Simple Steps to Antique a Mirror by Yourself

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When it comes to garnering your house with a whole new look, nothing works better than an antique mirror. Apart from being an unprecedented marker of aestheticism, it has a typical charm of its own. However, procuring a traditional mirror might not be as easy as it sounds. Firstly, the retailer could be lying about the mirror’s authenticity and secondly, they are mostly tagged with an unfeasible price. Thus, to successfully steer away from such prospects, curating one by ourselves would be the ideal recourse. In the following section, we will delineate the prerequisites of fashioning a vintage mirrors through DIY. 

diy old mirror

Materials required for the antique mirror 

First things first, you must have all the materials in place before getting started with the process of assembling them. Here’s a list of things you would need for the process. 

Primarily for the mirror:

  • Reflective material formed by melting metals like aluminum, tin, copper or silver on glass
  • A rust-colored paint 

Apart from this, materials you need to antique the mirror

  • Paint stripper 
  • Garbage bags 
  • Mirror  
  • Brush 
  • Plastic scraper
  • Chemical gloves
  • Muriatic acid 
  • Spray bottle 

Steps to follow

Step 1: 

Start by laying out the mirror on a piece of cloth with its face down and start removing the frame. Spread a fair amount of paint stripper on the surface and spread it evenly to ensure that all the spots have been covered. Allow the catalyst to sit for 10-15 minutes so that removing the paint becomes easy; but, don't let it dry. Start scraping off the paint from the corner. If it comes out easily, complete the whole thing in one go. Nonetheless, if some of the paint is still left behind, pour more paint stripper and amputate again.

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cleaning mirror with paint stripper

Step 2:

On completion, wash the area with a wet towel to make certain that all the residues are duly eliminated. If required, clean the area multiple times until the surface looks completely new and well-polished. Now, it is time to chip off a portion of the reflective material from the mirror. For this, you will be required to apply the muriatic acid either through a cloth or spray bottle. We would recommend you to use the spray bottle as it makes way for a more natural and uniformed look. This is achievable with a piece of cloth too, but you will have to be a little more careful. 

muriatic acid on mirror

Step 3: 

Once you have carefully protected your hands and face, it is now time to dive into the process. Carefully pour the acid into the bottle and use a funnel while you are doing so to make sure there’s no spilling. If not handled carefully, the acid can open doors to a painful chemical burn. Start spraying the acid in optimum amounts all across the mirror to have the desired results. Don’t leave the acid on the surface; soon after scattering it, dab it off with a damp cloth to get the perfect antique look. Repeat this process until a substantial quantity of the reflective mirror has been removed.

antiquing a mirror

Step 4:

Once you have achieved the anticipated texture, wash the mirror again with some water. This removes every speck of acid from the mirror and lets it dry faster. Give two or three thin coats of paint so that the portions of the disintegrated reflective film show effectively. When thoroughly dried, fix the mirror back with its frame.


What precautions are to be taken during the DIY?

  • Remove the mirror from its frame before starting the repainting procedure. 
  • Be very cautious when working with muriatic acid. Wrap a thick pair of gloves around your hands while trying to create the antique look.
  • Wear a protective mask and eyeglasses so that neither the fumes nor the accidental splashing of the acid causes a mishap. 
  • Trying to create an antique mirror can be an elaborate and extensive course. In order to confirm that your interiors are safe and spared from the process, move the whole setting outside. 

painting mirror

What size of the mirror is recommended?

Choosing the size of your antique mirror is completely subjective. The nature of the room and the size of the wall influences the evaluation regarding the selection of a suitable size. The most common antique mirror recommended size is 3*5 ft. This isn't an obligatory configuration; depending upon your requirements, the mirror must, most importantly, complement the surroundings.

completed old diy mirror

Where to choose from? 

When striving to create a DIY antique mirror, nothing can suit your needs better than the specimen from Fab Glass and Mirror. They come in distinct dimensions and varieties to serve you with guaranteed results. Working with old mirrors of the house can be problematic from the first step of disassembling the parts of the mirror. Once you browse through the catalog of Fab Glass and Mirror, you are bound to find something that matches your expectations. Also, working with the right rudiments will save you a lot of costs and potential trouble. What are you waiting for? Give your apartment a makeover by implementing an antique mirror today!