Fluoride Varnish Application, How Does it Work

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How Does Fluoride Varnish Work?

Did you know the enamel is the hardest substance in your body? The outer surface layer of your teeth is even stronger than your bones. Failure to observe proper oral care practices can weaken it. Proper oral care practices and treatments like fluoride varnish can keep it strong. Prioritizing your dental health is essential. This is one part of your body that is very delicate and can trigger several other conditions if not handled carefully. There are several practices you can carry out or treatments you should undergo to keep your teeth in good shape all the time. 

You can go for thorough dental cleaning which involves getting rid of hard to remove dirt from your teeth using special tools and products like prophy paste. Fluoride treatment is still the best remedy for stronger teeth. This is a famous mineral that plays a crucial role in strengthening your enamel. There is a wide range of fluoride products in the market, with some of them used for regular tooth care having them in minimal amounts. Those with higher concentrations of the mineral-like fluoride varnish are mostly used for different treatments. 

It is one of the most popular products used in fluoride treatments, and it contains high concentrations of the mineral. Other regular dental care products like toothpaste and mouth rinses have it in minimal amounts. The effects of fluoride can be very devastating on your teeth if used on a regular basis, and that is the reason these products have them in minimal amounts. Before undergoing fluoride varnish treatment, your teeth have to be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of all the stains that may hamper fluoride action on your teeth after such a procedure. This will ensure fluoride varnish works effectively after it is applied to your teeth.

How Fluoride Varnish Works

Using fluoride varnish is a simple process since the only thing that is required is its application on your teeth. You have to wait for a few hours for the fluoride in the products to act on your teeth before removing it through brushing and rinsing. One way the product works is by preventing demineralization, which is the leading cause of tooth decay. Cavities may also occur in the process. This usually occurs as a result of acid action your teeth. Bacteria on your teeth release acids that mostly come about when they break down sugars from the food you consume. This acid is capable of wearing out your teeth, exposing you to cavities. Fluoride varnish is vital in preventing demineralization and making your teeth acid resistant. High concentrations of fluoride available in fluoride varnish stops bacteria metabolism, which is also crucial in stopping the production of acid responsible for demineralization. Using these products helps in the restoration of your enamel, leaving your teeth strong and healthy.

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Reasons to Use Fluoride Varnish

There are several benefits linked to using the products. Let's have a look at some of them.

Cavities Prevention and Treatment

You are likely to get holes in your teeth when you fail to observe proper oral care practices. These cavities usually come about as a result of excess acid from bacteria metabolism on your teeth. They do break down starch or dietary sugars on your teeth to produce such acid. This is one of the reasons why your teeth wear out, or cavities may start forming when you consume a lot of sugary foods. Fluoride varnish leaves your enamel stronger and also stops the production of the acid responsible for the wearing out of your teeth.

Development of Stronger Teeth

This product is also known for its qualities that help in strengthening your enamel. Fluoride compounds in the product help in the formation of a stronger enamel. Using it in high concentrations is also vital in getting rid of the acid responsible for the wearing out of one's teeth.  You will grow strong and healthy teeth when you go for fluoride varnish treatment.


Reduced Medical Expenses

You are more likely to spend a lot of money treating some of the dental conditions you are experiencing if you fail to take care of them at an early stage. The small condition you are ignoring right now might become severe, and you will be required to pay a lot for other procedures that help in the restoration of your teeth. A good example is when you fail to take adequate measures to treat your cavities at an early stage. They can grow deep, and you will be forced to pay more to get dental fillings. Use fluoride varnish to improve the state of your teeth and avoid such expenses.

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topical fluoride application


Fluoride Varnish Application

To have fluoride varnish treatment carried out effectively, you can look for a local dental clinic with the correct tools and products that will be needed for the treatment or you can do it at home. T

Topical fluoride application is something you can do at home by yourself. You don't have to visit a dental clinic all the time to have it done on you. However, there are procedures you have to follow to ensure it is successful. Choosing a product with the right fluoride concentration is one of the things you should do. We all understand how using the product in excessive amounts can have devastating effects on your teeth. Sensitivity is likely to increase, and you may get fluorosis, which leads to the wearing out of your teeth or the formation of dark spots. Look for a product with the right fluoride content for quality treatment.

Applying it in the right amounts also keeps your teeth free from any after-effects. Seek advice from dentists like this Dentist in Newmarket and other medical experts to ensure you have a smooth time when carrying out this procedure by yourself What they can do is examine your teeth and recommend you products they find best in the market for your state. They will also let you know the right concentration of fluoride you should use for your condition. 


Fluoride varnish application for adults only if used at home. Only professionals should be treating anyone that is underage.

Once again, at home fluoride varnish application is just for adults. A precautionary measure you should take when applying fluoride varnish by yourself is being careful when you have bleeding gums or an injured mouth. You may avoid the procedure or do it carefully. Fluoride in the product can be very dangerous when it comes into contact with your system through the openings on your wounded skin. You are likely to experience neurological disorders and reactions on your skin. Make sure you have the right tools to apply the product on your teeth. The applicator is designed for such a purpose. Using a toothbrush may not guarantee you the quality distribution of the product on your teeth. With such knowledge, you should try out fluoride varnish treatment and enjoy the benefits.