10 Space-Saving Ideas for Bathrooms With Tubs

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Are you scrambling for space whenever you enter your bathroom? If so, then that could be quite annoying. 


A small bathroom space can make you constantly bump into things every few seconds. You cannot peacefully relax during your morning shower or a bath. And that could ruin your mood for the day.  


But do not worry, as we have got you covered. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways that you can utilize to save space in your bathroom with tubs. 


As you go, you will eventually come up with a solution to your problem at the end of this article. 


So, let us not delay any further and dive right in!


10 Ideas to Save Space for your Bathrooms With Tubs

  1. Install a Freestanding Tub

Install a freestanding tub in your bathroom in order to save space. One of the major benefits of freestanding tubs is their flexibility. But it’s important to note that despite their sleek appearance, these tubs could be quite heavy. 


A clawfoot tub is one of a kind of freestanding tub. It has got four feet directly underneath it. This makes the bathtub a little elevated from the floor. This space between the floor and the tub gives one an illusion of more space. 


The clawfoot tub is quite larger and deeper than the normal bathtubs. It is also easy to clean and access. 




  1. Choose A Wall-Mounted Toilet

To make more room in your bathroom, you can choose a wall-mounted toilet. This can save up the space that would be taken up by the center pedestal and the upper tank. 


They are quite strong and can save up to 10 inches of space by moving the tank into the wall. To install a wall-mounted toilet, you will have to open up the wall first. Then reroute the waste pipe. 


Since they are wall-mounted, this allows one to easily clean around and under the toilet. There is also no space for dust or dirt to build up. 

  1. Install an Alcove Tub

Alcove tubs are otherwise known as recessed and fitted bathtubs. You can install an alcove tub to save up more space in your bathroom. This is because an alcove tub has only one furnished side.


The other sides of the bathtubs are attached to the walls of your bathroom. This way, there is more space available for you to access. Alcove tubs are extremely durable and are quite affordable. They are also easy to clean. 

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In order to fit your tub and provide support, make sure that you construct a sturdy base around it.  

  1. Replace Swinging Doors With Sliding Doors

If you have a swinging shower door then it is best to get rid of it. Instead, replace the swinging doors with sliding doors in your bathroom. This way, you will not have to account for the space that would be taken up by the swinging door. 


Sliding doors are easy to access by senior members and also by people with disabilities. It is better if you make it accessible from both sides. Sliding doors with frameless glass are popular and also will add style to your bathroom.


You can also install shower curtains for adding more space to your bathroom. They function the same as sliding doors. 

  1. Choose Floating or Wall-Mounted Vanity

Choosing a floating vanity to install in your bathroom, means you are ready to make your bathroom more spacious. A wall-mounted vanity helps by adding more space and also gives enough access to places. 


With a floating vanity, you can clean the space in and around it easily. In addition to that, you can place the floating vanity at a height that you are comfortable with. This is not possible with a regular vanity. 


With a floating vanity, your tilework will always be on the display. So, you can now show off that marble or porcelain in your bathroom. 

  1. Make Use of Open Overhead Shelves

To avoid cluttering your bathroom with your toiletries, you can now make use of the open overhead shelves. These keep you away from bumping into things every few seconds. Just like the name suggests, these are situated above but at a reachable height. 


Using open shelving can help you in storing more things and offer more space for your bathroom. On the other hand, the cabinets will allow only less space to place your items. 


You can also place them near the bathtub that way you get to have quick and easy access. 




  1. Pick a Flat Mirror

It is common knowledge that mirrors produce the illusion of space. Choosing a flat mirror is one of the best things that you could do to save up space. It makes your bathroom look bigger than it is. 

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You can also place a few identical mirrors side by side. That way it looks less cramped. Mirrors tend to increase the room’s appeal. 


So, it is best if you place it at a location where it reflects a beautiful vase instead of a cluttered spot. 


  1. Hang Towel Racks Behind the Door

Placing a towel rack separately can take up the space of your bathroom. Instead, you can hang towel racks behind the door. Towel racks and hooks come in different shapes and sizes. You need to choose the one that best fits your bathroom. 


You can store extra hand towels, washcloths, and small bathroom essentials in the towel rack. You can also roll them to place more towels in the towel rack. 


For more space, you can also add 2-3 towel racks vertically in your bathroom. 

  1. Choose a Dual Purpose Cabinet

The best way to save up space is to get a dual-purpose cabinet. Choose a cabinet where you can place your toiletries in an enclosed space. And at the same time, there is a mirror. 


Cabinets with mirrors prevent you from making a separate space for a mirror in your bathroom. 


When closed it looks like an on-trend round mirror. Once you open it, you find a place to store all your health care and make-up products. 

  1. Choose Compact Pieces

Out of all the other ideas, this is the most important point for you to consider. Choose compact pieces to fit into your bathroom.


As in, if you are thinking of purchasing an alcove tub then choose the size 60 inches X 32 Inches. Be it your floating vanity or wall-mounted toilet, pick a compact size. That way, you get to fit everything and prevent things from cluttering your bathroom. 


Final Thoughts

A bathroom is a place where you take a relaxing bath or a shower before you get ready for a productive day. Everything can be ruined if you begin the day by fighting the concrete space and bumping into things every few seconds. 


To avoid such things from happening, you can make use of the ideas mentioned in this article. Use a standard alcove tub or a wall-mounted toilet to save more space in your bathroom. And at the same time, make sure that they are easier to clean and access. 


Hope you found a solution to your problem with this article. Go ahead and make the best out of your bathroom!