10 Unique Smart Gadgets for Your Home

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Do you get excited about all the unique gadgets that are hitting the market? Smart homes are becoming more popular, and it seems as though everything in the home is getting a technological upgrade.

So if you’re ready to smarten up your home, check out these 10 unique smart gadgets.

1.     Smart Thermometer

This thermometer was designed with grilling in mind, but it’s also handy to keep around the kitchen. The iGrill2 has two temperature probes, and you can leave one inside the oven or grill to track the temperature remotely – how cool is that? So you can actually enjoy your time at the barbeque without becoming a slave to the grill.

There’s an app you can download to your mobile phone. Then, all you have to do is set the desired temperature, activate the alarm and insert the thermometer. You’ll be the first to know as soon as your food is done cooking.

2.     Virtual Butler

Have you ever gotten an important package that you don’t want to be left on your doorstep? With so many stories of package theft going around, it’s a common concern.

But with this smart home device, you can control your front door locks from your phone and communicate with whoever is at the door.

So if someone arrives with a package, you can unlock the door and ask him or her to leave the package inside.

And as soon as they’re done, you can lock the doors again with the package stowed safely inside.

3.     Automatic Water Shutoff

Have you ever left the water on outside after watering your lawn? We’ve all been there. But this can cost you big on your water bill and lead to giant puddles and headaches. But with an automatic water shutoff device, you can say goodbye to this problem for good.

The WaterCop control valve installs right after your main shutoff valve, and water sensors work to detect water and shut off the valve whenever necessary. This is extremely helpful in an area that’s prone to leakage. 

4.     Indoor security camera

The indoor security camera isn’t exactly a new or novel concept these days, but Netamo has a next-level device that may spark your interest. This indoor security camera incorporates artificial intelligence like facial recognition to enhance your wifi monitoring experience. This is the type of device that’ll make you feel like you’re living in 2030 today.

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5.     Signature Kitchen Suite

LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite is a wine refrigerator that’s equipped with artificial intelligence. Why would your wine fridge need AI, you ask? Because (naturally) your fridge needs to know the exact temperature to keep your most prized possessions – and it needs to maintain that temperature over time.

This fancy fridge can also suggest food pairings for the wines in your collection, and it comes with anti-vibration technology to help keep your wines steady during storage.

6.     Ikea Smart Blinds

This is much-anticipated launch is finally hitting stores now, and smart homeowners couldn’t be more excited. These are blinds you can connect to your smartphone and control with your voice. And this is an awesome smart home addition because we’re all tired of fighting with those blind cords, aren’t we?

In true Ikea fashion, these blinds offer a blend of minimalist style and affordability that will help everyone get their hands on some technologically-advanced window treatments.

They’re even compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home, in addition to Ikea’s smart home system.

7.     Dyson 360 Eye

We’ve been watching robotic vacuums pick up crumbs since the Roomba first hit the scene many years ago. But there’s a new smart vacuum in town that works similarly to an autonomous vehicle. The Dyson 360 Eye uses a 360-degree camera to navigate the room. This is an improvement over other robo-vacs that move forward until they hit something and then attempt to turn around.

With the camera, the 360-Eye is much less likely to spin out and get stuck than these other vacs, making it much more efficient and able to cover more ground on a single charge.

And, as is the case with any true smart home device, there’s an app that shows you how much of the floor the 360 has covered.

8.     The Pod smart bed

If there’s one area where we could all use a little help, it’s catching the right amount of z’s. And up until now, smart beds could only be found in your dreams.

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But the Pod smart bed has changed all that with a temperature-regulation system that maintains the ideal temperature for sleep at all times.

And when it’s time to wake up, the Pod can gradually raise your bed’s temperature, so you wake gradually – instead of to the sound of a buzzing alarm.

You can also get an app to analyze data the mattress collects while you sleep, and you can use that to tell how much better you’re sleeping every night.

9.     Orro light switch

The Orro light switch is a cool invention because it works in a way that’s similar to daylight. You can set it to gradually auto-dim in the hour before bedtime, to help you wind down and get ready for a restful sleep in your smart bed.

This switch can also sense when people leave or enter a room, and it can adjust the lights accordingly. Naturally, this device also connects to Amazon’s Alexa.

10. August Smart Lock Pro+

With the smart home security system becoming the norm instead of the exception, smart locks are basically a given. But this particular smart lock can automatically grant access to you, family members and special guests (like the cleaning person) when you’re not around. It’s also a great product for anyone who rents out space on a site like Airbnb. And much like other smart locks, you can check the status from your phone and lock or unlock the door manually at any time.

Keep in mind that as more great devices come out from advances tech waste increases. We all love our gadgets, but we all need to be thinking about what happens to them after we’re done with them. Please recycle your electronics whenever possible and never just throw them in the garbage without first checking to see if it can be recycled. So, what do you think about these unique smart home devices? Have you added any to your personal shopping list yet?