Give Your House a Makeover with These Amazing Home Decor Designs

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Home is where you live, eat, sleep, and share good and bad moments with your family and also a place where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. It can be said that your home depicts your personality. If you have a modern and lively personality then your home design and decorations usually match, and you can get pretty creative with your accent pieces, made to measure curtains and distinctive artwork.

I think its very important to decorate your house according to your taste and preferences because this is where you want to feel safe, warm and comfy at the end of the day. Considering that, we have prepared a list of complete home makeover ideas that will help you to not only enhance your home aesthetics but also to increase your property worth and make your home an even better place. Just give it a quick look!

bedroom design

Cool Bedroom Décor Designs


Let’s start with your own room where you probably spend most of your time and want to be decorated first. The focus is to redo your bedroom in less time and in a cost-effective way. Have a look at some of the affordable yet trendy ways to upgrade your room design.

  • Add removable wallpaper to your bedroom. The best way is to put on one side of the room behind your bed. Try to choose the wallpaper that goes well with your room colors and is just according to your desire.
  • Add a comfortable chair or a modern couch next to your bed where you can sit comfortably while reading a book.
  • To enhance its beauty, add a stylish mirror to your room. It will definitely make your room look bigger.
  • You can also add stylish wooden bookshelves in your bedroom to facilitate your bedtime reading.
  • You can also have additional lights like a lamp on your study table or fairy lights on the walls or on the dressing table if any.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Modern Look


Having dull, monotonous and boring bathrooms has become a thing of the past. If you plan to upgrade your home but neglect your bathroom then it is so not fair. In fact, now, people are spending more on their bathrooms then the rest of the house. The reason is that having a lavish bathroom not only gives you a comfortable feeling but also it increases the overall worth of your home up to $20000 at least. So here are some chic ideas to breathe life into your bathroom.

  • Try to add both a shower area and a bathtub so that everyone can enjoy a bath in their own way. Have a look at the updated bathtubs from the and design your bathroom according to your own choice
  • Add a wide mirror that covers most of your bathroom wall. It will make your bathroom look spacious due to light reflectance. You can also add a mirror that extends from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Mirrors with unique geometric shapes also look trendy.
  • Adding greenery to your bathroom is another great yet affordable idea. It will give a natural effect to the overall bathroom appearance. You can use pothos plants, vines or other plants that grow well in the moist environment near the windows or on a small shelf.
  • Refine your bathroom look by replacing the old grimy tiles with new decently patterned tiles or marble.
  • Add wood to your bathroom to give a nice and comfortable spa look.
  • Older people or those who are disabled are at more risk of falling when using the shower. You can improve safety with a walk in tub and reduce falls and injuries.
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New Living Room Designs Ideas


Indeed the most important room in your house where you gather with your family members, friends, and other guests. So you need to maintain it not only for your sake but also to leave a good impression on others. You try your best to make it restful and pleasant so that you can have your coffee while sitting peacefully on a couch and enjoying your favorite TV soap. We have some great ideas that will never fail to inspire you to upgrade your living room in no time.

  • If you want to change the overall look, you can add a large painting or art piece that portrays your choice and personality. It can be the focal point to attract people’s attention.
  • Mostly living rooms have large windows, so if you got such windows then add curtains to redefine your living room concept and design. Try to make a combination of dark and light colors. If you want a decent look then go for sheer curtains otherwise you can also pair up patterned curtains with plain ones.
  • Rearrange the furniture to give it a different look. You can arrange similar color furniture in a triangle to give it a trendy symmetric look. Do not over-crowd the place and try to make it look spacious.
  • Add rugs keeping in mind the color scheme and the right size to compliment your living room design.

Remodel Your Kitchen With Amazing Ideas:


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Next in the list is the kitchen decoration trend. You might go to some friend’s house and left completely bewitched by the stylish and expensive kitchen. We know that you want to upgrade your kitchen too along with the rest of the house. Normally upgrading a kitchen requires around $21000. Pretty much isn’t it! So here we have a number of remodeling ideas that you can easily afford to turn your dull kitchen into a dream kitchen.

  • First and foremost thing to take care of is the color scheme. You might have noticed that all the expensive designer kitchens have enchanting color combinations that can undoubtedly aim your attention. Grey color is getting popular as this color when combined with bright colors pop up the whole look.
  • If you have enough space in your kitchen but do not know how to utilize it then add a kitchen island. You can use it effectively by using it as a countertop and by placing some fancy chairs and stools.
  • Make your kitchen bold and stylish by adding a gallery wall. It is an entirely new way to make it a focal point of your kitchen. You can add picture frames, geometric mirrors, vintage dishes, and an extravagant art piece
  • Add open wooden shelves to facilitate storage. You can also put a vase or other decoration pieces to boost its design.
  • Add a small chandelier above the countertop or kitchen island.
  • If you have chosen a dark color for your kitchen then pair it up with gold hardware. This will add beauty and uniqueness to your kitchen.

Thus, before wasting any further time, give your home a new touch without putting the burden on your pocket.