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Aria Starr Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Top Castor Oil

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The process of managing healthy hair can be a challenge if you don’t know which hair products to use. Your hair may be transitioning from a chemically processed state to natural. On the other hand, you may be dealing with excessively dry or damaged hair. If you’ve tried some of the popular restorative products that seem to work for others, but your hair would not conform to the ingredients, the best castor oil may be just what you need. Listed below are a few products which have been found to be effective in restoring and protecting your hair while increasing shine and manageability.

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Herbiar Organic Castor Oil

Not all castor oils are organic, this is something that we think is a good idea to look for. I like to see certified organic. Organic products are healthy options due to the lack of chemicals used in growing. Being certified means that there is a standard they have to meet and this is checked, its not just a company claiming to be organic like many do. Herbiar Castor Oil is 100 percent certified organic and cold pressed.

Why is cold pressed important? Coldpressed oils are obtained with pressure by press without using heat. This is more beneficial because in this process toxic chemical’s are not used. When chemicals are used some of those chemicals can end up in the product. By Cold pressing this does not happen. In addition none of the fats and nutrients are broken down by heat since the process is not using heat/chemical extraction. So is cold press important-YES

castor oil

Herbiar is a new product, it doesn’t have many reviews yet. Looking over reviews on the web, there is only one negative we could find and it was not a legitimate concern. The customer complains about the lack an application kit, none of the products on this page com with and additional application kit. I can’t say that I even understand the need for one.

What we like about it

  • 100% pure unrefined castor oil
  • Free of Hexane, gluten, parabens
  • Contains no added ingredients, No fragrance, alcohols, or preservatives
  • USDA Certified Organic-this is important

Many benefits are listed by the manufacturer. These include being a multi purpose skin softener that may help reduce acne, scars, pimples, and blemishes. Organic castor oil is a natural source of fatty acids these may be able to stimulate growth in eyelashes, eyebrows and hair due to the fatty acids and nutrients that are naturally in the oil.

This product may be just what your looking for, can it solve your hair and skin problems? It just might, only way to know is to give it a try.

Find Herbiar Oil on their website or here on Amazon


Aria Starr Cold Pressed Castor Oil 

Aria Starr Cold Pressed Castor Oil, top Castor Oil

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Aria Starr Castor Oil has been rated the best because of its 100% pure contents. Sometimes when products have been labeled natural, you may discover that the main ingredient is partially natural. Aria Starr Castor Oil contains exactly what is advertised. In fact, this top castor oil is derived and extracted from premium castor seeds via cold processing. This process helps to preserve the properties of the oil so that you can experience the full benefits.

Castor oil can work wonders if you have trouble with shedding or brittle hair. One of the benefits that this best castor oil offers is a reduction in hair breakage. This type of oil is also beneficial when applied to your skin. Aria Starr Castor Oil can stimulate your follicles if you have problems with hair growth. It has garnered raving reviews from hundreds of Amazon customers. The 16-ounce bottle of 100% pure castor oil has contributed to beautiful hair that so many reviewers are enjoying today.

Another reason why this product is cherished so much is that of its quick absorption ability. Unlike oil products that weigh hair down, Aria Starr Castor Oil increases shine without compromising your hair’s shaft when used in an amount that will not oversaturate your hair. The versatility of this oil is the primary factor that attracts so many customers. Although head hair is the general location this oil is usually applied, some customers have used it on their eyebrows. A full list of benefits is available on the Beauty and Tips blog.

Although Aimee Smith gave this castor oil five stars on, she only listed various ways castor oil can be used. She did not give any indication that she used this product. Aimee does, however, describe the distinctive properties that make up this lovely oil ( If you or your child suffers from cradle cap or Alopecia, castor oil can provide excellent medicinal therapeutic benefits. If left untreated the aforementioned skin conditions can cause significant hair loss. Aria Starr Castor Oil has been ranked number eight of the “10 Most Effective Hair Growth Oils to Treat Alopecia in Men and Women” (

Aria Starr has also listed 11 benefits that this oil is able to generate for buyers on One particular area that many people have challenges with is dandruff. However, Aria Starr has created a remedy to eradicate this problem at the roots. Besides the benefits that are listed, this oil also comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re the type of person who switches hair care products frequently because you can’t see immediate results, this guarantee challenges you to commit to using this oil for at least one year to achieve the maximum results.

