5 ways to stay on top of average cpc

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Average Cost per Click is the average amount that you have been charged for a click on your ad. It is one important metric to deal with in the Pay per Click domain. You have certainly landed at this blog because you wanted to speed up your game of being at top of average Cost per Click. Being a Pay per Click manager, you are also quite familiar with the importance of having some tools known that can help you make your Pay per Click life easy. So here we have 5 ways for you that you can use to boost up your game. Let’s dig at it:

Scheduling Strategy to Be More Effective

Use industry oriented insights to shape your day-parting strategy. You may use the free ad schedulers and planning tools to identify the best time of day and day of week along with device to adjust when your ads are displayed. Reduce your bid during the hours when your business is the least profitable if you have a limited budget or the conversion rate is low. Look at the day of week and hour of day reports to check this out also to make bid adjustments as necessary. Based on your Industry data, you can get to know of the highest volume days to get an idea for when to play time of day and device type bid modifiers.

Using Analytics to Track Performance: You can’t think of driving a car without windshield, similarly, you can’t think of running marketing without analytics? This seems quite obvious, but there are still quite a few businesses that have not yet implemented analytics. What you don’t know about your business can hurt you, so make sure you make it all safe by using Google Analytics and Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking. Once you are at it, this will become one of the most important aspects of managing your search campaigns. There are quite a lot of free analytic tools will help you as you optimize your campaigns. You have to be familiar with your goals and your targets too here but Universal Event Tracking and Google Analytics will make it easy for you to measure and track performance to tell if the marketing efforts you are doing are up to the mark or not.

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Keywords are everything in Pay per click industry. It won’t be wrong to call it the backbone of a paid search campaign for it to make sense that if you are in a highly competitive industry with high Cost per Click for example “best smartwatches for women, best skateboards, best crossbow” there would be several keyword you should consider the high cpc because of conversion intent & investigating with respect to keywords. Other than controlling the messaging, there is more to bidding on branded keywords. Infect, you might want to bid on your brand keywords to stop your direct competitors from bidding on your brand terms. According to a research study within the automotive industry, even if you did not receive the click but it was being visible both at the top of the funnel and on brand keywords which helped increased awareness, perception, and conversion rates.



In case you have a limited budget and holds an overly aggressive keyword targeting strategy, otherwise settings budgets seems quite simple enough but it can actually be a wide area of opportunity or failure. If you have been lucky enough to be able to manage a lot of Pay per Click accounts with unlimited budget and also if you have managed quite a lot of small business accounts, bound at spending below $500 or maximum $1,000 per month in highly competitive industries with $20-$25 Cost Per Clicks. Always remember when you are managing accounts that do not have much budgets, here are two things you should look at:

  • Branded and Conquesting Budgets
  • Shared Budgets
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Keep Your Ad Groups Tightly Organized in Account Structure 

There are certainly many ways that can help you organize your account so you can make better optimization decisions. As there is no wrong or right way to structure an account. Organizing your keywords in such a way that you can closely knit ad groups to easily see what is profitable and what is not. You can tailor your ads and landing pages to the specific keywords to help yourself with quality score in the ad group and also to increase ad relevance.

Here were 5 ways you could use to get the best out of your pay per click abilities while dealing with the average cost per click metric. It is indeed the most important one to keep a check at as it can be ultimately the make or break of your pay per click return on investment. There can be more ways you can use out of your wisdom to extract the best out it, but here we conclude our version.