Help your Child With COMPUTER SCIENCE with These Homework Tips

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Most children have problems with homework from time to time, but some have more difficulties than others. Understanding the challenges your child faces can prevent them from discussing homework in computer science. Here are some common challenges with homework, along with strategies and suggestions that can help to do your child’s computer science homework.


Challenge: Planning

All children sometimes rush to finish the task of homework to do something more fun, but for some it can be a constant challenge.

From being bored to feeling tired after a long day at school, there are many reasons why students rush to finish computer science homework. That can result in poor quality and even cause kids to miss part of the task.

Try to have your child address homework differently. For example, if you are having problems with a writing task, talk about what the difficulty is. If vocabulary words are complicated, use them in daily conversations. Practicing often will help seal them into the memory.

Challenge: Take Notes

Taking notes is not a simple skill to acquire. Some children have difficulties with writing and with the organization. Others have difficulty reading a text and taking notes at the same time.

How you can help: There are several apps to take notes that your child can use. It may also be useful to teach strategies for taking notes. For example, there are specific techniques for children who have a slow processing speed to take notes. One way to help is to teach them way to abbreviate words to speed up the process. 

Challenge: Manage Time and Stay Organized

Some children often have trouble keeping track of time or managing it. They may also have difficulty dividing a large project into smaller parts, or making a plan to complete all school duties.

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A homework schedule can help your child establish a specific time and place to study. Also, consider creating a designated space to do homework (homework station). Once you have established the time and place, show him how to “divide” the task including moments of rest.

For example, is your helping out with math, writing, or computer science homework. A clock or a timer can help track the task and have a better sense of time. Use the timer to plan needed breaks and assess how much is being accomplished. 

There are also apps to control the time of the tasks that can be programmed for each subject (your phone probably has one built-in).

Challenge: Remember Information

Some children study for hours but have difficulty withholding information. When the time comes for the exam, it might seem that they have not studied.

These challenges can be caused by problems with functional memory. It may also be due to a lack of attention: they cannot disconnect from things that are not important. Read an expert’s explanation about why some kids can’t remember what they have studied.

How you can help: Make sure your child studies using a format that helps him remember. For example, some have difficulty processing and understanding verbal or written information and are better at remembering visual information such as maps and graphics.

Challenge: Learn Independently

If you are not helping with homework, it is recommended that you confirm that your child is doing it. Help him set realistic goals and encourage him to “think out loud.” Try using a contract for homework. Learn about other ways to help elementary students and preteens and teenagers become more independent students.

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Helping your child overcome homework-related challenges can be complicated. But in the end, you can help him become a more independent and safer student.

The challenges caused by tasks sometimes persist, despite their best efforts. In that case, consider asking for help. Look for signs that your child is assigned too much homework, and learn how to discuss your concerns with the teacher regarding Computer Science.

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