If you’re not confident that castor oil can improve your hair, you can find out exactly how to use castor oil in your hair care regimen by visiting You’ll learn how to apply the oil and about the suggested frequency of use. Tips are also given about other ingredients you can use in combination with castor oil.

Wellness Mama also offers some valuable tips about how to grow your hair with the best castor oil. In the post “Castor Oil for Hair Growth”, the blogger mentioned how her lack of knowledge regarding castor oil had her … “missing out on a simple and really effective traditional beauty remedy” ( Cited for its longevity in offering benefits in a variety of methods for treating ailments and replenishing hair, Wellness Mama pointed out that many of the essential vitamins that are popular today have always been elements that make up this oil’s substance (

Wellness Mama also provides a simple recipe for a castor oil hair treatment. However, Aria Starr makes it simple for you to use its castor oil. The 100% all natural oil requires nothing but your willingness to try its contents. Priyanka Ganwani (2016) seems to think that castor oil is a form of magic for hair. In the blog post “Castor oil – The magic potion for healthy and lustrous hair” on, Ganwani lists four benefits that castor oil offers when you need to correct issues with dry scalp, split ends, hair loss, and scalp infections (

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Ganwani(2016) gives tips on how to use castor oil as a moisturizer and conditioner. The simple additives she suggests will also aid in your ability to help your hair recover from years of damage. Once you learn and commit to these various techniques, you should be well on your well to having a healthy scalp and hair. Aria Starr Castor Oil can help thin, thick, and dry hair come alive by targeting hair problems from the root to the ends. It can even help ease arthritis pain if you have this challenge as well.

Cammile Q Organic

Cammile Q Organic Castor Oil

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If you prefer using organic products on your hair, Cammile Q’s Organic Castor Oil can meet your hair care needs. This castor oil is Hexane free and is 100% cold pressed. A little goes a long way with this 8.5 oz dropper bottle of oil. Just a small amount will leave your hair soft, manageable, and thicker. Women of color can benefit from this oil because it will increase moisture while reducing breakage. So if you struggle with managing tight coils, castor oil can loosen your curls and give you the sheen you desire. However, this oil is not limited to one type of hair but can rescue any hair type that needs immediate attention.

Cammile Q’s Organic Castor Oil goes a step further with its ability to contribute to all of your hair’s health including your eyebrows and eyelashes. So if you’ve always had problems with very thin brows and eyelashes, just smooth a dab of this castor oil on and you’ll see dramatic results. However, you may want to be mindful of how much and how often you apply this oil in order to avoid too much thickness and growth on these fine hair areas. If you’re allergic to fragrances and chemicals, this organic oil will put your mind at ease. It’s unrefined and unscented. So you can feel free to apply this special anointment to your hair and skin.

Over 90% of 103 customers who purchased this oil on Amazon gave four to five stars based on this oil’s ability to produce magnificent results. These positive results range from thickened eyebrows, consistency, eyelash length to joint pain relief. These results are enough reasons to choose Cammile Q’s Organic Castor Oil as an optimal hair healer.
Heather Habeger (2015) published a review on YouTube about this castor oil product. She gave a close view of the oil’s thickness and discussed the several ways she used this oil on her hair. She boasted of the positive results she gained by using the oil on her eyebrows and hair. Her overall satisfaction influenced her to tell others about how amazing this organic castor oil is (

