Things to Learn About Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning

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Many of us might not think twice when we talk about the indoor air quality of our houses. After all, it’s not considered a topic that comes to mind at the first instant. 


In reality, clogged air ducts and dusty HVACs systems can cause some serious health conditions, and they might also increase your bills by a huge margin. 


So, it’s safe to conclude that there is much to air ducts and HVACs cleaning than meets the eye. This article is the ultimate guide to tell you all about air duct and HVAC cleaning! 


So, let’s begin! 

  • Duct cleaning can reduce health problems: 


While the EPA may not believe that air duct cleaning can reduce health problems, there has been significant evidence and examples to prove otherwise. 


Let us paint a picture. The dust and other contaminants stick inside your air ducts, and they stay in their place unless you decide to clean them out. The residue elements in the air duct start to meddle with the indoor air quality and taint it significantly. 


Their effect does not stop there. These particles also combine with other products in your house, which may include cooking and cleaning products. 


The clogged air ducts could also result in pest infestation, more carbon monoxide (This stuff is literally poison), and the smoke building up inside. In such conditions, it’s hard not to imagine that the health conditions of someone living in such situations wouldn’t be affected. 


You can steer clear of all these problems just by contacting any professional offering duct system cleaning near you.

  • Professionals matter


Cleaning HVACs and air ducts is not a piece of cake, and you shouldn’t hand such a task to someone inexperienced. 


While any service provider may be aware of HVAC basic components and terms for beginners, very few of them carry the expertise to neutralize the problem your air duct is currently facing. 


When choosing an air duct cleaning service, ensure that the person offering those services cleans all the components of your HVAC system. 


If the air ducts are not cleaned properly, there is a huge possibility that they might get contaminated soon without offering any benefits you are looking to attain. Additionally, the improper cleaning processes may also release contaminants into the atmosphere, further affecting the air quality

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Professionals use some designated tools which make it significantly easier to clean air ducts. As professionals have special tools and the necessary skills, you can expect them to leave your air ducts in their best possible condition! 

  • Duct Cleaning is Important! 


In your HVAC system, air ducts play a considerable role. The main task of air ducts is to assist the hot and cold air is circulating through the entire system and covering your entire home. 


However, as time passes, the air ducts might become clogged with dust. Once it becomes clogged, the air ducts will work significantly harder to do the same amount of work as before. 


Not only will dust on your air ducts affect their condition and durability, but it also increases your bill costs significantly. 


Hence, duct cleaning is essential in ensuring that your house remains in the best living conditions. 

  • Save Big time on energy! 


The U. S. Department of Energy concludes about 25-40% of the electricity utilized for heating or cooling the surroundings by an HVAC system is wasted. 


The main culprit for this much energy being wasted is the contaminants clogging the air ducts. With passing time, these contaminants block the ducts so badly that they start to struggle when doing their job. 


As they struggle to do their job, the air ducts start to function with more power consumption than before to give the required results. However, it won’t offer the performance it did when the air duct service cleaned it. 


So, as you get your air ducts cleaned, your air ducts will start working at their normal energy consumption. Since they won’t be working hard, they won’t consume any extra electricity, which means your energy costs will see a huge difference. 


You don’t only save the money on the electricity bills, however. When you get air ducts services, their durability remains intact, and they function for a longer period making Air duct cleaning services worth it. 

  • HVAC System remains ready for the long run. 


There is only so much time an HVAC system will keep performing if the air ducts are clogged and in dire need of maintenance and proper cleaning. 

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And make no mistake about it, HVACs are very expensive to replace. So if you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on getting a new system, spending some dollars on regular ducting cleaning will be far more worth it. 


However, you will need to stay on the schedule. You should always consider the right time to call the cleaning services. 

  • When to get an Air Duct Service?


So, you now know the reasons for getting air duct cleaning services. However, the problem still lies with understanding the perfect time to call for help. 


Here are some examples which mark the need for air duct services imminent: 

  • Mold: 


If you see mold inside your air ducts, then that is a sign that you need to consult a chimney cleaning professional imminently. 


However, it is not always easy to spot mold with an air duct, and everything that looks like mold may not be it. So, to be sure, we suggest that you take a sample and send it to labs. It may cost you only around $20-$50 for the tests. 


There is a huge difference when you consider this figure against the huge expense of cleaning the duct. 

  • Vermin and Pests: 


Insects and rodents usually find their way inside your HVAC system and cause significant damage to your ductwork. 


If you suspect any rodents or insects, it is best to call the expert immediately for help. The creatures mentioned earlier are a very probable reason for bad air duct cleaning. 


You must focus on getting them removed as soon as possible to wreak more havoc when they are in the air duct system for a long time. 


Final Words


And with all the information, we would like to bring this article to its close. We have tried to include all the information that helps you learn more about Air Ducts and HVAC Systems. 


However,r a word to the wise, whenever we are talking about repairing your air ducts, we suggest you contact the teacher as they can solve the problems rather easily.  


Nevertheless, if there is something more that you would like to add to this guide, then mention it in the comments section below!