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KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS

Our Top Pick for 2019: KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS

Purchasing a dashboard camera can be a great investment to use as a protective measure for your vehicle. You can use your dash cam as proof of what happened in a car accident, so you don’t have to worry about what the other driver might say and you can show the footage to the police or your insurance company. If you have a dash cam that runs while your car is parked, you will not have to worry about a hit and run as the camera will record the accident and you will have the ability to track the driver down. You can also use the camera to record other people driving your car to ensure that no one is misusing it. Long trips to beautiful destinations with great scenery are easily recorded in high definition to save as future videos or pictures to be used at any time at your disposal. A dash cam is different from a typical video camera because it automatically starts and stops recording based on the power from the car and it continuously records by deleting older footage when its memory fills up. As dashboard camera technology improves and becomes cheaper more and more companies are releasing high quality products designed with the user in mind. Below are some of the best dash cam options to choose from.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS


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The KDLINKS X1 full high definition dashboard camcorder is the top of the line product with a wide array of utilities and functions that make capturing video and taking pictures from the dashboard of your car fast and easy. The KDLINKS X1 comes fully equipped with HD 1920*1080p videos at around 30 frames per second. This allows the user to fully see and playback all of the video with complete clarity and precision. This camera is able to automatically record video in a continuous loop without having to program and set the camera for play, since the camera is automatically turned on once the ignition of the car is started. This is especially useful in situations where you may get in an accident and forgot to turn the camera on before driving.

The KDLINKS X1 comes standard with an 8 gigabyte SD memory card so it is ready to record your videos right out of the box, without any extra purchases. It also features an innovative night-vision technology by the world class f1.6 Six-glass lenses that allows the camera to flawlessly record videos while driving at night with the same accuracy as daytime. Unique to the KDLINKS X1 is the wide dynamic range video system that is similar to the HDR technology in many cameras, allowing for a wide and clear view of the road ahead. The built in GPS of the KDLINKS X1 allows for pinpointing your exact location with Google Maps and is able to incorporate the location into the video, along with the time of day, the speed you are going, and your route. If you are ever in an accident, the KDLINKS X1 comes with a built in accident function through the use of its G Sensor, that automatically records and locks videos if sudden force is exerted on the camera, ensuring you have the video and wont lose it in your time of need. Built with a quality Li-polymer 3.7 110mah battery that is able to withstand excessive high and low temperatures, this camera is suitable for drivers in all types of weather.

The battery is also tested to last over 6 hours in all of those temperatures with a full charge. A one year warranty and excellent customer service is provided to all customers free of charge for any problems or malfunctions that may occur. The quick response team from the company that produces the KDLINKS x1 promises a 24 hour response to all emails regarding the product, or 24/7 phone availability if the situation is important or an emergency. The KDLINKS X1 also features a patent pending suction cup mount that allows for less clutter and wires on your dashboard and windshield while easily allowing the camera to be mounted and dismounted in various cars.


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#2. FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam 1080P 170° Viewing Angle


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The FalconZero dashboard cam is a high quality camera that will provide most users with all of the necessary functions and abilities that they are looking for in an on board camera. The camera also records in full High Definition at 1920x1080p at 30 frames per second. This camera also begins recording as soon as the car moves, which is useful for those who do not wish to remember to turn it on every time they enter the vehicle. With the optional audio recording file it is possible to record songs that may play while driving or conversations that may take place within the car on a long road trip, during a routine police pull over, or in the worst case scenario, a car accident.

The built in GPS allows for speed tracking, location tracking, and route tracking for every video recorded on the camera. The GPS is built standard with Bing Maps and Google Maps allowing you to choose from your preferred routes and the preferred routes of other users of those web services. The camera comes with a built in continuous loop function that will delete older videos on the camera in order to make room for the new videos being recorded. If the camera is set on a continuous 5 minute loop, it will record approximately 500 minutes of video before it begins to delete older videos. The super wide angled lenses on the camera allows you to film a full 170 degrees in front of you, capturing everything that is happening on the road. This camera comes with a very large 32 gigabyte micro SD card packaged with it so it is available for use right out of the box. With the night lenses on the camera, driving at night and in low light areas will be no problem as the camera will clearly record all videos without any change in quality. This camera also comes with an unprecedented 5 year hassle free warranty in case anything happens to the camera and if there happens to be a malfunction, it can be returned with ease for a new one. The lifetime customer service guaranteed by the company allows you to continuously contact someone if the camera ever needs troubleshooting or support.

