Preventing Kids from Cyber bullying in 2020: The Best Parental Control Apps

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The wave of globalization has taken over our lives completely. And like everything new, it has its advantages and disadvantages. The introduction of internet and personal computers solely was a major leap for humanity. However, the introduction of personal mobile comptuer devices that we call smartphones and carry all around with us every time are the real life-changers. The smartphone has changed our lifestyles by far the most. We can’t imagine our lives without a smartphone, and don’t forget about the mini panic attacks that we have when we can’t find them in our pockets. 

cyber bully

Smartphones are generally not evil, its some humans that misuse them. Either they use the technology to commit fraud, or to bully others. Anyway, its up to us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from these evil acts. We can do so by making use of the same technology. A parental control application can be very helpful for worrying parents. 

A parental control app as the name suggests, allows parents to control the child’s exposure and access to malicious and graphic media. You can also use parental apps to track your child and their online activities. Furthermore, you can set their allowed screen time. Let’s dig further in by looking at the best parental control apps available in 2020.

The Top 5 parental control apps you can get in 2020

These are our top 5 picks from a wide array of available options to track and monitor your kids’ online activities and track their digital footprint.

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The mSpy parental control app allows you to make sure that your kid is safe while surfing the web. You can use mSpy to track messaging apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Tinder. You can also keep track of their physical location via GPS. Also, you can check up and read their call logs, text messages, and media messages to make sure they are not a victim of cyberbullying. mSpy is available on both iOS and Android.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is also a great option. It offers an amazing web-filtering technology that will filter out the graphic material from your child’s search results. The design is also user friendly and it is compatible with iOS and Android. You can track your child’s location, set allowed time, and see their history. Though you cannot use Net Nanny to monitor calls and text messages.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

The Kaspersky Safe Kids is a multiplatform parental control app. You can get Kaspersky on your PC, Mac, and on iOS and Android devices. This is also very cheap as compared to the competition and there are lots of free features too. You can use this app to create geofences, monitor the web activity, schedule device time, and monitor calls and texts.


Just like Kaspersky, Qustodio is also a multiplatform monitoring app. Although, it is more expensive than other options. It works well on PCs, Macs, Android, iOS, and even on Amazon Fire tablets. The salient features include a family location option that will show where all the members are right now. 

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Norton Family Premier

Norton Family premier is the best for households with Androids and PCs. It has a wide set of features and can connect unlimited devices. It works on iOS as well but the app doesn’t offer much options there.