ThermoPro: One Great Kitchen Timer

thermopro kitchen timer

If you’re looking for a kitchen timer that does exactly what it’s supposed to really well then the Thermopro large-screen digital timer is exactly what you’re looking for.  I decided that using my cell phone for a kitchen timer just wasn’t going to work anymore. Besides making it messy the buttons never work that well…

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Dishwasher Microwavable Blender bottles Unexpected

blender cup

I actually had fun writing this post about blender bottles who knew that this could be such a fun topic to write about.  I guess you’ll have to actually read it and see what I’m talking about. if you’re just looking for a recommendation on a good Shaker or blender bottle then scroll done half…

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The Advantage of Cooking With Induction

The ever growing popularity of induction cooking is caused, on the one hand, by their high functionality, cooking speed, and energy saving. On the other hand, however, their minimalist and modern design draw attention as well. Sometimes the advantages of having induction stoves arise from more pragmatic assumptions than design. The choice is exceedingly often…

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