Great gift ideas for people who own a boat

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boating gifts



Are you looking for a gift for your friend who owns a boat? 


Whether or not you know anything about a boat, finding a gift for someone who owns one may be exhausting. You may have no idea as to what to buy. Many people face this situation, and so we thought of coming up with some useful boat items which can be helpful fin your search.


In this article, you will find gift items for people who are into watersports, who go fishing or are just on the water. We have found the gift items that every boater will love, and it will make their special day more memorable.


  1. Waterproof Cases:


water proof case for boating

If someone spends a lot of time on a boat or around water, their belongings will get wet with accidental water splashes. To make their life easier, you can opt for a waterproof case for either of their belongings, be it a mobile phone or important cards. 


Below you will find some of the useful waterproof cases that will great gift items for your boater friend.


  1. Waterproof Passport Locker:

Every boat sailor has to carry essential documents such as cards, passports, and other small yet essential items that need to be kept safe.  You can opt for a waterproof passport locker that can hold all their documents and cards into a small water proof and impact-resistant case. The most important feature of this case is that it floats on water for easy retrieval, which will prevent accidental mishaps.



Cell phone bag cases

  • These cases can hold keys, wallets, phones and other items. They seal tightly and do not allow water in. The best part is that they can also hang from your neck, even if you are in the water.

Spiral-bound waterproof notepad:


A waterproof notepad will be a valuable gift to boat owners. Some fisherman track gps location to remember where to return. 

Look for a notepad with an attached pencil. Its easy to find a notebook with waterproof covers, but find one with waterproof pages is much harder.

If you feel that gifting only a notepad will be insufficient, then try adding it with other small or big gift items as per your preference.

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waterproof led



Waterproof LED Flashlight:



A waterproof flashlight is one of the essential things that every boater needs to have while sailing. 





waterproof first aid gift



Waterproof FirstAid Kit:

Having a first aid kit while sailing is of utmost importance as the boat may be out of the reach of medical facilitates. You can give them a waterproof and crushproof first aid kit so that the contents are protected from getting damaged. It will serve the purpose of their safety and cure ailments until they are back to the shore.




Outdoor Waterproof Blanket:


An all-weather outdoor waterproof blanket will be useful for people who own a boat. 

The waterproof blanket can be a savior for changing weather conditions. Also, these blankets are machine-washable, so they don’t have to worry about the effort of hand-washing after a long and tiring trip. 



Life Jacket:


life jackets


People on boats always have to wear a life jacket to protect themselves. You can gift them a lightweight and comfortable jacket which is specially designed to be durable in the wet and humid conditions. 


You can also look for jackets with extra pockets, which can be useful either to provide warmth to the hands in cold weather or to keep the essentials handy whenever they need it.


An anchor is a metal device used to connect a vessel to the bed of a water body to prevent the boat from drifting due to wind or current. There are two most common types of anchor which you can choose from depending on the type of your friend’s boat.



  • Fluke Anchor:


This anchor is ideal for smaller boats as it is light and easy to weigh. It stows flat and holds well in the mud or sand and provides an excellent holding power-to-weight ratio. But you should note that this type of anchor doesn’t hold well in rocky or grassy surfaces.



  • Plow Anchor:


This anchor is well-known for its all-round holding ability in extreme weather conditions. Hence, it is ideal for emergency mooring. The plow anchor generally resets itself easily if the wind or current changes the direction. It holds the boat more effectively in sand, mud, and grass. It is useful for heavier powerboats, and cruising sailboats. Many of the sailors use this plow as a primary anchor for their boats. 



Mooring Lines:



Mooring lines are one of the essential pieces of kit that every boat owner should have. Nothing will be as troublesome as a boat which is not secured at the harbor, quay or pier. 


While choosing the mooring lines, you need to consider three basic things, such as their length, diameter, and material. Below we have mentioned some useful information that will help you in selecting the right mooring lines.


You should be aware of the length of the boat as the mooring lines need to be five times the length of the boat. It will allow the fluctuating tides and also provide great help in towing the boat in heavy weather conditions at the harbor.


For selecting the appropriate diameter, you can refer to the below table, which will help you in choosing the right dimensions for mooring lines with respect to the boat length ranging from 26 feet to 62 feet.

Boat Length (ft) Mooring lines diameter (mm)
26 10
33 12
39 14
46 16
53 18
  • This chart may change depending on the material of your lines. Be sure to check with the product manufacturer you are using. 


Even though polypropylene provides a cheaper option, you should consider buying between polyester and polyamide as they are known for providing durable and high-quality mooring lines that represent value for money.



Now, you need to decide on your budget and see which items are fitting into your list. We are sure that these gift items will put a smile on your friend’s face.