If you’re a man, you can also take advantage of Cammile Q’s Organic Castor Oil, particularly for your beard. A brief review is given on the Beard and Trim Groom blog. The blogger wrote an explanation about the cold-pressed process, organic castor beans, and the purpose of cold pressed oil. Cammile Q’s Castor Oil was listed among four other brands. Further explanation was provided regarding the bottle’s dark color which is to retain the freshness of the oil. The oil’s benefits ranged from its ability to control frizz, grow hair, moisturize scalps, and soften rough skin areas (

So if you’re looking for a castor oil that has proven itself to be a hair wonder worker, the Cammile Q Castor Oil has been recommended by numerous customers to be an excellent hair care product. Don’t let this small bottle fool you. Its potency leaves shiny and healthy hair to the point where you’ll be ready to give your own product testimony.

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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If you love tropical hair care products, Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a number one seller in massage oils. This oil is produced from pure wildcrafted and organic Jamaican castor seeds. When you apply this oil to your hair and scalp, you’ll immediately notice the moisture that will saturate your hair. The active ingredients in this oil work miraculously to correct dry and thinning hair. If applied as a hot oil treatment, you’ll be able to retain moisture for quite a while strengthening your hair.

This oil can also shield against a variety of damage-causing factors including curling irons, blow dryers, and weather. When you wash your hair, you can apply a little of this oil to your scalp to get rid of harmful parasites and toxins. After using this oil for three months, Danielle Nance (2015) was able to see a significant difference in the areas where she was experiencing thinning. Danielle’s month one, two, and three updates on her three-month challenge can be found on YouTube ( Yolanda Renee (2014) also published a review on YouTube about how Jamaican Black Castor Oil helped her. She gave a brief demonstration on how she applies the oil to her edges and scalp (

After applying the oil rigorously, her hair looks were full and healthy. Renee did not only describe the effects that this oil had on her hair, but she also took the time to explain the origin of black castor oil and the necessity to use pure castor oil. Additional application recommendations are also provided to maximize viewers’ experience with the oil (

More than 2,000 customers of 3,993 of those who purchased this oil on Amazon gave it a 5-star rating. One customer not only commented on her experience using the oil, but she also posted a before and after photo. The evidence showed several bald spots and how the oil helped fill in the spaces with new growth. Other customers also showed their bald spots and thinning hair. One photo showed the back of a baby’s head and how the Jamaican Black Castor Oil stimulated growth. Although growth results have varied on others’ scalp and will vary on your hair based on your needs, exercising a little patience will help your hair grow faster.

While some Amazon customers did not mind the smell, others could not tolerate the odor. If you have sensitive skin, this product may not work for you. However, if you want to gain the same level or greater results other customers have achieved, use precautionary steps when applying the oil on your hair to avoid getting the oil on your face or eyes as well as other sensitive areas. Your scalp may be receptive to the nourishment that the Jamaican Black Castor Oil provides, while other skin areas will sense and treat the castor oil as a foreign agent.

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Some customers noted that they did not receive the authentic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, so if you order this brand, make sure you evaluate the package and contents to ensure accuracy. A helpful review can be found on African Hair Blog. Tendayi (2013) explained how she diluted the thick oil and mixed it with coconut oil as well as conditioners.
While others could not endure the strong odor of the oil, Tendayi (2013) expressed how … “The smell reminds me of roasted nuts” ( She noted how the aroma tended to dissipate when she diluted the oil. So this might be a good method you can try prior to using the oil. Tendayi’s (2013) application results yielded soft hair which has influenced her decision to make a future purchase. This illustrates how creative you can be with castor oil. If one way is too potent for you, adding another natural ingredient can still give the same or better results without the heaviness.

Beauty Aura 100 Percent Pure Castor OilBeauty Aura 100 Percent Pure Castor Oil, Good Castor Oil

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Beauty Aura’s 100 Percent Pure Castor Oil has generated hundreds of reviews because of its natural contents. This oil is pressed from castor oil seeds and is free of chemicals such as Hexane and synthetics. The antibacterial and antifungal properties in this castor oil can protect your scalp from skin infections. While some castor oil lovers use this oil on their scalp, head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, Beauty Aura’s 100 Percent Pure Castor Oil can be used as a facial treatment. So if you’re worried about the rapid progression of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging eyes, and scars, this oil can promote younger looking skin.

