How To Make Egg Fried Rice With A Rice Cooker

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The best thing about eating rice is its versatility. You can prepare a dish of rice in many different ways. It is a popular food among many cultures in the world, but it is especially a delight in China. Rice is usually served in with vegetables, meats, and alongside other starchy foods. In this short writeup, we are going to see how to make the best fried rice with egg. But, you have a good way to cook the rice, like the best rice cooker.

Cook it in a wok or non-sticky pot

If you would like to cook your fried rice Chinese style, you should stir-fry it in a wok. This is a round bottomed, deep cooking pan that came from China. However, even if you do not have this kind of cooking pot, don’t sweat it. Just use whatever pan, skillet or pot is available in your kitchen. As long as it is non-sticky in nature, it will cook stir-fried food very well.

Preferably, do not use freshly boiled rice

I recommended that you do not use freshly made rice because it will be moist and it will develop a mushiness, which will make the grain sticky. Thus, it is preferred that you use rice that was left over from yesterday’s cooked rice. If you know that you will make egg fried rice on a certain day, cook the rice a day before.

If you must make fried rice today, you still can make it with freshly made rice. However, you to spread the rice out so that it can dry out by air. Baking paper is good for this. Just spread the rice thinly and give it an hour or two to dry out.

Cold rice makes the best fried rice. This is why leftover rice is best. By giving it time to dry out and cool in the fridge you actually are changing the chemical nature slightly of the rice. This change is what helps with friend rice’s texture when the cold rice hits the hot pan.

What is the Best type of Rice for Fried Rice

           Use Medium to long grain rice

Medium grain rice is a staple food in many parts of southern and eastern China. It is recommended for making fried rice with eggs because it does not stick as must as shorter grains. If your looking for more of a sushi type feel the Japanese style prefers a short grain rice to achieve this texture.

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                    Types of Rice for Fried Rice

Jasmine rice seems to be the most common rice used for Chinese style fried rice. types of rice for fried rice.

Sri Lanka has its own version rice. Basmati Fried Rice. This is a long grain non sticky rice that is know for its intense fragrant smell and has nutty and floral tones. It makes a great options for cooking rice.

You can use other rices, but to get the best end product stick with a medium to long grain type.

It should make a good meal for your family. Most people tend to look for aromatic types of long grain rice. However, with the toasting that you will give your rice in the wok, the aromas will not

Fried Rice With Egg, It’s Egg Time

In fried egg rice, the eggs are as important as the rice. Whether you use freshly cooked from the rice cooker or rice that was left over from last night, you must include eggs. That is why it is called egg fried rice. This is a case where less is more. Using the right amount of egg is important. Too much will overpower the dish.

Made of mostly carbohydrates, rice on its own is not very nutritious. Adding eggs, meat, and vegetables turn this high carb meal into a plate made for a king.

Scrambled eggs vs eggs beaten onto the rice

Not all people cook their fried egg rice with scrambled eggs, but many sources recommend that you scramble the eggs first. Once your fried rices has been heating in the pan for a few minutes crack you egg into a bowl and scramble the raw eggs then add the eggs and stir everything together, this will give everything an egg coating instead of having big egg pieces.

Cook Your Eggs Separately

You can cook your eggs in a different pan and add them near the end or another way to stir-fry your rice and eggs is by frying the rice and then piling it to the sides of the skillet.

A crater will be formed at the center with the rice on the sides, cook your scramble eggs in the center and then mix them with the rice. Make sure to add some extra olive oil for the eggs to cook in.

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The effect will be just about the same as cooking the eggs in a different pan.

How you cook your rice and eggs depends on the outcome that you are looking for. If you are going to cook the eggs separate then they will never really combine with the rice. However, when you beat the eggs over the rice or in the rice then the rice is going to absorb it. This gives a different flavor and even texture as compared to the scrambled egg rice.

Fry the rice in high heat

Cook your rice with high heat. The wok or pan should be very hot by the time you are adding the rice. However, when you are cooking the eggs, turn the heat down a bit, because too much heat can damage the eggs.

Cook under high heat while stirring until the aroma of the rice is tainted with a light smoke or faint burning smell, or until the grains in contact with the walls of the wok start to turn brown. Do not let the rice get too brown. Get it out and serve it hot.

What Goes In Fried Rice

Rice and eggs are the main ingredients but they are not enough to make the dish as tasty as you would like. Thus, depending on what recipe you use to cook your fried rice with egg, you can use different taste-enhancing ingredients.

Try sesame oil and groundnut sauce. You may also use fish sauce or even soy sauce. However, we mostly recommend that you use sesame sauce because of its tantalizing nutty flavor.

For simple Fried rice pick your meat and cook first then cut up.

Onions, peas, broccoli and carrots are a must have when making an all-star fried rice

The most important ingredient to make your fried rice turn into spectacular fried rice is BUTTER! Don’t Be afraid to use lots of butter and olive oil.

If your feeling adventurous try bacon, some of the best fried rice even has scallops. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Here it is, In Video How to Make the Best Egg Fried Rice