How to Choose from a List of Properties for Rent

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Choosing from a list of properties for rent can be daunting. There are residential towers that you can live in, cities that you can see, and rural areas that might be appealing to you. Then there’s the price of the unit, the size of the unit, and any individual needs that you might have. 

Navigating all this can be very confusing. Fortunately, there is a process that you can go through to eliminate some properties for rent off the list. If you follow our method, you can trim the number of potential properties for rent down from tens of thousands to a mere handful.

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Choose Your Country

The first step before doing anything else is to choose what country you want to live in. While this may seem obvious, if you are relocating for a job, you might have to go to another country. Choosing the country that you want to live in will shrink the number of real estate portals, real estate broker websites, and any other websites or phone calls you will have to make in order to choose from your list of properties for rent. Therefore, this is the number one step.

Choose Your City

The next important step is to choose what city you want to live in. “You can check out moving statistics to help you decide where to move.” This is trickier. If you have a job in a big city, do you want to live in the city, or live in the suburbs and take a train and commute to work? Perhaps you are looking to retire and don’t want a city at all but want to live in the suburbs away from the noise. Choosing your city, like looking at the apartments for rent in Humble, or other location will cut the number of properties for rent from tens of thousands to thousands. It will also cut down on the number of websites that you must look at.

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Set Your Budget

First off using a lawyer who can assist with the commercial lease might be the right choice for you. It all depends on your situation. Then, set your budget. We advise that you set a budget with $300 of leeway built-in. This is because you want to choose a budget range that has flexibility in case you cannot match the rent exactly. By setting your budget, you will cut the number of websites, phone calls, and properties for rent down. Your list of properties for rent in dubai should now be in the hundreds instead of the thousands.

You can repeat the process of setting the budget. In fact, we recommend that you keep shrinking the maximum budget until you no longer get any properties listed. This will show you the minimum amount of money that you should be prepared to pay in rent.

Choose Your Structure

After that, choose the residential structure that you will live in. In some countries, such as the United States, you are only going to be able to choose from a house for rent or an apartment within a building, usually with a restaurant underneath your building. 

However, in other countries, you might be able to rent a room in a residential tower. A residential tower spirals high into the sky. In fact, the world’s tallest tower is the Burj Khalifa, and that tower does have apartments for rent. Residential towers are not recommended for people who have a fear of heights, however. 

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After completing this step, you should have narrowed down the websites and phone calls to make to a mere handful of brokers and real estate portals. You should also have roughly one hundred apartments to choose from.

Choose Your Dimensions

The last step is to choose the dimensions of the apartment. You may need over a thousand square feet if you are looking to a property for rent like a three-bedroom apartment or may need very small dimensions if you are looking to rent a one-bedroom apartment or studio apartment for rent.

Once you have narrowed down the dimensions, you should have under fifty properties for rent from which to choose from, and only a handful of real estate portals and real estate brokers to call.


If you use our criteria of country, city, budget, structure, and dimensions, you can very easily simplify the list of properties for rent with no problem at all. Your next step should be to visit the remaining properties for rent on your list and, should you find the one you want, sign the lease. Remember to never rent an apartment sight unseen. We wish you luck as you look at the remaining properties for rent on your list.