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The impact detection on this camera automatically locks videos being recorded if the camera feels a jerk or unusual force of motion, allowing for ease of mind if an accident occurs. The camera is compatible with all PC and MAC model computers allowing for easy downloading of all videos recorded. The power cable is 11′ long and is easily able to reach most 12v power outlets, but it also comes boxed with a 3′ USB power port adapter for cigarette lighters in some cars. The camera also serves to not distract the driver by shutting off the LCD screen after a couple of minutes, even though the recording is still happening. This will also save the battery life of the camera improving it by up to 50%.


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#3. Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p 170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder


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The discreet design of the Rexing V1 camera is perfect for those who do not wish to take up a lot of room on their windshield or dashboard while still being able to record continuous video while driving. The Rexing V1 comes with multiple language options so people in various countries are able to fully utilize the various functions of the camera. The continuous loop allows for over 300 minutes to be recorded in 3 minute loops, before over writing any previous videos and data that the camera has recorded. The recorded videos can easily be transferred to any PC in either .Mov file format, and pictures can also be taken off of the camera in the regular .Jpeg file format.

The Rexing does not come equipped with a removable micro SD card so one must be purchased before use. The Rexing is compatible with almost all 32 GB micro SD cards, and if you want even more space to record your videos it is compatible with a few 64 GB micro SD cards, it is also compatible with smaller 16GB micro SD cards, but more memory is recommended for longer periods of driving. The new upgraded car charger that comes packaged with the camera features an extra USB outlet if you wish to charge something alongside with the camera.

If the camera happens to power off during a recording, it is possible to easily recover the video by simply turning the camera back on and returning to the previously recorded videos, or by plugging the camera into your computer and looking at all of the files. The battery of the Rexing is used mainly for this purpose, and it is not recommended to keep the camera unplugged while recording as it does not have a long battery life, or a strong enough battery to record all of the videos it can hold.

#4. ZeroEdge 2.4 Inch Full HD 1080P G-Sensor Car Dashboard Camera


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The ZeroEdge 2.4′ Full HD camera is perfect for those who wish to record their daily driving habits without having to spend a lot of money at the same time. Equipped with similar features as the previous cameras such as the G Sensor for automatic recording and accident detection, crystal clear videos at 1080p, continuous looping that deletes older videos to make room for new ones, and multiple language support. The ZeroEdge camera is capable of recording videos in a 135 degree view angle.

Due to its small size, the ZeroEdge is very easy to carry and store while not in use and with the easy to use lockable suction mount it is easy to remove or add to any car. Coming in at just a few inches in diameter it is easily hidden behind your rear view mirror or any other place on the windshield. The camera comes with a variety of different buttons making it very easy to use. It is possible to take pictures with a single click of a button, that can later be downloaded onto any PC. The camera also comes with a one button emergency video recording, and a one button audio recording for various situations you may find yourself in. It also comes equipped standard with a 16 GB micro SD card allowing for a total of 4 hours of continuous video to be recorded at 1080p. It is also possible to choose different video and audio recording for the camera to suit your various needs, and the videos can be recorded at multiple qualities from 480p, 720, to 1080p, all while maintaining 30 frames per second, but by using a lower quality, it is possible to save a larger amount of video at a single time.

The low light compensation of the camera allows for filming at night, although the quality may not be as high as it is during the day. With automatic screen dimming, the camera is sure not to use too much power at any given time. If you wish to change this or any other functions such as brightness, contrast, and white balance settings, they can all be easily accessed in the settings menu of the camera. With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can buy and try this camera without any worry, due to the satisfaction guarantee the company provides.

