Mistakes Women Make When Buying Shoes

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Shopping is a beloved past time for most women, no matter how young or old. Whether there is a new brand to try old or your favorite store is having an amazing sale, you know you will drop everything to go shopping for a few hours. For women, and men too, shopping is more than just a means of obtaining an item or two. It can be addictive, the thrill of buying something you know will look good on you and make you feel confident in your looks. Shopping is very therapeutic, especially those who lead hectic and high power lives. And shopping for new shoes is definitely the best of all, as there is so much to choose from!

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The kind of shoes you buy will thus establish what you wear on a daily basis. While there are many shopping options for women’s shoes online, finding what is right for you is not all that easy.

There are many mistakes that women tend to make when they go into a shoe store, and these will come back to haunt them. What are these mistakes and how can they be avoided for future reference?

The Rules of Shoes in Fashion

Although there are so many fashion ‘rules’ and trends that one needs to follow, there is no need to stress over it. The entire shoe buying process is overwhelming in itself without additional regulations coming in. You have to consider your size, style preference, frequency of use and what makes you feel truly comfortable when you buy shoes. All of this is part of the necessary concerns since you are trying to look good while adhering to a budget and practicality. It can be easy to fall prey to common mistakes without realizing it but that does not mean you cannot take steps to avoid them.

So, whether you are taking a trip to the mall or are on your laptop doing some online browsing, here is what you need to know about buying shoes:

  1. Know your size
  2. Understand the coloring and design
  3.  Remember to check if there are any sales
  4. Allow yourself to splurge only if you get a good deal
  5. Make sure that you are choosing comfort as well as style
  6. Try to understand and deal with a set budget
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Shoe Buying Mistakes for Women and How to Avoid Them

Everyone knows the feeling of rushing online or to the store on the last day of a sale in an attempt to get something great. In our rush and frenzy, we forget that the choices we make have consequences. Therefore, even in a hurry, the shoes you eventually buy need to be the right for you. Even with impulse buys, you should not regret it. So, here are a few mistakes that you should go out of your way to avoid:


‘Maybe This Will Fit Later’

How often have we seen an item, though it was stunning, and then bought it even if it wasn’t in our size? This is mostly done with clothes as we hope losing weight will make a top fit. But shoes are trickier as your feet cannot automatically lose or gain a few pounds. So when you try on shoes and they feel a little off, trust your gut. You need to get the right size otherwise the shoes will sit in your closet gathering dust for years before you give them away.

Try to Go for Comfort

If you have fallen in love with a pair of shoes and they are not comfortable at all, chances are you will still buy them. This is a huge mistake on our part because no matter how good the shoes look on you, if they cause pain or are discomforting you, then they are not worth it. This can be harmful to your feet in the long run so make sure to go for comfort before you go for style.

Have an Evolved Sense of Style

You do not always have to go for what is popular or what is on-trend. Instead, you need to know that style evolves according to what you do and what you like. Therefore, when you are shopping for shoes, it is a bad idea to buy something popular even if you do not like it. Do not get caught up in the promotional aspect and instead get something you will love to wear every day.

Consult a Professional

Believe it or not, the sales attendants at the shoe store actually know things you don’t. Thus, you should not be too proud to ask them for their opinion or consult them on the matter for a purchase with your checklist. They will not only help you try different shoes on in your sizing but also give you many options similar to the ones you pick out. Even if you are overwhelmed, a professional can give you the right selection from which you can easily pick and choose.

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Shop at the Right Time of Day

It is possible that if you go shopping at the end of the day after you have spent nine hours at work, you are likely to make bad decisions. It is always a good idea to shop in the middle of the day when you are lightly active and yet not too sleepy like in the morning. So allow yourself the right timing to find the best kinds of shoes for your body.

Pay More Attention to Details

There are many issues that can arise after you buy a pair of shoes and you look at it more closely. Even though you may have liked the pair in the store, at home it is not exactly what you were going for. Now, you can’t return it and you don’t even like it. This wastes money and shows poor judgment on your part, therefore you should go out of your way to check out the details of the design before spending your money.


As you can see from the points given above, there are many mistakes women make during a shoe shopping spree. Form getting the wrong size to going beyond your comfort zone, there are many things to consider in the purchasing process. Therefore, it is wise to take your time and look through many options before begetting the right pair for you. Whether we want to admit it or not, shoes matter a lot in our daily lives. This is because they are not just mere accessories but they also act as a fashion statement. Your shoes tell the other person about your individuality, whether you go for comfort, style or design even.