The Best Urinary Health Supplements

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Urinary tract problems affect millions of Americans, with more than 10 million doctor visits a year stemming from urinary tract infections. They result in more than 100,000 hospital admissions annually and are the second-highest cause of bacterial infection in humans.


Fact: Women Have More UTIs Than Men

Women are more susceptible to UTIs,  with one in five experiencing a urinary tract infection at least once in their lifetime. Those who have one or more urinary tract infections will likely have another, according to statistics. 

As many as 80% of those who have had three UTIs will continue to have more infections. Men can also get infections and can suffer from pain from them.

Contrary to popular belief, UTIs aren't limited to the urinary tract. A UTI can include kidneys, bladder, and urinary tracts. It is caused by bacteria entering the urinary tract and reproducing. A UTI can be painful, causing swelling and stinging while urinating.


Treatment for UTIs

These infections are typically treated with antibiotics, but there are strains that are drug-resistant. Also, there is a danger of bacteria becoming drug-resistant if you continue to take antibiotics after repeated infections.

Symptoms can be painful as well as aggravating. Continued antibiotics, doctor's appointments, and hospital trips can be expensive and keep you from work or your daily life.

Symptoms of a UTI include:


  • Pain during urination
  • A strong urge to urinate even if you just went to the bathroom or a need to go more often than normal with not much urine coming out each time
  • Strong smelling urine or urine that looks cloudy, milky, or reddish
  • Lower belly pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Pain in lower back
  • Fever


UTI Prevention

Urinary problems can be avoided with both changes in lifestyle and good supplements to keep everything flowing smoothly.

One way to keep your urinary system running well is to keep it flushed. Doctors say it is important to drink lots of water to accomplish this. The average person should be drinking a half-gallon, or eight 8-ounce glasses, of water daily.

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Using supplements like Uqora Target can also help flush out your urinary tract. This can be helpful for those who are prone to getting urinary tract infections but is available for all to use as a preventive measure. It is particularly helpful for those who are sexually active.

All you do is mix one packet in eight to 12 ounces of water. Target flushes your urinary tract gently while giving your immune system support from your urinary system. 

This product, which has a pink lemonade flavor, can be consumed anytime but many find it works well to drink after having sex. It is safe to drink daily as often as you feel you need.


Stopping Biofilm

Sometimes your bladder doesn't function properly. That could be because biofilm could be built up in it. This biofilm is produced by bacteria that invade the bladder and create colonies. It can build up and cause repeated UTIs.

After growing the colony, a covering of uroplakin develops. Its job is to protect the biofilm similar to an eggshell protecting the yolk. This biofilm blocks immune-system defenses and medicines from getting to the bacteria. The bacteria then leave the biofilm and go to create a urinary tract infection. 

One supplement for biofilm problems is Uqora Control. It comes in a daily capsule that helps clean your bladder. This product has ingredients that are proven in preliminary laboratory research to clean biofilm from your bladder.

Other problems like physical pressure on the bladder, as in pregnancy, holding your bladder and hormonal changes can also cause problems with your bladder. This can account for more urinary problems after childbirth menopause. While sex and poor hygiene are generally linked to UTIs, doctors are now considering genetics, biofilm, and other factors as other causes.


Helping Good Bacteria

Women may not know this, but certain bacteria in your vagina actually help you. Two strains called Lactobacillus Reuteri and Lactobacillus Rhamnosus are natural in a healthy vagina. They help you because they release certain acids that maintain balance in probiotics.

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This is a different process from bacteria that help with digestion in the stomach. Vaginal probiotics play an important role in women's health because it helps maintain urinary function.

Uqora Promote was created to balance your vaginal microbiome or the good bacteria in your vagina. This is a good product for those not currently on a vaginal probiotic. Promote provides these good bacteria to your vagina, which results in a maintained balance.

You can take this vaginal probiotic along with any digestive probiotic you may be taking.


Lifestyle Changes

Those who face ongoing urinary tract infections or who want support for their urinary tract should consider supplements like these to boost their system. Supplements aren't a cure-all, though, and doctors say that making some simple changes in your lifestyle will also help get you on the right track for urinary balance and relief.

Some of the lifestyle changes you may want to consider include:


  • Drinking cranberry juice
  • Don't hold your bladder, go to the bathroom when you feel you need to go
  • Clean the genital area daily and always wash it before and after having sex
  • Go to the bathroom to empty your bladder completely before going to bed 
  • Go to the bathroom and empty your bladder first thing in the morning
  • Drink vegetable juices like celery juice to help with digestion and for overall health benefits


Between making positive lifestyle changes like these and taking UTI-prevention supplements, you can drastically reduce your chances of getting a UTI. Just be sure to use reputable, well-reviews supplements like Uqora Target, Control, and Promote. It’s also a good idea to take a daily multivitamin for better overall health. 

Whether you implement a lot of lifestyle changes or a few, taking a supplement can add to your health regimen to improve your urinary tract health. It is up to you to take charge of your health, but you have many options than ever to have more control over your bladder.