Effective Ways to Improve Product Packaging

product packaging

Do you know what purpose the package around your product has? While holding the product is the obvious answer, there is something else. It should look good. The better designed your product packaging is, the more consumers will want to buy it. Think about it, if something is visually appealing, you are drawn to it,…

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Shopping Preferences  of Men and Women


If you have read the hugely famous and popular book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” then you know what the author, John Gray has said about the differences between men and women. According to him, men and women have a lot of differences whether we talk about their perspectives, their motivations, or…

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Mistakes Women Make When Buying Shoes

women shoes

Shopping is a beloved past time for most women, no matter how young or old. Whether there is a new brand to try old or your favorite store is having an amazing sale, you know you will drop everything to go shopping for a few hours. For women, and men too, shopping is more than…

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