Top 8 Health Hacks to Live By

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It is easy to take good health for granted at times, and it is during those moments that disaster tends to strike. If you have been healthy for a long time, it is vital that you crack the secret behind that so that you can continue repeating that success recipe. Whoever coined the term “Health is Wealth” knew what they were talking about. 

To ensure your good health charms never run out of juice, here are some simple health hacks you can turn to to make that run indefinite.


Enough has been said about the importance of hydration, and still, a majority of people do not drink water as they should be. It is not an accident that the human body is 70% water; that is how it can be able to function. Denying yourself water only opens you up to avoidable complications that can quickly turn your life upside down. Some prefer their water flavored, but if you think about it, there is nothing that beats the taste of a cold glass of water.




You don’t have to be overweight for you to start hitting the jogging path; fitness is bigger than that. It goes beyond the simple act of trimming down the body. Proper exercise boosts your immunity, makes your muscles strong, and reduces the risks of incurring physical injuries. Exercise works your muscles nicely, making use of all the calories you wolfed for lunch, turning them into the good old glucose, the energy your body needs to function. 

Never underestimate the power of a good jog.

Eat Well

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There is eating, and then there is dieting, they may sound like sisters, but they have different mothers. Eating will satisfy the urgent need to pacify hunger, while dieting is for ensuring that you eat the proper way and the proper things. There is so much the body can take, and not everything you consume is good. Proper dieting sets that distinction apart by splitting the food your body needs from the unnecessary junk that does not serve any purpose.

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At the same time, do not overindulge dieting too much. It is okay to gorge yourself on that bucket of chicken wings once in a while; there is no crime in surprising your palette out of the blue.

Embrace Technology

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Health has gone digital, and you have no excuse for living like a caveman. It’s always a good idea to be two steps ahead of health surprises, and the best way to do this is to invest in the many gadgets that can keep track of your heart rate, breathing, high blood pressure, and a host of other complications. Get yourself a smartwatch to improve your sleep or a blood pressure monitor to keep your hypertension in check. They are cheap and easy to operate gadgets that will add more value to your life.

Sleep Well


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We live in a busy world where work is a priority. We slave for 10 hours a day, six days a week, even more for most, all for the reward of having something little in our bank accounts at the end of it all. It is the system we live in, and we cannot change it. However, we can change how we spend the little time we have leftover, and that is getting enough sleep.

The recommended sleep duration is 8hrs, but if you can afford to squeeze in some more hours, then take advantage of that. The body needs to rest and heal.

Get intimate regularly


The hush-hush approach that the intimacy topic gets in most societies has blocked many people from fully reaping the benefits of having good regular intimacy, and the list is endless. Good intimacy will give your body the kind of workout a 10km jog cannot grant you. Some of the benefits of good healthy sex include lowering blood pressure, improves your heart, improves your sleep, reduces stress, and a host of other amazing rewards. There is countless scientific research to back this all up.

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Do not starve Yourself

As obesity stats keep hitting new highs every year, there is a new problem that has been eating away at society, self-starvation in the hopes of reducing weight. It may work in some cases, but the side effects are not healthy at all. There are many proven and safe ways of losing weight that is better than starvation and using suspicious slimming teas. 

Lack of proper nutrition will have you losing the wrong things like hair, your health, energy, and worse, your mental health.

There is no short or easy way to lose weight; you have to do the hard work with the utmost commitment.

Avoid Alcohol

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The consumption of alcohol should have limits. Your body can only process a certain amount of it; if you surpass those limits, then you will be moving into a tricky area. A little alcohol that is well spaced out with proper meals does not hurt, but it should not turn into an obsession. Alcohol has no health benefits in the body, and if you can avoid it completely, the better for you.


Being healthy is a privilege; staying healthy is work. Your well-being should be your number one priority. So make it a habit to take care of yourself by watching what you eat and drink. It is the little things that can make or break you.