5 Genius Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try

image source As a mom, you already have a full-time job solely by taking care of your family. No, scratch that – that’s not just a job, that’s a role, a mode of existence that comes with more responsibility, love, and stress than any job ever could. Now add the chores and responsibilities of that…

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Energy Star Features and Benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes

Features ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program that allows products with superior energy efficiency to receive a certification. The types of products that can receive an ENERGY STAR certification vary significantly. However, all must meet specific guidelines.   Homes can be ENERGY STAR certified as well. These homes must meet very specific requirements about their…

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Bio fuels can solve the energy crises according to Boris Wolfman

bio fuel pump

Opinion Post: Biofuels can solve the energy crises according to Boris Wolfman Biofuels are taking the world by storm. This is mainly because entrepreneurs are finally warming up to the fact that our energy reserves will soon be depleted, and the excessive burning of fossil fuels has already led to an irreversible change in the…

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Multiple Sclerosis: Tips On How To Manage The Condition

  in and spinal cord, leading to a wide range of symptoms. It is an auto-immune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack its healthy parts. MS symptoms include coordination problems, fatigue, muscle spasms, numbness, and blurred vision. The severity of symptoms can vary wildly from perLiving with multiple sclerosis can be challenging…

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Factors Affecting Electricity Rates in the United States

electricity rates effected by

Did you know that the electricity rates you pay for are a culmination of several costs that power producers incur? Many things occur for you to access electricity. Power producers must generate electricity and supply it to consumers through equipment that utilizes fuel. Besides operating on fuel, the power supply equipment requires regular maintenance and…

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