Sit, Samson 25 Amazing Names for German Shepherds

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German shepherd are very loyal dogs, great protectors and generally quite large. That means there are all sorts of creative names you could come up with for yours that will really capture his look or character. A German Shepherd can seem scary to intruders and intimating to just about anyone, so it’s no wonder people are looking for something unique for their dog. Here are a few names you may want to consider as you are making your decision. After you pick the perfect name make sure to get the perfect leash:

two german shepherds

  1. Max

This is the most popular German Shepherd name right now, and it’s a good standby, but you may want to choose something more creative.

  1. Shadow

This is another very common name for German Shepherds, and it’s kind of imposing and mysterious, so we can definitely see it being used by someone who wants everyone to be just a bit intimidated by their dog.

  1. Hercules

If you have a big, strong dog, why not name him after the strongest hero of all- Hercules? The Greek legend makes for a perfect namesake for larger dogs of all kinds.

  1. Samson

You could do something similar with a different name and use the famous Bible character. Samson was known for his strength, and if your dog is like most German Shepherds, he will be known for his strength as well.

  1. Kaiser

A German dog should get a German name, right? This one is a bit of fun and is great for people who want their dog to have that air of German authenticity about him. The Kaiser surname imply means “emperor” in German.

  1. Otto

We like this German name as well, which isn’t regal like the last one but is a rather simple name if you want your dog to seem less intimidating and more down to earth.

  1. Ada
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If you have a female German Shepherd, then you may opt for this feminine German name. It translates as “serene and noble” in the German language.

male german shepherd name


  1. Sarge

German Shepherds have long been used by the police force as drug sniffers and work dogs, so it makes sense to give your dog a name that affiliates it with the police service.

  1. Chip

It’s a name that sounds fun and friendly and that is perfect for a dog you just want as a companion. Chip is the kind of name you would expect from someone who is your best friend but who is also very reliable, and we think that makes it a perfect choice for this kind of dog.

  1. Midnight

There are some varieties of this breed that are pitch black, and we thing the name Midnight is ideal for a dog like that.

  1. Ash

Keeping with the black theme, this is a great name for dogs with dark coloring that you want to give a human-like name to.

  • Chewy

We think this is a good name for cute, adorable German Shepherds. It might not seem suitable for an adult dog, but you’ll definitely think your little puppy is the cutest thing ever with a name like this.

female german shepherd names

  1. Thunder

For those who want an imposing and powerful name, try this one.

  1. Thor

Similarly, you can keep that imposing motif with this name that comes from the Norse god of thunder.

  1. Rambo

We just love the idea of giving big, strong dogs pop culture names that evoke their characteristics.

  1. Wolf

We know German Shepherds are not a wolf breed, but what more dangerous name is the for a big dog than this?

  1. Berlin
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If you really want a German name for your dog that isn’t just some regular person’s name, why not give your dog the name of German’s capitol city?

  1. Bella

For something more feminine, you can try this popular name.

  1. Titan

Is there a stronger pick for a dog’s name than this? It reminds us of stature and power and is good for larger dogs.

  1. Rex

This has been used as a name for dogs for generations, but we think you might find more meaning in it if you think of it as a short version of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

  • Goliath

A name long associated with strength and height; Goliath is a good choice for large dogs.

  1. Bertha

Similarly, Bertha has been associated with larger feminine creatures, so it’s a good option or a female German Shepherd.

  1. Fang

If you are looking for something fierce to name your dog, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

  1. Cookie

This breed of dog has the coloring to remind us of chocolate chip cookies, so this name seems appropriate for a friendly family dog.

  • Bruce

Finally, we give you a simple, strong name that’s perfectly normal and suitable for a dog hat just feels like another member of the family.


These were our top picks, and you can find so many more, but we hope this list has been an inspiration to you to give you some ideas that you can use for your own dog’s name. Here is a great tool to help you come up with more names, Pet Name Generator

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