5 Genius Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try

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As a mom, you already have a full-time job solely by taking care of your family. No, scratch that – that’s not just a job, that’s a role, a mode of existence that comes with more responsibility, love, and stress than any job ever could. Now add the chores and responsibilities of that full-time position, and you have a mix that makes you feel like you need superpowers to survive, let alone accomplish everything you have on your plate for a single day. 

So, where does fitness come in? Naturally, many working moms somehow find the time to train regularly every week. Some have personal trainers, others work out with their spouses, but there are still moms out there who need a little bit of a boost to actually devote some time to themselves. Fitness is an aspect of self-care, and to have more energy, more focus, and less stress, regular workouts paired with eating properly will help you. To provide you with a solid fitness plan that will not become another chore or a burden, but a source of improved health, we’ve listed a few brilliant fitness tips to help carve out your routine.


Plan your meals and snacks

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Moms, just like you know that your little ones need those five portions of fruits and veggies per day, you should enforce the same rules for yourself. This will help you maintain a healthy weight, ensure your heart is strong and healthy, and that you are resilient in every possible way. After all, nutrition is the very foundation of any fitness plan you want to tackle! 

Just like you make regular meals for your kids, plan your own meals ahead of time. You can use your Saturday to meal-prep and set aside specific daily snacks that are both nutritious and filling, to avoid those sugar cravings. 


Keep your energy levels high

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As a mom, you know too well that many of your activities will depend on how much energy you have. Too many working moms steer clear of regular exercise simply because they fear they’ll feel drained and exhausted. The truth is, when done right, regular workouts can restore your energy, improve your sleep, and boost your immune system to a great extent. 

On the more challenging days when you feel that juggling work and parenthood is impossible, you can incorporate a high stim pre-workout supplement into your shake and use it to elevate your energy and recover more easily after your training. Ingredients such as caffeine serve to sustain your energy not just while you train, but afterward, as you move on to other daily chores so that you feel invigorated and focused. 


Train with the right equipment

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Perhaps the gym isn’t really your cup of tea, or you don’t want to depend on the schedule created by the local Zumba instructor – so you need a home-friendly alternative that you can use any time you please. At some point, bodyweight exercises won’t have the same effect on your physique, so you can amp up your training with the use of versatile dumbbells to increase the intensity of your training. 

You can create a full-body workout with dumbbells that you can perform at home, and you can swap out individual exercises for new moves each time you feel the need to mix things up. Just remember to always warm up before, and stretch and cool down after each session even at home, to retain your mobility and flexibility. 


Work some moves into your daily routine

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When you have a busy day ahead of you and too much to do in too little time, you can tweak your routine minimally, and still get at least 20 minutes of active time. For example, instead of taking the bus, the train, or the car to work, you can cycle there. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or do a few squats, lunges, and pushups during your break at work. 


This is perfect for days when you have little time and little energy since these brief spurts of exercise can go a long way in inspiring you to stay true to your fitness plan for the rest of the week.


Stay active while working

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For moms working in an office, spending less time sitting down and more time engaging your body can completely revamp how you look and how you feel during those long work hours. If your employer is willing to invest in such gadgets, you can use a standing desk, or even a treadmill desk to walk while you work on your computer. Alternatively, there are desk-friendly ellipticals and similar tools to give your body a boost when you’re feeling sluggish. 

In case you’re alone at the office and you have a private space of your own, you can introduce a few bodyweight core moves such as the plank to engage your entire body. It takes a minute of your time, but it truly tones your muscles and elevates your mood.


Parenthood paired with a full-time job is a gargantuan challenge, and kudos to you for taking it on so bravely! With all that love and passion you have for both of these roles, you should always have a self-care strategy that will bring out the best in you for those crucial roles in life. Fitness will certainly help you with growth and with all of the responsibilities you have every day – so stick to your plan, and the effort will repay manifold for years to come.