Ultimate Guide to Pickle Ball Paddles

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To find the right pickleball paddle, you must put in mind several things. Different reasons can make you look for a paddle. For instance, a friend of mine wanted to buy a paddle but because he was on a tight budget, he wanted to get a pocket-friendly paddle. You could be having your own reasons why you are looking for a pickleball paddle.Regardless of your reasons for looking for a paddle, this guide will help you find the right pickleball paddle.


Many people, especially new pickleball players find it challenging to know which paddlesare suitable for them. Besides, it is not always easy to tell the benefits of certain paddles or how suitable they are for the game.


In this pickleball ultimate guide, you will learn all the information you need to know when choosing the right paddle. In the end, you will be able to understand exactly what you need to take into account when choosing a pickleball paddle.


Whether you are a seasoned pickleball player or you are just starting out, you will find this pickleball paddle’s buying guide useful and helpful.

Just keep reading.


What Makes The Right Pickleball Paddle?


Ideally, the right pickleball paddle should:

  • Not be too heavy or too light
  • Have the right grip size
  • The right shape that fits your playing style.


In addition, the pickleball paddle should not be too expensive or too cheap. In short, it should not overstretch your budget.

These are important factors that you should consider for you to get the right pickleball paddle.


You need a paddle that feels comfortable in your hands, one that feels natural and suits your size.


You don’t want to nurse injuries after the game. A larger paddle that does not fit properly in your hands will give you a hard time to control during playtime. Pickleball is a rigorous game that involves a lot of movement and jumping and a heavy paddle will be limiting.

Still wondering how to find the right pickleball paddles?


Don’t worry, in this article, you will read all the information you need to know to find the perfect paddle for you. So whether you are looking for elongated pickleball paddles or otherwise, we’ve got you covered.



Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pickleball Paddle


Here are the factors to consider when choosing the right pickleball paddle.


Weight of the Paddle


A mistake most people make when buying items is to consider the price. Of course, you should not overstretch your budget when buying your pickleball paddles, but prioritizing your buying decision on price isn’t always good.


Some paddles are more expensive but that does not make them better than the costly ones. Sometimes the saying “cheap is expensive” isn’t always right.


Experienced pickleball players agree that weight is an important factor when it comes to buying the right pickleball paddles.


Usually, pickleball paddles come with weight ranging from 6 to 14 ounces. The 6-ounce paddle is lighter than the 14-ounce one.


Because you will have to swing with the paddle for some time when playing, you don’t want it to be heavier.


Grip Size


A paddle should fit properly in your hands. For that reason, you need a paddle with grip circumference that fits your hand. A paddle that feels difficult to hold with your hands won’t give you good results. In fact, you will have the worst gaming experience.

A paddle with large grip size can cause injuries because it will be slipping on your hand while playing.


If you are a beginner pickleball player, it is good to start with a medium or smaller grip size and then change when you get used to the game. A smaller grip size will be comfortable on your hands and will give you good results. In fact, it will allow you to serve powerfully and change hands faster.


However, although you want a smaller grip size, you should always consider your hand size and how comfortable the paddle feels when playing.


How to measure grip size

You can determine the right grip size of a paddle by measuring your hands. Some people determine their grip size based on their height. The best way to determine the right grip size for you is to measure your hands. But you can always try and feel the grip size and choose the one that feels comfortable in your hands.


Here are the simplest ways to determine the right grip size

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If you are under 5.2 inches tall the right grip size for you is 4inches. People who are 5.3 to 5.8 inches tall should pick a grip size of 4 1/8 to 4 and a quarter inches. For taller people above 5.9 inches, the best grip size is 4 and a half inches.



The next factor to consider is power and control. You need to decide whether you want to make heavy and powerful punches or you want to have precise control of your shots.But this depends entirely on your playing style. If you want to have great control of your shots, you should choose a lighter pickleball paddle. However, although you will have increased control, you will not be able to hit the ball powerfully.


On the other hand, a heavier pickleball paddle will give you more power but you cannot make accurate shots with it. Just think about your playing style so that you can find the right balance.


Tennis Elbow Issue

If you have never heard of tennis elbow issues, then be prepared if you have decided to play pickleball. You need a paddle that can prevent you from these injuries because they are usually painful. Tennis elbow injuries occur as a result of small tears occurring in your tendon and usually occur as a result of repetitive motions.


As you swing a paddle constantly, you are vulnerable to tennis elbow injuries. Sometimes playing to heavier paddles can cause tennis elbow issues. For that reason, you need to pick a suitable paddle and be careful how you swing while playing.


Material of Paddle

There are three main materials used to make paddles: wood, composite, and graphite. The three materials have their own good and bad sides.


For instance, paddles made with wood are usually cheap and are usually best for beginner players who are looking to get started small. However, they tend to be heavy.

Composite paddles will give you impressive shots. They are also lighter than wood paddles and are easier to control


Graphite paddles are costly and lightweight than the two above. Their weight makes them easy to control and that’s why they are preferred by the most competitive players.