How to Improve the Value of Your Garden

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When refurbishing or upgrading your property, it can be easy to get hung up on the things you expect to increase your home’s value. Details like a spacious bathroom or converted attic can all increase your home’s valuation but it’s important to think about outside too.

Kerb appeal is one of the most important factors of home selling. Kerb appeal is the phrase used to describe how attractive a property looks from the outside and it’s essential because a huge portion of home buyers decide on whether they are going to purchase within seconds. That means, the get an immediate first impression of a property and make a snap decision at that moment – so you really need your front garden and outdoor spaces to look great.

With that in mind, here are some of the strategies and additions you can make to ensure your garden helps sell your home. Hopefully, it helps.

Landscaping with Artificial Grass

One of the most important parts of amplifying your home’s kerb appeal and reselling value is through landscaping. People naturally like symmetrical, well-maintained outdoor spaces and so keeping your garden environment looking good is essential. 

One of the answers to doing this without spending hours a week doing maintenance is through artificial grass. Modern artificial grass can almost appear seamless from the real thing, using natural colour blends to create a hyper-realistic finish. These strategies are also supported by the statistics, which show that landscaping and artificial grass can increase home resale value.

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Regardless of whether you choose to use artificial grass or not, getting your garden landscaped and then caring for it carefully will definitely increase the value of your garden and your property. 

Add Storage Spaces

Another great idea is to think about how to incorporate attractive but practical elements into your garden environment. Everyone needs more storage space, particularly if you have a large or particularly nice outdoor environment that requires a lot of care. Some opt for a garage as their storage option but in truth, a well-placed shed can add character and functionality to your garden and increase your home’s resale value.

For extra impact, consider stylising your shed or storage space with added plant life like climbers or hanging flowers. It depends on how much maintenance work you’re happy to complete and what your current outdoor style is, but some added colour can really make a shed fit into the rest of the environment. 

Add a Patio

Patios are incredibly popular and have been for a while now. Everyone likes some flat, attractive concrete space where they can place outdoor furniture and relax in the outdoors. Considering this, finding some budget to add a small patio area can help boost your garden’s value, especially if you add some well-chosen garden furniture too. 

Don’t assume that a little concrete space will be enough to have a positive impact though. Patios should be well thought out and feature enough room to actually be useable. If in doubt, consider doing some research for ideas and feedback or consult some professionals. 

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Ensure Privacy with Hedges and Fencing

Finally, make sure that your garden offers the security and privacy that most people want. Through a combination of hedges, fences and gates, it’s easy to make your outdoor environment secure and comfortable, adding both style and functionality.

This is particularly important for attracting pet owners and young families as they will want a garden which keeps the smaller members of the family entertained but safe. Fortunately, fence panels don’t require a huge investment to set up; though, you will need to speak to your neighbors before getting these changed or installed.

As with all things design related, how you choose to improve and style your garden is an entirely personal preference. Hopefully, these ideas will have inspired you to make some positive changes to your outdoor space and will help increase your garden’s value when you come to selling.

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