6 Tips to Find the Right Manufacturer for a Glass Container Business

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If you are planning on running a glass container business, working with the right manufacturer is key. They are the source of the products you will be selling. The type of quality they will produce can make or break your business. If your manufacturer provides defective glass containers, you will lose a lot of customers.


Therefore, it is important to meticulously choose the manufacturer that can best represent your brand. They should be willing to listen to your preferences and show that they understand your business needs. If they fail to do this, then you should move on and start searching for another. 


To help you pick the right manufacturer, there are factors you need to consider. These factors can serve as your criteria in selecting the top ones from your list. So, let’s start!

1. Know If You Will Be Working with a Domestic or International Manufacturer

This tip should be the first thing you should look at. If you are willing to spend on an international manufacturer, they might have different policies. You need to consider their regulations because their law can influence your transaction processes. 


However, both domestic and international manufacturers have pros and cons. It still depends on the company. What you need to do is perform a background check. You should consider their quality processes and shipping options.

2. Search for the Production Type

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The production capabilities of your manufacturer are also important. They should have the right tools to produce the specific products you need. Their machines, for example, should have a high-precision feature.     


To help with your search, you can go online and do your own research. Use online directories to find manufacturers with high-quality and in-demand glass bottles. You can filter your search by product category, so you know which ones have high ratings or recommendations.   


It can be overwhelming to see a lot of manufacturers listed on directories. However, by filtering your search properly, you can get rid of irrelevant companies. This allows you to narrow down your search, so it gets more manageable.

3. Evaluate the Supplier Capabilities

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Although a manufacturer produces loads of items, they may still lack capabilities to provide the needs for your glass bottles. Each company has its own manufacturing practices and standards that can affect its suitability for your brand.

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For example, a manufacturer sets a minimum number for orders. If the number does not meet your requirements, then that would be a problem. Also, a manufacturer may set different order quantities for each product. If you are ordering large quantities, some manufacturers may have maximum order limits. This is because of their limited production capacity.


Aside from quantities, you also need to assess the manufacturer’s turnaround time and pricing. Some manufacturers may offer lower prices for bulk orders. However, they may have issues as their turnaround time is longer. 


Many manufacturers may post their pricing, order quantity standards, turnaround time on their website. However, some will only give you a button or a link to click to learn more. If so, make sure to know all these details before deciding.

4. Investigate for Credibility

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The manufacturer’s credibility is extremely important in developing a good business relationship. To know their level of credibility, you can use online tools such as Facebook and Google. This is extremely helpful when you are wanting to work with an international manufacturer.


Reputable companies will have a website on the Internet with the information you are looking for. They will include certifications, customers’ data and feedback, processes, and other related information.   


For domestic manufacturers, you can check the information on listings from your local authorities. This is a more accurate way of verifying the manufacturers’ credibility. You can also check if there are complaints filed against them. 


Another reliable way to investigate credibility is to check customer feedback posted on their website. You can also reach out to former and existing customers to know their feedback. Ask for both the pros and cons, so you can better assess the company’s reputation and quality. 


You can also ask for samples from manufacturers to check the quality of their products. It is important to ask for manuals and other documentation that describes the features and benefits of the products.  


One great company that provides samples for their products if you will buy in bulk is Roetell. They provide their client’s product tests to make sure they meet customer needs. You can submit a form on their website about the requirements you need for the products. If you already have a concept about your glass bottles, you can also send the files to them. Visit their website at https://www.roetell.com to learn more about how they can help you achieve your goals.

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5. Schedule an Appointment for a Factory Visit 

One thing that many entrepreneurs often overlook when choosing a manufacturer to schedule a factory visit. Although this may sound unnecessary or a burden, this ensures you know who you are working with. If the manufacturer is from overseas, the more you need to take a tour. 


Your visit allows you to see their facilities in person and assess their processes and product quality. You can even check some small details like their organization and cleanliness.  


If you really can’t do it, hire an agent who can do the visiting on your behalf. Make sure to get a good agent with reputable experience. They will take note of every detail you need to assess the manufacturer.  

6. Learn the Payment Terms

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You and your supplier should create an agreement with regard to payment. Some manufacturers may require you to pay the full amount upfront. If you can’t agree with this, then you should move on to the next. You can also check their payment terms for your future orders. If they are not responsive to your payment inquiries, this should be a red flag. 


To help you get noticed by a manufacturer with your payment inquiries, do not send long emails. Make the content clear and concise and get straight to the point. It is also important to format your email well, so it looks presentable and professional. This way, you will get better and clear replies from them.


Choosing the right manufacturer can take a long process. However, if you evaluate them properly, you will get a chance to work with someone who is worth the price and effort. It is also essential to build a good connection with them as they will be your long-term business partner. So, use the tips above and get the right fit for your glass container business!