Latest walkie talkie for Restaurants

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Communication within a restaurant is always a top priority between staff members and should never be underestimated. The success of pretty much any kind of service industry business all depends on the teams of multiple different departments working together as a unit so everything is done in the correct order in a seamless way. This is where the addition of two-way radio devices can come into place increasing customer service and rapport in restaurants of any kind.

With proper communication organizational objectives can be completed in the most efficient ways possible with managers being able to communicate with workers and if customers make any comments on their level of comfort a supervisor can immediately relay any information to their staff in order to keep customers happy and ultimately building a good rapport so they keep returning for the great service they have received. The addition of a two-way radio will help build your customer service skills and optimize your businesses operation with minimal disruptions.

Top 3 Walkie Talkie for Restaurant

Motorola CLP1010

The CLP1010 is the easist radio to conceal on our list from Motorola, it is a two-way radio that has been specifically designed for the restaurant business. It has a simple design that is great for beginners and the lightweight body will ensure it doesn’t cause any strain from keeping hold of it throughout the day. A very affordable option that you can clip onto your belt, clothes, or even the cloth hanging over your shoulder. This one-watt two-way radio can be easily adjusted to work with the user’s needs and what makes it better is it works with a repeater.

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These business two-way radios are the perfect way to stay connected, with an earpiece included in the box which helps to provide even more efficiency within the workforce. With a range of 100,000 square feet, you will be covered in pretty much anyplace, and the large textured push button makes this business two-way radio simple and easy to use.

There are 99 exclusive business frequencies that come with the CLP two way radio and 219-privacy codes giving lots of options. Overall an amazing two-way radio that keeps it simple but gives you everything a two-way radio should do.

Motorola CLS1110


The CLS110 is an amazing two-way radio from Motorola, with unique features making it the perfect choice for the hotel sector. It contains 56 business-exclusive frequencies and for enhanced security has 121 privacy codes, the battery life is around 18 hours which is amazing but if this runs out there is an option for AAA batteries. It has a large transmission of up to 200,000 square feet and contains a keypad lock that stops any accidental dials.

This two-way radio has been specifically designed for speed being able to boost your productivity and organizational skills with the press of a button. With a beginner-friendly format it is easy to get used too and a single channel has 56 business exclusive frequencies giving lots of options to the user.

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With a lightweight of 2.38 ounces, you can keep this device on your belt all day long and not feel any strain, and the rugged design lets it be passed from a large volume of users in a single day and take a bit of punishment from more rigorous environments.

A greater feature is the clone mode that lets you copy settings from another radio so you don’t have to program your radio again to work with others. This saves a lot of time if you decide to add more units to your team, and the simplicity of the cloning feature means there is no training needed to complete this task.

Kenwood ProTalk XLS TK-3230

Kenwood has produced the ProTalk XLS TK-3230, a great ham radio with the combination of a compact size at only 6 inches in length, lightweight only weighing 5.5 ounces, and 18 hours worth of transmission from a single charge. All of these features make it the perfect push to talk walkie talkies available, the perfect choice for the retail business, service industry, and educational services. 

The radio has an overall output range of 1.5 watts that give it an excellent range, making the Kenwood an essential piece of equipment if you are looking for ham radio with a watt power below 2 watts. The specification of this radio exceeds that of the military standard, offering the best quality voice and range.