Must-Have Baby Essentials for 2022

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The birth of a new baby is one of the most exciting and intimidating times in life. New and young parents await the arrival of their newest member with excitement and anxiety. There are so many questions like what color their baby’s hair and eyes will be and what their personality will be like.

At the same time, however, new parents are left with too many questions about which products to buy, which are safest, and which are actually necessary.

This search is made harder as each year there are new advancements in baby gear. It’s hard to keep up with the newest tech, trends, and highest-rated vehicles. 

Safe Driving and Your Baby

Aside from your home, your child will spend a lot of their time in the family vehicle. It’s important that this vehicle not only provides comfort and functionality for the whole family, but is also safe.

People have many opinions when it comes to functional and safe family vehicles. Some people believe the iconic minivan is the best option. Others see a nice sedan as more than enough space for a growing family. But some see an SUV as the perfect combination of function and space. 

SUVs often offer more seats or more legroom as well as more truck or hatch space. This means families with young children can have the space they need. 

The Subaru Forester is the perfect SUV for a family with young children, even babies. The Forester is a five-seater SUV with ample trunk space and high marks in all performance categories. 

Even more, the Subaru Forester is affordable both in purchase price, maintenance and upkeep, and insurance costs. And as a Subaru, it offers superior value even as it ages.

The Things a Baby Needs

If you do even a quick search on the internet, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands, of lists of must-have baby products. These lists are helpful, but they are usually the result of someone’s opinion or personal experience. 

While this kind of information is valuable, it’s helpful to have some numbers or more professional support behind your purchase. This kind of information adds an additional layer of support and peace of mind. 


Baby sleep is sometimes an elusive dream, but there are tools and supplies that can help new parents find a few extra hours of shut-eye. These products are both scientifically backed and tested by many families. 

The first product is the Halo Sleep Sack. This lightweight, wearable blanket keeps babies warm and comfortable while minimizing the startle reflex babies are born with. 

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Newborn babies are used to a steady stream of sound both while they are awake and while they are trying to sleep. White noise is more than helpful when new babies are learning how to navigate sleep in the world. The Hatch Sound Machine and Night Light is perfect for helping to lull a baby to sleep and provide the necessary light for late-night feedings.


Another vital piece of newborn life is feeding. Mothers and families have to choose between nursing, bottle feeding, or even combination feeding. Much of the decision on how and what to feed a baby is incredibly personal and individual, but there are a handful of products that are helpful and useful.

For those mothers who choose the nursing route, there are two products backed by scientific support and many testimonials. The first is the Bobby nursing pillow. This ergonomically designed pillow provides the ideal angle to a baby while feeding, either from mother or a bottle, and support for the mother, or family member, providing the food.

Nursing mothers often need a breast pump of some kind. One of the best breast pumps on the market is the Haakaa manual breast pump. This pump is transportable, quiet, and easy to use. It’s a favorite of thousands of moms around the world.

Bottles are also necessary. Regardless of how a mother chooses to feed her baby, it’s very likely a bottle will come in handy at one point or another. The baby market is flooded with bottle options, but the Comotomo bottles are some of the best. These bottles are ergonomically designed and modeled after mothers to help with any transitions.


The debate about diapers is also a loaded one. People have to choose whether to use disposable or reusable diapers. Cloth diapers are more sustainable but require more steps like washing. 

Disposable diapers, however, are making great strides in sustainability and cleanliness. 

There are a number of options if disposable diapers are your choice. Consider Honest Company or Hello Bello. Both use clean, sustainable materials so you can feel good about what you put on your baby and what you put in the trash.

Travel and Transportation

Not only will a baby be moved from home to car and back again, they will also be taken in and out of restaurants, stores, and other homes. The transportation of a baby, in large part, will require the use of both a car seat and a stroller. Once again, there are many options to shift through. 

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The Uppa Baby line of strollers, bassinets, and car seats are highly ranked in both safety and function. One major advantage to Uppa Baby is the integration of the line. Families can easily transfer a car seat to a stroller or use a bassinet into a stroller for newborns. 

Medicine and Safety

Young babies have few options for medicine when they get sick. Fortunately, in many cases, young babies get a simple case of the sniffles. Rarely do these small colds need medicinal intervention, but there is a desire to provide comfort in any way possible.

One of the best products on the market today is the FridaBaby NoseFrida. This smart device helps clear out congestion in a baby’s nose and sinuses. It is designed to remove any blockage and allow a baby to breathe more easily. 

Activities and Entertainment

Even young babies need to be entertained and stimulated. There are a number of different options from floor mats and stand alone toys to bouncers and swings. How a baby responds to each of these options will differ, and the process to determine a favorite is usually simple trial and error.

Fortunately, there are a few high-performing options that many babies find enjoyable. One of the best swings on the market is the 4moms Mamaroo. This swing provides a number of options outside the traditional back and forth motion. The Mamaroo swing provides four motion options, five white noise sound options, and the ability to play personal music.

The best way to stimulate a young child is to take them out in the world and let them experience their environment. It can be difficult to maneuver some areas with a bulky car seat or stroller, but that shouldn’t keep families from venturing out.

Baby carriers are a great way to explore while keeping baby close and secure. The options are almost endless for baby carriers and range from simple wraps to full carriers. Some of the best-reviewed options include the Baby K’Tan, the Ergo Baby Carrier, and the Solly Baby Carrier.

Ultimately, the choice for any baby product comes down to individual needs and personal preference, both of the family and the baby. Having a new baby is a time of great excitement and transition, but the best baby products can make that transition easy and even more enjoyable. 

Laura Gunn writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, She is a mom to two young boys, the youngest being 8 months old. She is passionate about moms being prepared with the best products and supplies.