How Much You Should Spend on Your Honeymoon

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Like weddings, you experience honeymoons only once too. It’s the time when you get to truly experience the bliss of togetherness. It’s the time when you explore your significant other to bits and pieces even if you have known them for years as your fiancé.

Naturally, you expect this time to be nothing less than perfect. But to turn your dreams into reality, you’ve got to work on them a bit.

So, here in this compilation, we shall discuss a very crucial aspect of the honeymoon, i.e., finances & expenses. We will cover the average costs, factors impacting a honeymoon budget and expenditure, and all that impacting how much to spend on your honeymoon.


Average Honeymoon Cost


On average, a couple spends about $4000 – $5000 on their honeymoon trip. The accurate figure for the average expenditure provided by the industry experts is about $4466. If you want your honeymoon to be, at least, in line with most others then you should keep a similar budget in mind. 

But of course, your specific budget can vary depending on your preferences and choices, more of which we will discuss below. 

Note that the case is a bit different for honeymoon destinations. You should expect to spend about $8000 – $9000 on destination weddings, such as those in the Caribbean, Bali, or Hawaii. If you plan to have a multiple-destination trip in mind, such as that of Europe, then you should expect to spend about $6000 – $25000. Luxury honeymoons demand an additional $10000. You may have to spend about $350000 – $50000 for premium honeymoon experiences.

An overall estimate suggests that 14 percent of the complete wedding budget will go to your honeymoon. And we mention that so you could make a quick calculation on your end. You know what we mean!

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Factors Affecting Honeymoon Cost


Given the estimates above, it is clear that the primary factor affecting the honeymoon cost is none other than the distance traveled. If you are planning your honeymoon for one place only, your honeymoon will not be as expensive even if you choose a luxury honeymoon resort. 

Visiting multiple cities and countries involves plane tickets and international travel arrangements, which of course, demands more money! You could opt for cheaper means of travel like a cruise or a road trip (if applicable). But it all comes down to your convenience. If switching to another means of traveling won’t disrupt the gist of your honeymoon, we encourage you to take the risk. Apart from the number of places involved, the type of places involved also matters.

A trip to Bali will cost you less compared to a trip to Hawaii. Similarly, a trip to Singapore or Malaysia will cost you much less as compared to a trip to Bali.

Next comes the time of your trip. You should not book your trip for the peak times, i.e., when the hotels and resorts are busy. Choose a time when the buzz is low because that’s when most resorts will be offering super amazing discounts. You could get access to some excellent honeymoon packages and save yourself a good amount of money.

Lastly, the activities you indulge in also impact the cost. If you wish to explore sports or go ski-diving with your partner, it will cost you more than other activities like biking or going out for dinner. 


What Should You Prioritize?

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Your interests! Of course, it’s your interests that you should prioritize. Your interests may make the trip more expensive than you supposed it to be. But along with your bank account, don’t forget you won’t explore each other like this for a second time. So, give it the best you can. Push to the limits!

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Choose a location that you both have been dreaming about since forever. Do not compromise only because you could do with a cheaper option!

However, if the place or the activities are practically beyond your budget then we would advise you to opt for alternatives that would bring you quality time. Remember, it’s all about the quality time together and never the material around!

 P.S. Never think about getting a loan for your honeymoon. It’s a bad deal!


 Tips to Spend Wisely


With that said, let’s get a quick review of things that could help you make the most of money in your hands:

  • Plan your trip at least six to twelve months ahead of the wedding. Thorough research would save you from regrets later on.
  • Book your hotel/resort and associated visits and activities 8-12 months earlier than your wedding day. It could help you secure amazing discounts and early bird offers.
  • Calculate the day-to-day budget from day one. Set aside an additional amount just in case you end up having more fun than planned.
  • Divide the expenses equally. A shared responsibility will give you a more fulfilling and wholesome experience.


Final Thoughts


Summing up, spending your honeymoon is all about your preferences. Spending an average sum because everyone does that will not bring you some guaranteed happiness. Calculated money expenditure will never bring you the fun you desire. You’ve to pour in your soul for that. Be generous!