Complete Guide to Promote Green Living with SEO

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Our world is changing so fast, and not always in a good way. There are so many challenges humankind has to face these days. The most terrifying ones are climate changes. Temperatures are rising, droughts and wildfires are happening more frequently. It’s not a secret that human activity is the main cause of such awful climate changes. 

Although the issue of environmental protection is of prime importance these days, there is still a lack of effective methods and tools to communicate the necessity to take care of the environment to a wide range of users. The combination of promising SEO technologies or digital marketing with the promotion of green living seems to be an ideal solution. Below you find a comprehensive guide on how to promote green living with SEO. This information will be useful for both eco-activists and digital marketing specialists.

Reasons to Apply SEO when Promoting Green Living 

It’s clear that traditional methods of promoting green living principles do not work. Yet, it’s still important to grab the attention of people to this problem. You can visit website homepage to get to know how to make Google rank green living posts higher. If you do not know the answer to the question “What is digital marketing and how the fundamentals of eco-friendliness can benefit from it?”, you should consider the following information:

  • Digital marketing technologies are able to cover a wide range of people.

The main goal of any marketing campaign is to attract as many new customers as possible. And if a couple of decades ago the television was an indisputable leader of the promotions, today the situation has changed. The thing is the internet is altering the definition of television.    

  • Many powerful tools are available online.

Nowadays it’s not obligatory to buy extra expensive equipment to create attractive brochures. It’s possible to do everything online.  

  • It’s possible to grab the attention of people from all over the globe.

The next significant advantage and distinguishing trait of digital marketing are that it may reach people from any corner of the world. With relatively low costs, it’s possible to cover a wide target audience.         

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Careful Data Analysis 

The first step to take before you start writing posts or making movies on eco-thematic topics is to gather, analyze, and process all the needed information on the issue. It’s necessary to create relevant and effective material that is able to persuade humans to be more aware of environmental pollution.   

Defining the Target Groups

It’s not a secret that Facebook and Instagram have two absolutely different audiences. The strategy that works on FB may be absolutely useless on YouTube or Instagram. Moreover, it’s necessary to define the age, gender, and interests of users. Knowing this information, it becomes easier to communicate with people and persuade them to order goods or services.

When it comes to business owners, it goes without saying that environmental marketing should be used by those entrepreneurs who produce green living products or provide eco-friendly services.       


Yet, when creating a story for various brands it’s necessary to keep in mind such SEO factors as keywords, optimized content, real business information, and social signals. Storytelling is able to rise such characteristics as organic impressions, clicks, and CTR. It’s a good idea to categorize content on your platform and assign specific metrics and goals for your customers.   


Sustainable marketing is impossible without effective backlinks. They do not require additional effort or more publications. It’s only necessary to place proper links in the texts and enjoy awesome organic traffic. Although it’s not an easy task to use relevant blog backlinks, they are a powerful tool to generate leads and strengthen the recognisability of the brand.

There are several types of backlinks you should know about:

  • guest blogging;
  • editorial;
  • relationship-based; 
  • comment backlinks;
  • badge;
  • acknowledgment; 
  • press release;
  • free tool ones. 

It’s necessary to define which variant is more appropriate for the very your brand. It should be highlighted once more time that all the links should be relevant. If you just place an anchor in the text without considering the content, it may lead to catastrophic results.   

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly, cost-effective, and popular methods to convey information about products and services. It’s necessary to keep email content fresh and gripping. The best way to do this is to implement video or interactive elements. You have to avoid generic, confusing, misleading, or over-the-top subject lines. Emails should be created in the so-called sustainability style. It implies the use of green colors and plain design.  

Social Media Advertising

Although there are eternal disputes about the pros and cons of social media networks, they have one significant advantage. They are able to skyrocket the popularity of your brand. Yet, it’s necessary to choose a platform for advertising carefully. When it comes to business, LinkedIn is one of the most winning solutions. Yet, if your goal is to appeal to the younger generation and find fans among teenagers, it’s better to choose Instagram or TikTok.     


All the texts should be written in accordance with SEO basics. The posts should be engaging, interesting, and useful. All the articles have to be structured. It goes without saying that there should be no mistakes in the texts. The right guest posting promotion is able to replace the necessity to publish posts on the official sources of information. Nowadays it’s more effective and profitable to cooperate with popular bloggers and influencers.

There are some elements of traditional marketing campaigns you have to get rid of. Thus, it’s not a good idea to use various printables, balloons, or paper newsletters to promote sustainability. The thing is such materials like paper or rubber are not eco-friendly. If it’s impossible to cope without branded souvenirs, it’s better to choose samples made from recyclable or renewable materials.        

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that it’s a really cool idea to promote green or sustainable living with the help of SEO techniques or tools. Digital marketing allows reaching a wider group of population.