What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water?

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For most people, when they hear about installing filtered water for their home, all they can think about is that it’s unnecessary and expensive since tap works well for them. 

The biggest thing you need to consider when choosing filtered drinking water is your health. 

By removing all impurities from the water, filtered water can help prevent exposure to chemicals and heavy metals, possibly preventing certain diseases. 

Thank you to Culligan Water of Greater Kansas City for providing this list of helpful reasons of why we should be using water filters.

filtered water

  • Eliminates Tap Water Odor 

This is a common issue in many areas. It can be from sulfur in your water (smells like rotten eggs), chemicals, metals and even certain minerals can put out different odors. It’s also possible to smell chlorine if your water is coming from a treatment center.

This is because tap water is treated with a range of chemicals, exposing it to heavy metals as it goes through your kitchen tube. Not only can tap water give off an unpleasant smell, but it can also give a taste that can be unbearable for some.  

Filtered water filters out those chemicals, helping remove the scent and the taste of your ordinary tap water. This provides a better, safer, more enjoyable drinking experience. Fortunately, there are many companies that help provide your home with overall filtered water that allows you to have healthy water for drinking or even for bathing. Keep in mind different filters will have different filtering capabilities. 

  • Filter out Bacteria, Tape worms, and Viruses
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As mentioned above, drinking purified water is also a great way to avoid diseases. One of the diseases you should avoid is tapeworms

Tapeworms can live inside tap water and feed off the proteins and nutrients in your water. They can infect you with serious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, and cholera. Parasites and bacteria have been found in many wells and various city water treatment areas.

  • Enjoy Tastier Meals 

Filtered water has several benefits, which is why more people are turning to it to have better health. For example, using filtered water leads to the preservation of the natural flavor of your foods. Some claim the best coffee, beer, and foods come from using clean water. 

Thus, by drinking filtered water, you’ll notice the richness of the flavor in your food, like fruits and vegetables.

Aside from cooking meals, the use of filtered water helps improve the taste of smoothie, tea, and coffee. Since the chemicals and toxins have been filtered out, you’ll be able to enjoy your drink a lot more. 

  • Reduce Plastic Footprint 

When you’re not a fan of your in-house tap water, you’ll probably be purchasing more bottled water to fulfill your water needs. 

As it might be great for you, it’s not great for the environment. With every purchase of bottled water, no matter how big or small it might be, the plastic will just add up to more waste in the landfill, causing harm to the environment. 

With filtered water, the need for purchasing bottled water comes to an end. All you need is to purchase and install a water filtering system in your home, and then you’ll be having easy access to filtered water in no time. 

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Increases Hydration 

Better tasting water encourages drinking. You’ll be able to enjoy drinking water a lot more once filtered. Filters can remove everything you hate in tap water, like the smell and the taste. When everything has been filtered out, you’ll want to drink more, improving hydration, which provides even more benefits.   

  • Improves Digestion 

Since you’ll be more hydrated, it may be easier for your body to transport the nutrients and minerals you get from your food, allowing you to absorb it accordingly.  

  • Retains Good Minerals

Water filters are designed to remove the minerals that are harmful to your health. If you use the fight filter then it can also retain the good minerals depending on what filter options you choose.



If you have extra money, why not invest in a water-filtering system? It can be costly at first but it can help improve your health and easily pay you back in health. 

Filtered water helps remove chemicals and toxins found in tap water. It also provides you a healthier choice of water. In addition you’re also taking part in trying to save the environment by reducing your bottled water waste. This solution might even save you a lot more money in the long run. 

If you want to stay healthy, switching to filtered water is highly recommended.