Bathroom Tiles Decor Inspirations

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Tiles are an integral part of home interior design, but its association with the bathroom is forever. In fact, the choice of tile can really make or break the look of the bathroom. Bathroom tiles are originally used to protect the room’s wall from damages, but its use has evolved to encompass aesthetic reasons as well; and Victorian Plum has some amazing options worth considering.

double tile shower

While it is always great to have a variety of choices, excessive choices can also be a big dilemma for some. There are tiles of various colors, styles, patterns, and materials, which can be hard for someone to settle on just one choice. If you happen to be the someone we are referring to, fret not! We have compiled a list of bathrooms with exquisite tile choices that are sure to be inspiring and helpful in your next bathroom redesign. 

Play up the classic subway tile

Play up the classic subway tileYou can never go wrong with a subway tile look when in doubt. However, you go instantly to achieve a brand new and fresh look by playing with the orientation of how the tiles are installed. For instance, instead of fixing them all vertically, consider alternating them and installing the next tile horizontally. This helps to break the monotonous look should the tiles all be installed in a single orientation. 

Use marble material

Use marble materialMarble is all the rage recently and we can definitely see why. Just adding this material into any room can instantly elevate the feel and look of it. Marble tiles come in more than just the classic white with grey streaks. Consider marble tiles with pinkish or reddish hues with you are into the feminine powder room aesthetic. Otherwise, one can also go full-on glamorous by incorporating a huge slab of black marble with gold-colored streaks. You easily create a pleasing contrasting look by going for an opposing marble slab for your bathroom floor, which will certainly make the bathroom a grand experience for all your guests. One thing to note that the use of marble is sure to come at a hefty price, but it’s a worthy investment.

Mix it up with statement styles

tile shelf

The possibilities of tile combinations are endless. There is no need to keep your bathroom tile choices strictly to one style. In fact, incorporating different tiles or different looks and styles can be a unique look that works as well. A tip to go about doing this is to perhaps keep a visual element constant through all the tiles to be installed, and switch up the other element. For instance, keep the colors of the tiles used to be under a common palette and play with the sizes.

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Consider the finish

The finishing of the tile can really alter the overall look of the bathroom. Although most tiles are predominantly done with a shiny finish, textured and matte tiles are trending as of late. Not only are they rather unprecedented in the bathroom scene, we truly make us challenge our usual designing protocol and thought-process since they work so well. Bathrooms with the addition of tiles with different finishes actually look very modern and are a good surprise for unassuming guests.

Never go wrong with white

There is always something beautiful about the clean look of a completely white bathroom. Not only does it make your bathroom feel clean and brighter than it would have been, but one would also have an easier time matching the decor in the bathroom. Just remember to break the monotonous white look with some textured rugs or art pieces to avoid the clinical, asylum look that a predominantly white bathroom threatens to become. Also, be prepared to commit more effort and frequency to clean the bathroom as the white bathroom room runs the risk of amplifying dirty spots. One of our favorite ways to achieve this look is to smart use transparent glass as shower dividers or sinks.

Try Odd Colors

Green tiles for a bathroom might not be the first thing that your mind conjures up when you think of a dream bathroom. However, it is always the most ridiculous ideas that are the most novel when pulled off well. Try experimenting with unconventional colors such as forest green shade which is sure to bring forth some peaceful and namaste vibes when you do your morning routine. Or go pastel mint green, which can help channel some luxurious spa atmosphere to your home.

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Textured tiles

Tiles with a roughed-up look and texture can completely switch up the look of the bathroom. Imagine white tiles with a sandy finish. You will be reminded of coastal vacation houses that beckons you to visit every summer, putting you in a state of relaxation and zen.  

Black Grout

The spaces between the tiles are your playing area for your ideal bathroom as well. Oftentimes, homeowners will settle for the typical white grout but guess what? Black grout is definitely an option you can go for to make a statement. Pair white subway tiles with black grout and be amazed at how compatible this combination is.

Tile Mural

Tile MuralThis idea can be a little tough to pull off, but a fun challenge for more experienced home designers who truly want their bathrooms to be one of a kind. Simply choose tiles with unique patterns and plan out in detail how you can lay and install them for the maximum wow effect. You might need to consult a few eyes and opinions for this, but once you’ve found a winning layout—you’re basically set. 


One consideration for the bathroom may be how easily it is cleaned. Materials that are porous will be much hard to clean since material an and liquids can collect in the tiny hole.

Although we have talked about what’s trendy and what works, it is important that you as the homeowner fancy the final look of your bathroom. Trends are only relevant for a set amount of time but your own tastes and preferences are more likely to stand the test of time. If you are more inclined towards classic and avant-garde looks, consider investing in diamond-shaped or octagon tile. Conversely, for those who chase trends, look no further—the subway tile is a great option to achieve the modern look. The key takeaway is to incorporate your own aesthetic style so you will be pleased with your bathroom for a longer period of time—and that to us is money well spent.