Pre-purchase considerations

Some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a new dash cam are the quality of the video, the reliability of the camera, how inconspicuous the camera is, and the processor. The amount of video recorded, the way it is recorded, the quality in which it is recorded, and the angle at which it is recorded must also be considered when planning to purchase any sort of dashboard camera. For those wishing to protect themselves from possible insurance scams, or if you happen to get in an accident, it is important to note that the quality of the camera often correlates with the price. The more expensive cameras are normally more durable and reliable with the G force sensor than those on the cheaper ends. Although the cheaper cameras do provide most average users all of the function and reliability desired.

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Video Quality

Although most on board dash cams record in 1080p and HD, it is important to note that a variety of them only record in lower quality such as 720p and 480p. The quality of these videos is important as the slightest detail can make all of the difference if you happen to get in an accident. The cameras with a lower quality video may skip or miss certain small portions of the video or may be too blurry to clearly see and will not be admissible in any court room. Camera quality should be highly considered as it could possibly save a fortune for the user.

The video quality of the camera is also effected by the angle and range that the camera is able to record. Some cameras are able to record at over 170 degrees, while others record at 130 degrees or much less. These ranges of degrees will determine the amount of the road in front of the camera that it is able to see and record, and could effect the video if what you wish to record is not in the range of the camera. A wider and larger range is recommended as it will be able to record the full length of most roads and highways, recording cars as far as two lanes away.


The amount of memory may not be important to every user, but should be considered when purchasing any onboard dash cam. If driving for an extended period of time and at great lengths it may be important to document and record all of the driving involved. Cameras that are capable of holding 64 GB micro SD cards are few and far between as most are only capable of using 32 GB micro SD cards. Some cameras may not even include the micro SD card, and it is important to note that without that card you will be unable to record any video and later transfer the files onto your computer.

It is also important to note the type of file the camera records the files as. Most cameras record the files as .Mov and .JPEG but some cameras use other file types that your computer may not support.

Global Positioning System

Many of the more expensive dash cameras come fully equipped with a GPS system that tracks all of the driving the user does, as well as their speed, and their route to that location. This may not be necessary in all cars, but can be seen as helpful in case of an accident as it will record the speed you were driving and if you were driving safely or recklessly. This could prove to make a huge difference in a situation where you accidentally hit another car or another car accidentally hits you. This routing also helps you keep track of how long until you arrive at your destination, the best route to go towards your destination, and if there are any accidents ahead of you on your way and will reroute you towards a better path.

Emergency Auto Detection

Some cameras come built with emergency auto detection capabilities that allows the camera to lock any current video if they feel that the car has stopped suddenly or something has hit it suddenly. This is important due to the normally short life of these recorders. If the camera was to die and all of the videos were being deleted this would save the ones that it feels are most useful to you, as well as locking it from being recorded over in the continuous loop feature that many cameras have. These locked videos will appear first when the camera’s micro SD card is placed into the computer, and will be able to be downloaded and saved forever onto any PC.

The cameras with the Emergency Auto Detection are normally equipped with G sensor technology that allows the camera to realize if any unusually strong force or momentum has changed within the car. This technology is the same technology that allows the cameras to know when the car is moving or when the car is rumbling from starting the ignition and will automatically turn on the camera providing a hands free and easy process for recording all videos.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

To properly protect yourself from any possible insurance scam, or accident it is necessary to buy a dashboard camera that will record all of your driving movements to prove that you are not in the fault. These dashboard cameras are a great utility to all drivers as they are able to clearly record any proceedings that may happen without prejudice and are easily used as submissible court evidence in the case of an accident or lawsuit.

As with most things the money you spend on it will dictate the quality you receive, although many of the cheaper cameras are capable of providing the functions and utilities of the higher end cameras. These cameras are an ingenious device that will easily shape the future of video recording while in cars. Although police cars have had these for many years now, the same quality, durability, and reliability is now available to any of the normal daily drivers. These cameras are highly advanced and will continue to grow and evolve as the technology that surrounds them is continually innovated and refined. These cameras may soon be able to replace on board GPS systems located in cars due to the GPS technology that is easily included in the design of many of these cameras.

A dashboard camera has the potential to save you thousands or even millions of dollars in potential law suits by simply recording the exact proceedings of the events. These cameras can also be used to record drives to far away and exotic places that may not regularly be traveled, and can be downloaded and saved forever to cherish as memories or to upload and share on your social media accounts.


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