A brief review regarding this oil’s performance can be found on Described as … “The Bomb”, this oil was found to be very effective for Lady Borde (2015) particularly since she has gray, curly, and dyed hair. These hair strand combinations can definitely become dry if not regularly treated with quality oil. If you decide to purchase this brand of castor oil, you’ll receive plenty of opportunities to restore your hair. The 14.4 ounces of oil has been refined and tested for its purity. So you can be confident that you’ll be getting a high-quality product. The richness can moisturize your hair for at least a week. So if you have trouble retaining moisture no matter what type of hair lotion, shampoo, or conditioner you have used, Beauty Aura 100 Percent Pure Castor Oil can revitalize your hair without the requirement of extra products.

More than 500 customers who purchased this castor oil on Amazon shared their thoughts and expressed a mixed level of satisfaction. 79% of purchasers were very happy while 21% questioned its authenticity specifically regarding its claim of being cold pressed and mentioned oil leakage in their mail package.

Although customers have different needs and opinions about this castor oil, the average consensus is that this oil is one of the best on the market. For example, customers who posted their reviews on gave three to five stars. Most gave their testimonies of healing and hair growth. One reviewer commented that positive results were experienced, but consistency was the primary factor that contributed to the outcome.
One of the main reasons why this castor oil is so popular is because it can be applied in so many ways. So if you’re suffering from challenging skin, hair, or other health conditions, you’ll find plenty of information on the side of the bottle regarding how you apply the oil. Now you don’t have to suffer anymore with embarrassing bald spots, thin hair, or blistery skin. Beauty Aura’s 100 Percent Pure Castor Oil can keep you looking healthy for a long time.

Pre-purchase considerations

Castor Oil Best Properties

Oil properties are critical to an oil’s ability to maintain its consistency. All oil does not produce the same results. Some oil may add and increase moisture while other oils may dry out your hair. It’s important to find out what ingredient is compatible with your hair to ensure that you will be getting the most of your hair oil investment.

Top Brand and Quality Castor Oils

Length of performance is a critical factor you must consider when applying oil to your hair. Quality hair oils should be able to saturate your hair for at least two days. If your hair dries out quickly, you may have to apply an additional amount. The reason why an extra application may be required is that medications and hot or cold weather can also dry out your hair. Maintaining your hair requires special attention which must be applied on a ritualistic basis.

Castor Oil Best Results

Restorative ability is another feature the best castor oil should possess. If you’re struggling to manage split ends, you should be able to see some positive results within a few weeks. Restoration also includes the ability to correct damage caused by perms, blow dryers, curlers, and other chemicals that can alter your hair’s ability to sustain itself.

Versatility of Top Castor Oils

Oil versatility is another area you should take in consideration before deciding which castor oil brand is right for you. Many hair oil users use oil as a conditioner, hot oil treatment, and hair styling aid. These methods are ways you can strengthen your hair. Since your scalp is part of your skin, you want to make sure that the oil that you apply to your scalp will initiate growth and prevent dryness.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Castor oil has been a long time remedy for ailments and damaged hair. Many popular hair products boast of extraordinary benefits, but some fail to restore all hair types. Castor oil can restore and strengthen a variety of hair types. It is also cost-effective. These castor oil products have helped many customers overcome scalp, hair, and skin problems. Whatever brand of castor oil you decide to purchase, you should review the contents and instructions to ensure that you will gain a significant amount of benefits such as new growth, improved luster, and volume.

Hair is a valuable asset and should be treated accordingly. When you take time to research and purchase quality hair products such as castor oil, you will be able to enjoy your hair for many years. You might also receive compliments regarding the results of your hair care management.

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