Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower Model # ULTIMA ZT1-50 Replacement Parts

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Replacement Parts of ULTIMA ZT1-50


ULTIMA ZT1-50 Cub Cadet Deck Double Bagger Kit ZT1 Ultima Series Mowers

What models does it fit


  • Part 19A70055100
  • Fits Cub Cadet: Ultima Series: ZT1-50, ZT1-54
  • Fits Cub Cadet Ultima Series Zero Turn Mowers with 50- and 54-inch Decks (2019- )

ULTIMA ZT1-50 Cud Cadet Deck Xtreme Mulching Kit XT1 XT2 Ultima Enduro Series Lawn Tractors

What models does it fit


  • Part 19A30041100
  • Fits Cub Cadet: XT1 Enduro Series: LT50, GT50; Ultima Series ZT1: ZT1-50; Ultima Series ZT2: ZT2-50; RZT SX Series: RZTSX50
  • Fits XT1, XT2 and RZT Models with a 50-inch Cutting Deck.
  • Includes three Xtreme mulching blades, molded plug, mounting hardware and instructions.

ULTIMA ZT1-50 MTD Genuine Parts Xtreme 50-Inch Blade Set

What Models does it fit


  • Part 490-110-0139
  • Fits tractors and RZTs with 50″ decks
  • For Troy-Bilt, MTD, Yard-Man, Yard Machines, Huskee and Bolens


ULTIMA ZT1-50 MTD 925-1707D Replacement Part Dry Vented Top Battery

What Models does it fit

  • Part # 925-1707D
  • Fits Various MTD Models Including:13AM772F000, 13AN772G000, 13AN772G200, 13AM772F700, 13AN772G700, 13A1762F700, 13A3762F700, 13A1760F700, 13A3760F700, 13A3761G700, 13A3771G700, 13A3791G700, 13AC650F000, 13AC650F700, 13AD685G000, 13AD685G700, 13AD688G722, 13AD695G000, 13AD695G700, 13AD698G300, 13AD698G722, 13AF685G700, 13AF688G722, 13AF695G700, 13AF698G722, 13AG688H300, 13AG688H722, 13AJ698G300, 13AJ698G722, 31AO791G718, 31AT605H718, 13AA625P004, 13AJ771G004, 13AJ795G004, 13AL771H004, 13AL795H004
  • 13AJ795G204, 17AC2ACG004, 17AD2ACP004, 17AE2ACG004, 17AF2ACP004, 13AD688G300, 13AJ688G722, 13A7688G300, 13AT618H300, 13AL608G300, 13AC450F382, 13AM675G382, 136C451F382, 136L673F382, 136M679G192, 136C450F129, 136E470F023, 136G679H023, 136G690G747, 14AA815K004, 14AG808H300, 14AT808H722, 14AT808H300, 14AU848H300, 136H450F134, 136H450F729, 136H451E352, 136HE451F062, 136L660F062, 136L660F302, 136L660F352, 136L660F372, 136L660G129, 136L660G134, 136L660G205, 136H450E302, 136L661F147
  • 136H450F129, 136L677F141, 136M660G062, 136M660G129, 136M660G353, 136M660G729, 136M667F118, 136M667F718, 136M670G134, 136M670G147, 136L661F336, 136L675F720, 136M675G023, 136M675G087, 136M675G192, 136M678G084, 165M695G352, 136O675G062, 136O675G336, 136O675H302, 136O695G129, 136O695G134, 136O695H352, 136P695H352, 136Q695G118, 136Q695H352, 136S675G141, 13AN693G118, 13AQ617H118, 136L670F733, 136L670F033, 136M673G033, 13A5453F733, 136M673G733, 13A5453F033, 13AG675G033, 13AM673G733, 13AG675G733
  • Battery comes DRY; This battery contains NO acid
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ULTIMA ZT1-50 Cub Cadet 934-0255 MTD Valve-TUBELESS AIR

  • Part # 934-0244

ULTIMA ZT1-50  OakTen Spindle Housing for MTD 

What models does it fit

  • Part #619-04183,619-04183b
  • Fits Cub Cadet MTD LT1040 LT1042 2010 after Decks
  • Replace MTD 619-04183A 619-04183B

ULTIMA ZT1-50 Replacement Part number 918-06980 8TEN Deck Spindle Assembly for MTD Craftsman Columbia Cub Cadet

What models does it fit


  • Compatible with Models: Cub Cadet: RZT-S50 Zero Turn Mower, XT1-GT50 Enduro Lawn Tractor
  • Compatible with: MTD: Craftsman G8300 Lawn Tractor, Columbia ZT-L50 KH Zero Turn Mower
  • Spindle: Height-6 1/2”, Pulley Outer Diameter-5”, Thread-5/8” UNF