The best mobility chair for seniors

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The Zoomer Chair offers a simple, user-friendly, and safe option for people who require some help to move around while taking care of their day to day responsibilities. It provides independence and freedom when you need to go anywhere, so you do not have to rely on others to get you from one place to the other. 

zoomer chair

Key Features of the Zoomer Chair

Operates well indoors and outdoors

You can use the Zoomer Chair at any location across different terrains like dirt, grass, and carpet. It is ideal for ideal navigating through different rooms in the house, the yard, and also going out to various outdoor locations like the shopping mall.


The Zoomer Chair will fit through any doorway with a minimum width of 27 inches without having to fold it, which is far less clearance than a traditional wheelchair requires. Since business buildings must comply with ADA rules that require doors to be at least 32 inches wide, the Zoomer will not have problems getting through many restaurants, malls, and other buildings.

Fits easily under desks and tables

It can be frustrating when your wheelchair doesn’t fit under tables and chairs in different areas, be it your office desk at home, place of work, or favorite restaurant. Fortunately, the Zoomer Chair eliminates this frustration thanks to its maximum height of 25.5 inches. 


You can easily pull the Zoomer Chair under a table or desk like any other chair. Although it may not fit under all the tables and desks, you can use it on standard ones with heights of between 28 and 30 inches.


Whether you are going on a business trip or looking to unwind through a vacation, you can bring the Zoomer Chair with you to ensure that you navigate the airport and public transit with ease. You only need to plan and make sure you follow the airport’s necessary regulations for smooth air travel.


Most airlines will check in your Zoomer Chair as free luggage, though you’ll need to keep the battery with you during the flight. Ensure that you make inquiries of the procedures for carrying a mobility device that is powered by a battery beforehand.

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Additionally, inform the airline of your plans to transport a lithium-Ion battery so they can notify the pilot of its presence in the plane. You must also divulge the location of the battery to the flight before take-off. Depending on the procedures of individual airlines, you may have to tape over the openings of the battery’s power terminals.

Easy to drive and steer

Driving the Zoomer Chair couldn’t be easier thanks to its user-friendly control system. Simply push down both levers to move, and up when you need to stop. 

wheel chair


The chair has three settings for speed and also one for reverse so you can adjust between different speed rates as per your preference. The swing-away footplate provides driving comfort and straightforward entry and exit.


The speed settings range between slow for indoor use up to speeds of 6 mph when navigating outdoors. The buttons that control speed, power, and reverse have matching indicators, which makes the Zoomer Chair easy to steer. It is easier to drive through dry and level terrain, and the chair is also unfettered by grass or potholes under 2 inches.

Innovative design

The Zoomer Chair’s design offers proper functionality without compromising comfort. Weighing less than 52 pounds, it is lightweight and portable so you can move it from one location to the other effortlessly. It has a silver anodized, nylon composite frame and 6061 aluminum, and is equipped with a joystick steering system.


The chair’s front and rear wheels stand at 8- and 10-inches tall, respectively, and the anti-tip wheels are 2 inches solid. It has a small but powerful motor that helps the chair achieve a maximum speed of 3.7 miles/ hour through different terrains and also obtain a maximum of 10-degree incline. If you wish to carry the chair at the back seat of your car or trunk, all you need to do is fold it by pulling release cable.


The seat is made of a honeycomb mesh substance that is breathable, so you remain comfortable and relaxed even if you choose to go on long rides or sit in the chair for prolonged periods. Although it comes with a fixed footplate, it can fit individuals of various shapes and sizes. You cannot adjust the backrest, but you can use a cushion to achieve better comfort.

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The Zoomer Chair has a turning radius of 29 inches and is powered by a brushless DC 24V, 200Wx2 motor to make sure you reach your desired destination. When folded, it is 46 inches long x 25 inches wide x 12 inches high. Unfolded, its dimensions are 34 inches long by 25 inches wide by 35 inches tall.


The Zoomer Chair has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. Users weighing close to the maximum weight capacity may find challenges when moving through a thick carpet at low speeds. The solution to the problem is to increase the speed.

Battery capacity

The battery in the Zoomer Chair is a 24V lithium-Ion battery. It also has an automatic 24V and 2Amp charger with an input voltage of 100 to 240. It takes about 4 hours to full charge, and it will serve you for up to 8 miles, although it can be less depending on factors like weight and speed.


The battery indicator displays the percentage of charge, so you will know when you need to charge it. However, it is unlikely to run out of charge in a single day. 


Depending on the level of care, usage, and conditions, you can use the battery for many years without replacing it. You can comfortably charge the battery in a foreign country using the 220V or 110V, but make sure you have a plug convertor.

Is the Zoomer Chair suitable for you?

Different people use the Zoomer Chair for various reasons. It may not be ideal for individuals who are confined to a sitting all day, as the chair requires you to have the ability to move in and out of it. It is, however, suitable for people with one functioning hand because the chair is controlled using one hand.


Since the Zoomer Chair is pre-assembled in the box, it eliminates the struggle of assembling it. Furthermore, you can easily find accessories for it to improve your experience.