The Best Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality in a Commercial Building

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Improving indoor air quality is very important since people spend 80% of their time indoors on average. Indoor air is a great risk for our health but we don’t take this seriously. But as a commercial building owner, you should keep your employees healthy and safe as well since your employees are your asset. 

Indoor air can be the cause of allergens or mold which is not good for our health. And poor air quality leads to itchy eyes, headaches, asthma, sinus issues, and other health issues. So every office should ensure good air quality. 

When the indoor air quality is good, your employees also will feel comfortable and healthier as well, besides this will improve the productivity of good work. 

Here are some tips on how you can maintain the quality of the air pollution in your office, keep on reading and follow the tips.


10 Tips On How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in a Commercial Building


  1. Provide Proper Ventilation 

Check the ventilation system in your office since good ventilation is very important to circulate the indoor air. The indoor air cannot go outside without adequate ventilation. The ventilation makes sure airflow in the room and this helps get rid of any kind of bad or unwanted smells.  

Plus the proper ventilation help protect the health of your employees and this helps reduce temperatures as well. Don’t deny the proper ventilation system in your commercial building. If you need, take the help of an expert, they will help to improve the ventilation including the air quality.


  1. Maintain the Indoor Humidity 

The humidity and temperature have a great effect on the comfort level while you or the employees work. The work productivity will be reduced while your office is too hot, wet, or cold. 

And humidity leads to mass production of mold or mildew so this is very important to keep the humidity and temperature at a comfortable level so that this helps to boost the productivity of your employees. Furthermore, this will also improve indoor air quality.


  1. Use a commercial air scrubbers

The air scrubber is another thing that you can use in your commercial building to keep the indoor air clean. Usually, a commercial air scrubber is a portable filtration system that helps to remove chemicals, particles, or dirt from the air area you installed the air scrubber.  

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Indoor air quality is extremely important and a commercial air scrubber is very essential for a commercial building. Since this can clean the air, make the air fresh plus helps purifying the air. 

This works as a protector for your building. You should consider using a commercial air scrubber in your building. 


  1. Replace the air filters 

Make sure you give a regular clean to the air filters in your office. Generally, the air filters defense the poor air quality and this is one of the best ways to keep the indoor air clean. But with time, air filters become full of dirt. 

And industrial air filters should replace frequently compared to the home air filters. When the air filter is dirty, this will create your office environment dirtier since this recycles dust. 

Therefore, check the air filters and if need then replaces the filter with a new one and get better indoor air in your office. Besides replacing the air filters is the quickest way to boosting the indoor air quality. 


  1. Keep Your Office Clean 

Clean your office regularly as this removes the potential contaminants and dirt. Usually, the surface of a building gathers dust or bacteria since a building use regularly. Regular cleaning will create a fresh work environment. 

You can vacuum clean your office or mop the floor, clean the desk regularly. 


  1. Reduce Indoor Pollutants

There are different ways that pollutants the air in your building. Do those things that will reduce air pollution at your office. And prevention is the key to keep the air quality better. 

Improper cleaning or poor maintenance can lead to air pollution that’s why regular cleaning is the best way. Also, make an outdoor smoking zone at the building plus keep the machinery outside that hinders the ventilation system. 


  1. Install an air purifier

Usually, the air filters do an excellent job of filtering as they are equipped with HEPA filters. Air purifiers catch the dirt and help the office reduce viruses, bacteria, allergens, chemicals as well. 

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Many bacteria are the causes of dizziness, headaches, or other symptoms that make a person sick. Air filters can protect the building or space properly. 


  1. Duct Cleaning 

Duct cleaning is a great way that improves the air quality in a building. Give a commercial building duct clean once or twice a year and this will remove all the dust, debris, or dirt from the building, also, this will effectively improve the air quality.


  1. Use IAQ sensors

What are you doing to protect your office building? A smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are also very important that detect any issues in the air quality in your office and this two will help clean the indoor air, you know this, right? 

We are talking about the IAQ sensor which is Indoor Air Quality when you elaborate this. The IAQ measures any volatile compound including nitrogen dioxide, ozone in the air.

The IAQ system is integrated into the HVAC system in the building that alerts the system so that you can improve the ventilation system. If your building doesn’t have this sensor, then install this as soon as possible.


  1. Add Some Indoor Plants 

Plants work as natural air purifiers since they absorb toxins and produce oxygen. Consider adding some indoor plants to your building. Instead of using air fresheners, use some natural plants. 

There are many plants are available that you can use any commercial buildings, such as – spider plants, garden mum, or dracaena. Choose the plants you like, also, make sure to take proper care of the plants as well. 



Improving indoor air quality is very important – this makes your employees feel healthy and comfortable. Most importantly, when the air quality is good the employers will feel more productive. 


So pay attention to improve the indoor air quality in a commercial building and follow the above-mentioned tips.