The Advantage of Cooking With Induction

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The ever growing popularity of induction cooking is caused, on the one hand, by their high functionality, cooking speed, and energy saving. On the other hand, however, their minimalist and modern design draw attention as well.

Sometimes the advantages of having induction stoves arise from more pragmatic assumptions than design. The choice is exceedingly often dictated by the construction conditions of emerging apartments. In many of those, there is no gas supply, so induction hobs prove to be an excellent solution to this situation.

There are plenty of advantages of cooking with induction, as you will see in the following part of that article.


You can cook faster

Induction hobs are cooking faster than traditional ones due to the phenomenon of magnetic induction. Here is what this is all about. Cooking on the induction cooktop is based on its contact with the pan, and generating an electromagnetic field that only affects the bottom of the pot or roasting pan. Thanks to that, energy is not wasted, and all of it is used for cooking. This process can reduce cooking time by up to 30%.

Heats pots very quickly, which will enable you to save time spent in the kitchen and will let you enjoy your meal with the loved ones. It is crucial to choose the best induction cooktop there is, as it is going to be a device that should serve you for years. 

Energy efficient

When something heats up quickly, we can assume that it consumes much less energy than traditional devices, and that’s correct. The induction cooking cooktop is considered to be the most efficient cooking device. Studies have shown that thanks to induction technology, even 90% of the energy consumed directly heats the food in the dishes. It is worth noting that for gas cookers, the amount of energy transferred to the pan reaches only 40%. The rest of it is uselessly spreading around the room, which means a lot of energy loss, especially if we think about all of the dinners prepared throughout the whole month, then the year, etc.

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Buying an induction cooker turns out to be a very profitable move. It allows us to save money on electricity bills thanks to its energy-saving potential.

Saving energy at home is not only a positive effect on the contents of our wallet but can also be a considerable benefit for the planet. Owners of induction stoves should remember to adjust the size of the pots to the heating surface.  The stove is recognizing the size of the dishes and is providing as much heat as is needed.  Covering the pots with a lid will allow you to speed up cooking and, as a result, reduce energy consumption.


Easy and safe to use

Convenience and safety are genuinely essential aspects for everyone. Especially those of you who have children often hosting in a kitchen, are often worried about their sudden movements that can result in burns. As it was mentioned, the hotplate recognizes the cookware and heats it directly through the phenomenon of induction. The conversion of electricity into heat occurs in the bottom of the pot, not in the oven, so after removing the pot, the surface of the hob is cold or warm (but not hot). Thus, the risk of burns is extremely decreased.

As the cooktop doesn’t heat up itself and hence it is pretty easy to clean. Heating up of traditional gas hobs to high temperatures, unfortunately, results in food burning to the surface - which can be every cook’s real nightmare! Each of us loves bustling in the kitchen with enthusiasm, but cleaning is not nearly as exciting for everyone. And all you need to do in order to clean the induction cooktop is to wipe it with a damp sponge. Also, the smooth surface of the cookpot, without burners sticking out, helps to keep it clean.

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Installing an induction cooktop doesn’t require having our kitchen already set up for such assembly. As cooking on gas seems to be very popular, it, unfortunately, requires regular inspections to prevent leakage. Considering an induction stove is simply an easy and rewarding step on the way to equip your kitchen.



Cooking with induction is a convenient and intelligent solution that will serve for years and in addition, will have a good impact on our planet. Induction hobs are energy efficient, easy to keep clean, and also very stylish. The simple, minimalist design makes them fit well into modern kitchens.

They are known for their fast and intuitive cooking because after placing the pot, the hob detects the size of its base and heats up this place only. They win with traditional gas and electric stoves in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

Induction hobs are both practical and efficient which made them very popular. Their high functionality undoubtedly attracts cooking enthusiasts who value speed and accuracy in the kitchen. There are many reasons why they may become more and more popular.