How to Screen Mirror to Firestick

iOS and MacOS devices are not supported. (Apple devices) by these steps-there is a way to do it

If your device supports Miracast then it will work with your Amazon Firestick. This will give you the ability to copy or mirror what is on your phone and send it to the TV that you have your Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into. You can stream, show pics, watch downloaded movies. Anything you do on your phone will show up on the TV.

Can you stream with Amazon Fire Stick and No Internet Service? 

Yes, with Android Screen Mirroring to Firestick as long as you can connect your devices to the same WIFI connection. That WIFI router does not need to have internet. You only need to be able to connect to the WIFI so the devices can communicate with each other.

You can mirror your display on compatible phones or tablets that support Miracast.

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Compatible Android Phones to Mirror to the firestick

  • 4.2 OS Android devices or higher
  • 3rd Generation Fire tablets or higher
  • Amazon Fire Phone
  • Fire phone


Except this list is not entirely accurate. Even if your phone meets this list of minimum required specs it may still not be able to screen mirror with the firestick. I own a Moto Play2 and the only way for me to screen mirror is to use a chrome cast. (as of now, everything else I have tried does not work)

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Interestingly, Amazon also makes some of its devices without the support of mirroring. Why they do this is any one’s guess. It a little frustrating when the less expensive devices do more.

These Amazon devices do not support Display Mirroring:

  • Amazon Fire TV (3rd Generation)
  • Fire TV Cube
  • Fire TV Edition televisions


Step by Step Mirror your cell phone to your Firestick


Step 1

Make sure both devices are within 30 feet of each other and powered on. Connect both devices to the same WIFI or internet. They must be connected to the same home network or WIFI modem. Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the internet through by Wi-Fi not just the cell phone network.


Step 2


Make you’re your TV is on the correct input for the firestick to display on the screen. Next on your Firestick remote press and hold the Home button (has a house pic on it), A set of option will appear- select mirroring. The connection screen will now appear. This will show your device’s name and allow you to us your android device to connect. Find the best Streaming Service Here-We Review and Recommend the top Paid Live TV Services.

screen mirror

Step 3

Find the setting to turn on your ability to screen share. Screen sharing and may be under networks. Your phone may say smart view instead of screen sharing. It may even be something different depending on your phone. (some phones will not be able to do it with the fire stick)

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Using the search function under settings is the easiest way to find the function.  Settings can be found under applications or on the top bar menu with a gear icon. Once in settings do a search for the above terms screen share, smart view, mirroring, cast.

Once found, just turn it on.

Now you will be able to mirror everything on your phone.

This Link Will Take You To Apps That Can Help You Screen Mirror