Dishwasher Microwavable Blender bottles Unexpected

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I actually had fun writing this post about blender bottles who knew that this could be such a fun topic to write about.  I guess you’ll have to actually read it and see what I’m talking about. if you’re just looking for a recommendation on a good Shaker or blender bottle then scroll done half way to top picks.


What is a blender bottle

if you’re referring to the brand blender bottle this has a few characteristics that are different than your average blender shaker cup.  your normal shaker cup is a container that That usually has a big removable Dome lid anime pop off the large mouthpiece. The Shaker cups are used for mixing protein and workout drinks or anything that comes in a powder form with liquids.

blender cup These are Some old random blender/shaker cups not the kind with the ballblender shaker cup

The brand-name blender bottles are unique because they come with a drop-in metal blender ball. This metal blenderball. The blender ball is what makes the blender bottle brand so unique and provides the best mixing consistency when mixing powders with liquids.

Incredible Shaker Ball

Incredible Shaker Ball can be added to any shaker cup click image to see the price on Amazon


What can you blend in a blender bottle

From Cocktails to pancake mix the blender bottle does it all. Some people even shake iced coffee in them. The most common use is a protein powder mix. With so many vitamin supplements going to powder form the uses continue to expand. If using a bottle with a blender ball you will get the best results in mixing any of the above.


Are blender bottles dishwasher safe?

If we’re talking about the brand name blender bottles then according to the blender bottle website yes they are dishwasher safe including the metal ball. Take not only top-rack dishwasher safe.


Personally, even though they are dishwasher safe I prefer to hand wash things like this just to maintain longevity.  things in my house that go in the dishwasher 10 to get deformed and sometimes nasty stuff stuck to the inside.


if we’re referring to your average blender shaker cup then you’re going to have to look at each individual brands care and maintenance either on their website or on the cup or the information that came with the cup.  it will vary depending on what brand and what material your cup is made out of if it’s dishwasher safe or not.

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Top Picks My Favorite Blender Bottle

You don’t have to get a blender bottle brand to still have a great shaker cup. The ball above is a great add on to any mixing cup. I like rubber grips and the loops on the top of my bottles. The sports blenderbottle has it all. If your only going to buy one make this the one to buy. Besides beig a great mixing bottle if doubles perfectly as a sports water bottle.

Top Picks My Favorite Blender Bottle

Of course it’s on Amazon and you should just order one so you get it in the next couple days and can use it.




How to Wash Blender Bottle

I personally just use a light soap and warm water to rinse out my cup and ball.  Then I make sure to dry the ball because even though it shouldn’t rust I just like to be extra sure.


Are blender bottles BPA-free

I think you’re going to have a hard time in today’s age finding any blender or Shaker cup that have BPA in them.  The brand name cups BlenderBottle® brand products are BPA- and Phthalate-free. I would always check with anything that you’re ordering or buying in the store just to be sure but it’s very uncommon nowadays to be buying this kind of that contain BPA. I HAVE A SOLUTION TO SMELLY SHAKER CUPS HERE.


Are blender bottles microwave safe

The right answer is no one talking about the blender bottle brand and maybe when talking about other brands.

the reason the blender bottle brand is not dishwasher safe is for two reasons which may apply to other brands as well

  1. a metal ball definitely can’t go in your microwave
  2.  the leak-proof seal when closed in the microwave can cause explosive pressure,  obviously heating liquids under pressure in the microwave is never a good idea.


The Plastics themselves are microwavable in most of these types of cups, but the configuration of your normal blender bottle can be used in a way that makes it unsafe.



Can you put hot coffee in a blender bottle (or hot water)

This would be a bad idea since just like heating in a microwave would cause pressure to build so would hot liquids. If your goal is to spray hot molten liquid into the air and all over everything while burning the skin off your face then please feel free to.

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How many cups are in a blender bottle

Yes, I know this may sound silly but some people are looking for this answer it’s no big deal if you’re one of them just remember 8 oz equal 1 Cup.  how many ounces are in your bottle divided by 8 oz equals the number of cups.


The classic comes in

20oz- 2.5 cups

28oz-3.5 cups



What to do with a blender bottle cracked lid

Do you have a cracked lid? There’s a good chance that you’re actually causing the problem by over-tightening it. the seems to be a common thing that happens among extremely strong people so take it easy and be careful.

I would probably just reach out to the company since they have a lifetime warranty.

I Don’t actually know if they will replace it or not. I’m curious to hear if anyone has had this issue and if they replaced it.  Their lifetime warranty is written in a way they can very easily be gotten out of.  “If you experience issues with the material or workmanship of your BlenderBottle® product, we will gladly replace part or all of it, at our discretion—free of charge”


Then it says under its leak-proof guarantee:  “Leaking that results from damage or improper use or care is not covered under this guarantee.”


I think what I’ll do is contact them and find out what they say about a cracked Lid and see if they’ll replace it or not. stay tuned more to come.


Blender Bottle Warranty

Did you see what I just wrote above the blender bottle brand has a lifetime warranty, look above if you need help.  seriously if you just looked up at the ceiling you got problems and I can not help you.

This Link Will Take you to The Blender Bottle Store To See All their Bottle Options

Getting the smell out of blender bottles

First off, shame on you, stop being disgusting and take care of your stuff.

Secondly, its possible soaking vinegar overnight may take out the smell, but only if you hold it in your hands the whole time and watch it overnight.


Pro tip: hold the pop top when shaking so mixes like no explode doesn’t become no exploder all over your walls or in my case all over the car ceiling. True story #FAIL.

-written by Russel

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