Bio fuels can solve the energy crises according to Boris Wolfman

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Opinion Post: Biofuels can solve the energy crises according to Boris Wolfman

Biofuels are taking the world by storm. This is mainly because entrepreneurs are finally warming up to the fact that our energy reserves will soon be depleted, and the excessive burning of fossil fuels has already led to an irreversible change in the climate on a global scale. On the face of it all, biofuels have several advantages over the conventional sources of energy. 

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Let us have a look. 

Lowering of toxic emissions

First and foremost, the emission from the regular usage of fossil fuel leads to trapping of heat, which conversely affects the global weather conditions. This is called the greenhouse effect, and the use of biofuels will bring down the carbon and other particulate emissions almost instantly. 

Renewable source

It is not just about the emission; fossil fuels are exhaustible, which means sooner or later, the world is going to run out of it. This is why it is crucial to switch to inexhaustible sources of energy or the renewable ones which will solve the impending energy crises, otherwise poised to affect human civilization on a global scale.

Biodegradability is an issue

Biofuels are comprised of organic molecules that are naturally broken down or degraded, a process known as biodegradation. Fossil fuels are toxic in the sense that they cannot be broken down or take years.  

The production is safer

Most fossil fuels require digging deep through the surface of the earth and large-scale power plants for the purification of the fuel to its active form and the burning of the same to produce power. With the use of biofuels, you can rest assured that there will be no more digging, and the power can be provided through small scale, zero-emission local plants that are more than capable of supplying power to all the significant grids without any mishap or interruption.

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Well, with so many advantages, it is quite easy to see why more and more entrepreneurs are exploring the idea of biofuels and investing in the field of cleaner energy production. However, there are certain real-world drawbacks, as well. On the face of it all, it is quite a handy solution against the impending global energy crisis and global warming, but there is a catch. As more and more farmers are planting crops for biofuel, there is a dramatic decrease in food production. This couple, with the fact that various governments are arranging for subsidized rates for farmers when they are involved in biofuel production, is only compounding the problem. For more information, contact Boris Wolfman. 

What we need to understand is the fact that while on the hunt for a cleaner and better source of energy, we cannot push the world to the brink of a global food crisis. Additionally, it is also essential to understand that when crops for biofuel production are grown at an industrial scale than the processes required for the growing, cultivation, harvesting, storing, and distribution will require automation, which means utilizing fuel. This will ultimately lead to an increase in the carbon footprint, even with the use of a cleaner variety of fuel.  

This is why the top industrialists of the world are striving towards finding the right balance to avoid tipping the scales towards global destruction. Check out this post on energy star homes.