When to call a Plumber or do it yourself

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There are a lot of reasons why you need a plumbing service, some think that plumbing can be done by themselves or without any help from professionals. Actually, there are many plumbing jobs that can easily be performed even without professional plumber’s capabilities, but there are more instances when plumbing services are a must to hire.

when to call a plumber

Moving on, there are many reasons why you need plumbing service. 

  • Leaky pipes and faucets

Leaky faucets can easily be fixed, all you have to do is repair or replace the faucet and voila, the faucet is fixed. You can do it yourself easily but if you get plumbing certification online, you can deal with complex problems also.


Comparable to faucets, pipes can be harder to repair and install especially if it is hidden behind walls. Tracking where the leak is, is not as easy if pipes are not visible to the naked eyes. You would not want to create too many holes in your house and still end up not finding the pipe you are trying to fix. 


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  • Gas appliance installation and repair

There are some who are not aware that some gas related work is performed by plumbers. But not all are capable and trained to perform such work. David Ellingsen who is owner of Metropolitan plumbing in Melbourne has trained his employees to ensure that they can attend to their clients gas appliance repair and installation requirements.  


If you are in need of someone to install your gas heater, heater or any appliance operating using gas, you can call any of your local plumbers for help who can deal with such issues. 

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Plumbers are versatile, but needless to say, they each have their own expertise. 


Dealing with Gas is one area where you want a professional. Gas can be dangerous if not installed properly.

  • Blocked drains and toilets

There are some blockages that can easily be fixed by using different solutions, but there are some that require thorough and hard flushing and blockage removable. This is one of the issues that some DIYers can perform very easily, by using a plunger and a cleaning solution, some foreign objects can be removed very easily. 


But just like any issues in the household, if the problem becomes worse, calling a professional suited for that specific job is a must. Plumbers will not only remove the blockage but will get into the root or cause of the problem. 


To unlock your drains my favorite product is lye. I use the stuff about once a year to eat up the hair in the shower. You simply pour it down the drain, cover with cardboard, wait 6 or more hours and then pour hot water down. 


Tips when using lye

-always wear safety glasses and gloves,

-Always cover the drain because lye can erupt splashing upwards

  • Installation and replacement of toilet and kitchen fittings

Although there are some fixture installations that do not need professional expertise, as long as you have the tools, you can easily replace faucets, showers and the like. But, there are some installations that require professional’s help like toilet installation, replacement of cistern, moving the sink and so on. 


Home owners are notorious for installing toilets wrong and causing leaks. Only do this if your sure you know what you are doing. Save a few bucks may cost you thousands down the road. Often these leaks are not found until months later.

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Forcing DIY is not recommended for some plumbing jobs, if this you do, you may be putting yourself to more expenses and greater problems. 


Things That Can Make Or Break Your Plumbing Service Experience


Just like to any professionals you hire, there are things that could possibly make or break the outcome of your experience. 


  • Hiring too fast


There are many plumbing companies everywhere whether you live in the UK, US, Australia, and so on. Hiring one which can render you the best service may not come easy. It takes time and effort to find the one that can provide you the service that you need. 



You can always ask your family and friends for recommendations, they are the most trusted people you can rely on suggestions as such. Also check online for customer reviews and ratings.


  • Giving huge projects immediately to plumbers you haven’t tried yet


For huge projects, it is best if you give the job to plumbers you know can execute according to your expectations. Hiring them for smaller projects before calling them for larger projects is a good idea. 



  • Considering the price over quality


Price should be a part of your qualifications when looking for a plumbing service to hire and materials to use, but that should never be over quality as in plumbing, quality of work and material is a priority. Next up https://www.thesmartconsumer.com/plumbing-inspection-tips