ThermoPro: One Great Kitchen Timer

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If you’re looking for a kitchen timer that does exactly what it’s supposed to really well then the Thermopro large-screen digital timer is exactly what you’re looking for.

kitchen timer

 I decided that using my cell phone for a kitchen timer just wasn’t going to work anymore. Besides making it messy the buttons never work that well while I was trying to do stuff in the kitchen.  Then the phone would turn off and I would get frustrated. It’s the worst when it turns off right when your hands are a mess and you can touch your phone.

There are lots of things that I really liked about the Thermopro timer


The first is the big screen

 The large numbers make it easy for those of us that have a hard time seeing at a distance without glasses.  I can literally see the numbers from 15 feet away without any glasses on.


 My second favorite feature is how loud it is

 I don’t know how many decibels this thing is but it has mute and three other volume levels.  I get distracted easily and go upstairs sometimes and completely forget about what I’m cooking.  For me, I just leave the volume all the way up and I have no problem hearing it upstairs.  I actually jumped the first time it went off I was surprised by how loud it was on the top volume.


The third great feature is the light

The ThermoPro has a big backlight display and I like that it’s touch-sensitive to turn it on.

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Let’s take a look at how this compares to Amazon’s current choice for kitchen timers.


Kitchen Timer, 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timers This Kitchen Timer (left) is Amazon’s current Choice, let’s compare it to the Thermopro kitchen timer


It doesn’t take but a second to see the difference in style.  in a head-to-head style competition, theThermopro takes the win with an elegant updated design with a rounded metal face and black color. The two-colors you see in updated kitchens, black and stainless steel.


Stands and Magnets

They both stand on there own and both have strong magnets to hold it to the fridge. So its a tie on this one.

timer countdown clock



My top pick has the backlight, Amazon’s Choice does not. I personally think the backlight is you must have so that alone is worth it to me. The point goes to Thermopro.


Timer Functions

Both models have count up or countdown timer functions but the Thermopro can also be used as a standard digital clock.  So the point goes to the Thermopro, I don’t know about you but I like having extra clocks around.



It’s clear to see why I choose the Thermopro as the topic pick for kitchen timers.

After getting the Thermopro and using it I decided I’d look into other products they offer as well.  I’m surprised to see how many different timers, temperature gauges, and thermometers this company makes. I think my next product review is going to be of the Thermopro digital meat timer, I love that it has a wireless capability and I don’t have to stand next to the grill worried about the meat smoking.  if you’re interested in checking out other Thermopro products here’s the link. 

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