How to Add Value to Your Home: 6 Value Boosting Tips

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The mere thought of increasing your property value may sound daunting at first, isn’t it? But then again, who doesn’t dream of making an extra dollar when it’s time to sell their land? 


That’s how various thoughts swarm your mind, giving you an intense headache. 

“Must I spend bazillion dollars to get my land to become more valuable?”  

“Do I have to hire a professional to give me tips?” 

You’d be surprised, though, to know that achieving this dream isn’t as difficult as it might seem to you!

We offer to you, 6 best tips to boost your home’s value!


  • Remodeling Your Space is Very Effective.


Over the years, remodeling has become an effective answer for house owners wanting to get higher returns on their land. You can hire specialists to design and carry out your remodeling projects. 

The 2019 Cost vs. Value Report of Remodeling Magazine states that remodeling helps increase your property’s value by 50% to 80% of your overall cost incurred!

Be it your interior or exterior, a little remodeling may cost some of your money. But we assure you, it’s a mighty good investment. We’re not saying you go high and big, remodeling your entire place, even normal restructuring will give brilliant results. 

For instance, you can redesign your bathrooms a bit. This can consist of you, perhaps changing the flooring and installing newer fittings that can beautify your bathrooms even more. 

Statistics show that a basic bathroom remodeling like this can give you up to 70% returns on this expenditure. The pretty useful investment we’d reckon, isn’t it? 



  • Appearance Matters. A lot. 


I am sure you would have heard the famous proverb, “don’t judge the book by its covers.” In today’s times, though, not many follow this; chances are, not even you. 

Come on, if you’re asked to select between two homes based on how their exterior looks, what will you choose? It’s the one that looks more aesthetically pleasing at first glance that wins the race. 

Hence, we are here to tell you that first impressions do matter. How your property looks from the outside is thus a crucial element in deciding how worthy your space is.

You can have your exterior painted or can replace your front doors with more advanced, shinier ones. These types of interventions help your place outshine others within the neighborhood. 

Another element that helps alleviate your exterior is including some lighting. Studies show that around 85% of home-buyers prefer having this feature in the property they wish to buy! A well-lit house has a greater chance of appealing to people. 

According to NAHB, outdoor lighting is also the second most important outdoor-element that buyers love and look for. 


Apart from this, you can even go for a house number plate, painting your windows or removing any excess stone claddings, etc. These are just a few approaches to beautify your curb appearance. 

You must understand that many potential buyers start evaluating the value of your place as soon as they see the exterior. An underwhelming first impression will need more to be replaced with satisfaction. This is why we believe that curb appeal is what you can call a ‘deal maker or breaker.’ 

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  • Invest in Cost and Energy Efficient Installments


With the passage of time, ecological practices are rising in demand and appreciation. It’s a remarkable thing that you become an environment-friendly individual yourself. Though, it’s equally important that you encourage others to become one too.

Including energy-effective appliances and upgrading doesn’t only beautify your space. They also help optimize your energy consumption and reduce bills too. One way is that you dispose of the old windows that may be causing heat leakage. 

As claims, buying and installing windows certified with ENERGY STAR can even help you reduce your energy bills by around 12%. 

In addition, you can use double-paned windows, LED and energy-saving lights to further attract eco-friendly buyers. 

Another approach is to ensure your roofing is well-maintained.  Your roofing may seem strong and in place. Though many times, they are in desperate need of inspections. It’s because there might be some gaps through which the heating or cooling is leaking. In such times, you must hire a specialist right away to get it checked. 

There are many commercial roofing Dallas firms you can hire right away. They can carry out thorough surveys and plan out effective repair and maintenance schedules for you. Maintained roofing helps a huge chunk in reducing your energy expenditures. A side benefit, it for sure also boosts the value of your property too! 


You also have the option of installing solar panels. A study carried out by the National Association of Realtors stated that 39% of the sample of realtors stated that solar panels raise the land’s worth by a noticeable amount. 

An investment where you get to promote sustainability, reduce energy bills while also gain by a sharp boost in your land’s resale amount? A million times yes, please! 


  • Got Any Extra Space? Build Extensions.


Building extensions is such a brilliant way to boost your property’s value. Be it a single-story or a double-story extension, and it means much more covered space. 

This additional area can help your kitchen look more spacious. You can even turn the newly covered space into a bedroom, storage, or even a reception area!

The overall trends show that extensions are quite significant and influential. To ensure you enjoy the maximum fruits of this investment, you can hire professionals to design, plan, and execute your extension project. Know that everything must be considered when building extensions, from flooring to choosing the perfect and most optimal roofing. 


  • Add Another Bedroom


You know the best way to increase the value of your home? Just add another bedroom. The numbers of bedrooms have a direct impact on the worth of your space.

How, you may wonder, can you have enough space all of a sudden to include one more bedroom? Well, one amazing way is to convert your loft, attic, or even your cellar. 

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This isn’t just utilizing your space in a more productive manner. These places are also the ones that offer a unique kind of sophisticated aesthetics if designed properly. 

According to various experts in the real estate industry, loft-converted-bedrooms help increase the value of your house by around 15%. 

Though a piece of strategic advice is that you must ensure a balance between the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It’s preferable that for each bathroom, there be a maximum of three bedrooms. 


  • Boosting the Aesthetics of Your Kitchen is An Important Investment


Numerous property experts have ranked kitchen remodeling as the most optimal upgrading that brings high returns. 

Kitchen remodeling does not have to include installing lavish and fancy modern equipment and gadgets. Not at all! You can replace the old cabinets with more elegance and trendier ones to give a charming appearance. 


Incorporate stainless steel in your kitchen décor. It makes your kitchen look very posh and versatile. Furthermore, it rarely fails to grab the attention of potential buyers too! 

Changing your flooring also helps a lot. Engineered wood flooring is a cost-efficient alternative to hardware flooring. It’s approximately 15% cheaper yet gets the job done by giving a unique shine and furnishing to the space. 

Include some pot racks and a wine bottle holder and fancy lighting. Voila, you have a kitchen looking something straight out of interior décor magazines!

Lastly, only some of you may be aware of the fact, but remodeling your kitchen also assists in reducing your energy consumption. See, you get to dispose of your older appliances and replace them with dishwashers, refrigerators, and other modern appliances. 

Such contemporary types of equipment are made to reduce your electricity bills while giving the best results. Hence, congratulation, this way, you get to enjoy yourself another victory!

A little did-you-know fact, a recent study concluded that around 69% of the house-buyers were willing to have paid more if the property had newer appliances.


We never claim that your space remodeling is sure to increase your property value higher than the market rates. However, such creative approaches do certainly assist in increasing the chances of making your land more attractive to potential buyers. 

Though, prior to this, there are certain factors you must consider. First, know what you want. Conduct thorough research in identifying how to accomplish your goal. Hire professionals or contractors to plan a to-do list for you and give quotations so you can prepare your budgets and get started with the renovation. 

Sure, cash dealings are great if you have quick cash in hand. You can also request for housing loans to pay for your renovation project. Happy renovations, you all! 

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