En-suite Bathroom Ideas for a Modern Design

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So, you’ve decided you want to make some modifications to your bath room. Those with ensuite bathrooms will know how difficult it is to find a design complete with solid, quality fixtures, that compliment the design of your bedroom or adjoining room. Whether we’re talking about a small ensuite bathroom suited to small spaces, or you’re drafting ideas for master bathroom designs, everything from the colour scheme to the finer features of your bathing room design needs to be fine-tuned to your use to provide you the best experience possible.

Thankfully, this little guide will give you an easy way of finding the perfect en suite bathroom design to integrate into your family life. We’ll take you through design ideas for anything from a small space to a loft conversion, as well as ensuite bathroom ideas designed to give your ensuites a modern bathroom feel; complete with a glass panel and subway tile detail.

You might be wondering, however, where do I even start to look for en-suite bathroom ideas? Whether you’re looking for master bathrooms ideas to tack onto your master bedroom, or you just want bathroom suggestions for a smaller en-suite bathroom, here’s all you need to know.

What is an en-suite bathroom?

En-suite Bathroom

Before you have a look for some design tricks for your ensuite bathroom, recommended by the likes of everyone’s favourite Queer Eye guy, Bobby Berk, let’s take a look at just what an en-suite bathroom is.

When we hear ‘ensuite bathroom’, it’s not uncommon to think of a hotel, or travel. However, you can get an ensuite bathroom right in your own home. The word ‘en-suite’ comes from French, literally meaning ‘in the room’.

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An ensuite is therefore a bathroom that is attached directly to the bedroom, allowing for private access. It usually includes your basic elements, i.e. bathroom, shower, toilet, and also tends to have a bathroom vanity.

Most interior design experts have many shower room recommendations and ensuite bathroom ideas for your home.

Small Bathroom Suite Ideas

From wall tiles to the shower area, to a swanky window trim, your bathroom remodel deserves the best in order to give your en-suites the best that bathroom trends have to offer. No matter your search type or priorities, we’ve got everything you need to kit out your small shower room or ensuite bathroom here at bellabathrooms.co.uk.

En-suite bathroom ideas can range from modern to vintage, from a glass shower door to sleek shower enclosures. The best modern en-suite bathroom ideas ensures that everybody can have the most indulgent bath room suite, even in the smallest space. Space-saving designs tend to take the lead, with lots of manufacturers offering ‘compact’ ranges of ensuite bathroom ideas.

Designing an en-suite can be just as important a case-study as designing a good home office. So, here’s what we recommend for smaller shower room ensuite suggestions:

  • Have a good grasp of your available bathroom space- this will help any interior designer to give your storage ideas, such as a storage unit. We’ve all seen Marie Kondo on Netflix – the key to a zen space is space-saving design solutions.
  • Know what you want- do you want a bath and shower, or just one or the other? Knowing this will give you easy inspiration to look for products in your home renovation that suit the style and space of your bathroom interiors.
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Here are our key suggestions for smaller ensuite organisation:

master bath tub


Master Bathroom Ideas

Just like the smaller bathrooms, we have some tips for your search for a master bath-room design.

  • Aesthetics are key – you’ll want to ensure that your style of bath-room suits the rest of your house. Whether you’re after a coastal ensuite bathroom that reminds you of the French Riviera, or you want a matte black bold statement packed with textural paradise and other design details, straight from Adore Home Magazine… for the interiors addict, there needs to be a consideration of these things.
  • Free or fixed bath– one of the most popular design features of the swankiest master bath-rooms, nowadays, is the existence of free-standing bathtubs. These products will offer a sense of high-class luxury, whether your design is more minimalist or out-there. The materials, paint colour, and lighting of your bath room can all affect how you’d like to style your baths. A free-standing design can be a real focal point of your ensuite vision.
  • Adding modern technology – To elevate your en-suite bathroom’s functionality and aesthetic, consider integrating modern technology and interactive games into the design. Enhance your en-suite bathroom by adding a waterproof digital display in the shower area. This allows you to play classic games online like Minesweeper or engage in trivia and puzzles while relaxing. This blend of traditional design and modern technology creates a unique and entertaining bathroom experience.

Here are our key suggestions for master en-suite organisation:


free standing tub

free-standing tubs are the mark of decadence


walk in shower

walk-in shower enclosures save space and maximize convenience


walk-in shower enclosures save space and maximize convenience]