Tools for Outdoor Property Maintenance

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Maintaining your own property is an excellent way to ensure your property is being taken care of. In addition, it can be a healthy way to incorporate movement into your everyday fitness. But if this isn’t reason enough to take on the chores of your own landscape and general maintenance consider the amount of money you can save by not having to hire a company to do it for you.

With an investment in the proper tools, you can also save yourself a lot of time. Property upkeep takes tools and not just any tools, quality tools. If you plan on having your property for years to come then your tools need to be made to last. If you cheap out and go with low-quality brands like Ryobi, harbor freight, Craftsman for power tools than you’ll end up having to replace them more often then you planned. There are a lot more low-quality brands than proven dependable products. Just remember you get what you pay for, tools are no different.

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Key Tools for Outside Maintenance for Investments Property Owners

Snow Blower

Depending on the property type and contract terms. You may be responsible for clearing snow This improves the way your property looks and allows a degree of safety and mobility. Snowblowers are available in a variety of sizes for easy drive and walkway clearance. There are even small, electric versions for quick clearing of your porches and decks.

Some Cities require public walkways to be cleared and may even ticket you for not keeping this up.

Lawn Mower

A well-manicured lawn is one of the first things anyone notices. A well-trimmed landscape does require a dependable, quality lawnmower. A good mower helps get the job done with little effort and allows you to choose the length of your grass for optimal root depth. There are many different mower designs and models from which to choose including rider mowers for large properties. Don’t cheap out on a mower. I personally have bought many cheap mowers, it took me a few before I realized how much I was wasting. A cheap mower is not worth the repairs cost so you have to replace it.

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Hoses and Nozzles

Keeping both your lawn and garden beds well-watered are a part of regular maintenance. An inground sprinkler system is also helpful, but even if you have one they often do not cover every area you may need taken care of. Hoses help both sprinkler, and your own hand watering, to reach into areas that may be neglected by systems. Water should always be applied in a gentle, rain-like application which can be achieved by using a good hose nozzle on your hoses. Some top-notch choices can be found at


Lawns do need to be fed throughout the year to improve upon soil nutrients for your grass to take up through the roots. A regular fertilizing schedule you can save on having to reseed or fix areas that have been neglected. A good spreader makes this chore a quick job to complete, and this inexpensive tool can also help with weed killer applications as well. Want to know more about Best Lawn Spreaders. Visit Framing Nailers Guide.

String Trimmer

String trimmers, otherwise known as weed wackers, are a go to for any well-manicured property. Those hard to reach areas with a lawnmower are no match for these powerful tools. Even if you do not have a lawn, these take care of weeds along fences, around trees, under decks, and up against other hard to reach surfaces. They also lend themselves well as an edge trimmer for your driveways, walkways, and garden paths.

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Shovels and Rakes

Rakes and shovels are a necessity for a variety of yard maintenance jobs. There are a large variety of both to use for specific jobs. Digging, planting, edging, and snow shoveling can all be helped with the aid of a shovel. Raking leaves, helping clear out garden beds, cleaning out dry grasses, and even improving soils are easily done with various rake choices.


If you have any bushes or trees that need occasional trimming and pruning, the appropriate looper can save you a lot of effort. These come in various strengths and sizes to help hedge and shape your woody plants to create the clean, maintained look you desire.

Wheelbarrow or Utility Cart

Wheelbarrows and utility carts are incredibly helpful to save you time while working throughout your yard. These save you from having to take multiple trips back-and-forth and save you on effort as well. They are helpful for toting your tools, moving soils and mulch, helps with compost, and can even serve as the perfect place to get your weeds and other disposables for one place to the next.

Taking care of your own yard isn’t a difficult task and can easily save on money over time with efficient practices. One way to ensure you are getting the job done right, and without waste, is to have the proper tools. Good quality tools will last a lifetime and handle the changes in weather, as well as the work you use it for. If you can take care of your own yard, consider investing in the simple tools you need to get the job done.