Awesome Travel Games for Kids

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Keeping the kids entertained on a road trip or a long flight can be a challenge for parents, but with the right games, the time is sure to fly by! Sometimes, space can be an issue when traveling. But, with dedicated travel games for kids, the size of the boxes is small and compact, so they can easily fit in luggage items of any size. The games are also ideal for playing when space is limited, such as on an airplane. There are also some magnetic travel games so the pieces don’t get lost with sudden unexpected movements!


Top 7 Travel Games for Kids


  1. Rubberneckers 

The first of our best travel games is Rubberneckers, a game that consists of many glossy cards with tasks to keep kids busy for hours. The one is a suitable gift for kids aged around 8 years and over and challenges them to games such as looking for ordinary and slightly more unexpected things. This game is a bit like a more fun version of I Spy!


  1. Melissa & Doug Memory Game

If you’re looking for road trip games for kids to play together, this memory match game is ideal for two players. There are seven double-sided cards with different themes, each with 25 pictures on each side. The board has two sliders to keep score of how many pairs each player finds so they can check who is the winner! Kids will love the colorful images on the cards and the game is ideal for kids in the 5 – 7 years age range.
Melissa & Doug Memory Game

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  1. Battleship Travel Size 

Battleship is a classic game that has been loved by children for many years, and thankfully it is now available as a traveling board game in a smaller size. The gameplay is the same as the full-sized version – use white pegs to track a missed shot and red ones to show where you’ve hit your opponent’s ships. The game boards open up to shield your layout from your opponent’s view.

Battleship Travel Size 

  1. Take ‘N’ Play Hangman

Hangman is a classic game for car rides and this game has magnetic pieces to it’s easy to play on-the-go, and much more fun than drawing it on paper! The pieces are large enough for kids to play easily and the game is suitable for two players aged five years and upwards. The game includes 62 letters, six body part magnets, two score markers, and more. This is a great game for helping kids practice their spelling, too!

Take ‘N’ Play Hangman

  1. Kids Would You Rather? 

Would You Rather? is one of the most entertaining games for kids to play either at home or when out and about, and it offers endless fun as it can be played over and over again! This book comes with 200 questions for some inspiration when they can’t think of their own. The questions are great fun for kids to think about on their own or to ask others they are traveling with – they are perfect for starting some interesting conversations. It’s a great kid travel game when space is limited – it’s just a book and doesn’t have any small parts that could get lost.

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Kids Would You Rather? 



  1. 12-in-1 Magnetic Board Games

Magnetic travel board games are great because they offer all the fun of the original games but the pieces can’t easily get lost in the car or on an airplane. There are 12 games in this set including draughts, Ludo, Tic-Tac-Toe, and more. Each game also comes with its required pieces, and the boards are 5 inches square so they are easy to pack when traveling. Each game comes in its own box so you can choose which ones to bring on the trip if you don’t want to take then all each time.

12-in-1 Magnetic Board Games

  1. Regal Games Travel Bingos

The last of our travel games is this awesome bingo with four cards in different designs – Auto bingo and Interstate bingo. There are 25 icons in each card and a slider to pull over once the required object has been spotted. The aim of the game is to be the first player to get five in a row and call bingo! This is a great game to keep kids from getting bored on a road trip and they will love spotting things on the road. Some of the things to spot include a bus, a horse, a 65mph speed limit sign, and a stop sign. This game is great fun for all ages! For more great kids toys and for the best educational toys see our post here.

Regal Games Travel Bingos