the virus, spyware, and firewall of the database regularly
  3. If your office staff daily use the computer workstations and servers you will face network issues randomly
  4. For data recovery make sure that you manage the data chosen, its testing and back up regularly
  5. You can effectively reduce problems to the workstation and the servers if you embrace standardized procedures. 
  6. You can stop server crashes and issues in storage when you manage resources of the hard drive well. 
  7. When you analyze the event logs of your server, you can successfully track down issues before they go on to cause problems in the network
  8. To accelerate the efficiency and the speed of your database, ensure that you optimize the server regularly.
  9. When you engage in the proactive maintenance of your database, you can get the peace of mind you deserve for your server
  10. Make sure you allot a budget every month and give your database the support that it needs to reduce issues. 


Why call in experts when the issue strikes? 

Professionals in database server maintenance state that the biggest mistake that most business owners do is only call in IT support when the system breaks down. They rectify the issue, and then when a problem arises again, the experts for tech support are summoned again. This approach is costly in the long, and it does not save money at all. Applying band-aids to your system will not work. You need to get the database working as it should. Even if you are a small business, you never should undermine the importance of hiring good tech and database administrators to maintain and monitor your servers regularly.

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Get the competitive edge with managed IT support and services 

Large businesses can afford a dedicated in-house tech support team for their database management; however, if you are a small business, it is obvious that you have budget constraints. This is why you should take the help of remote managed IT services for your needs. The professionals have support and maintenance plans that are affordable, and with them, you can ensure that your database functions smoothly.


The importance of choosing the right company 

When you see the market today, you will find there are several remote managed IT support services that promise you great results. However, experts in the field say that you should never rush to the first company that comes your way. To make the right choice determine what you need. Make a list of the problems that your database is facing in recent months. The support plan that you choose should cater to them and ensure that your database gets the maintenance and monitoring it deserves.

Therefore, with the right managed IT support and services, you can ensure the optimal performance of your database with experts, especially if you are a new or small business. With the help of these companies, you can conduct regular health checks for your server and computer systems. Issues can be identified immediately and fixed. With this, you can get a competitive edge in the market and boost business growth in the long run too. Before you choose the right company, make sure that you go through its reviews and track records so that you know you are investing in the right experts for your company.