5 Ways to Style Cozy Clothes You Already Have

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As days start to get shorter and cooler with the arrival of fall, it’s becoming clear that our wardrobes require a seasonal change. We’re slowly swapping our sundresses and flip-flops for warm sweaters and comfy boots, and some of us are considering a closet makeover.

But is that seasonal update really necessary or could you make your existing fall wardrobe work? If you’re drawn to the latter solution but need some styling inspiration, here is a list of five ways to style the cozy clothes you already have – without necessarily hitting the shops!

Layer your favorite hoodie with a cozy coat

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Layering has become synonymous with colder months, but it’s the way you use this styling technique that makes a difference. The thing is, it’s often the items you normally wouldn’t pair that end up looking amazing. Take hoodies, for example. You’d normally pair these cozy cold-weather staples with other sporty pieces, right? But why not give it a try and layer your favorite hoodie with a cozy coat?

Lengthy layers don’t only look incredibly stylish and chic, but they’ll also keep you nice and toasty during those colder months. Other than coats, you can also wear your hoodie under a blazer or a trench. Just make sure to match the colors, and go for an oversized model of the hoodie for a more casual but equally stylish feel.

Pair your favorite sweatpants with a leather jacket

Another unexpected yet incredibly stylish cold-weather outfit combination involves pairing the two major staples in every girl’s closet – a cozy pair of sweatpants and a timeless piece that’s the leather jacket. Both of these are must-haves, but most of us have only worn them separately – up until now, that is.

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One of the hottest fashion hacks at the moment, the combination of stretchy, soft material with the classic look and feel of the leather seems to be a match made in heaven and a style tip that can really help you make a statement. For extra comfort, keep the rest of the outfit cozy and monochromatic, sticking with neutral athleisure pants, a warm sweater, and a pair of chunky sports sneakers.

Keep things versatile with a cozy pair of leggings

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Speaking of wardrobe staples that never go out of style, leggings are some of the coziest and comfiest pieces out there. They’re the missing pieces to those perfect lazy day outfits on days when we don’t really feel like putting on pants and dresses and skirts seem a bit over the top. The best part? These versatile pieces pair well with virtually everything!

From vests and cropped jackets to hoodies and cardigans, a pair of high-quality leggings goes a long way in keeping you cozy when those colder months roll around while also letting you create a multitude of outfits. Keep it sporty with a hoodie or a tank, make it cozy with an oversized cardigan or a vest, or rock them with a denim jacket to step up your everyday style game. The choice is yours!

Combine your pajama pants with an elegant blazer

Who says you can’t wear pajamas all day every day? We know that the idea of rocking sleepwear as streetwear sounds too good to be true, but this is a style tip that’s very much doable if you just stick with a couple of rules.

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For starters, opt for pajama pants that have a luxurious texture and feel – definitely skip the flannel ones. Instead, aim for pieces made from silk, go for wide-leg models, and feel free to experiment with bolder prints. You can get a full pajama set or wear yours as separates. To top it all off, add a classic elegant blazer. The result? A perfectly relaxed outfit that doesn’t look like you just woke up in it.

Style a minimalist outfit with a baseball cap

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If your style is more on the minimalist side, there’s a way to make your day-to-day outfits more statement-making without necessarily going overboard with prints or color. You can keep things relatively neutral and casual with a basic black sweater and pants, neutral coat, and white sneakers, and add just one statement element such as a baseball cap, and you’ll make your minimalist outfit that much more stylish.

Experiment with colors, slogans, embroidery – anything that’ll make your headpiece stand out. Not only are sporty caps great conversation starters, but they also come in handy during those bad hair days.

Wrapping up

Comfortable and cozy doesn’t necessarily equal dull and frumpy, and sometimes, all you need is a change of mindset rather than a whole new wardrobe. With these couple of tips in mind, you’ll manage to keep your cold-weather #ootds stylish and chic by relying almost solely on what’s already there.