What Controller Does MkLeo Use

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An addictive game like super smash bros ultimate needs regular updates, different styles of playing, experts’ opinion, and proper instruments. For smash lovers controllers are the most important. 


To level up this game, there’s no other option except to have a good controller, to know its detail, and to set up properly. This is a frequently asked question, “what controller does MkLeo use“. Because, in the market, there are plenty of controllers with high and low prices. You will find some expensive controllers without input delay, or uncomfortable to use. 


Here, many come with no high expense, but with the necessary functions. Let’s check out MkLeo’s experience and opinion about the “mighty controller”.


About MkLeo: 

Mkleo is a Mexican Smasher who is now ranked 1st, and known as one of the best smash bros players of all time. In 2009, he had first won a match, and that time he was only 8 years old. He is known so far the best for his patient yet aggressive gaming style. Anyways, after the retirement of ZeRo (Another powerful smasher), MkLeo has got the first place. Though in 2017, MkLeo had defeated ZeRo at 2GGC Championship. 


In 2018, Smash Bros. Ultimate was released, and MkLeo kept his position on top in each game. Using joker, as his main character, and with unique control, he is still considered as the king of Smash Ultimate. 


Controller for Smash Ultimate: 


Our today’s topic is about the Smash Ultimate controller. While you are a passionate player with a poor controller, you will lose most of the games. You don’t need to spend a lot on having a good controller. We have learned so far that MkLeo is fond of using the GameCube Controller. Alike most professional smash ultimate gamers, this is his top choice. 

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1. GameCube Controller 

The comfortable placement of buttons has made this controller unique from all. Remember, a controller doesn’t run your game; you run it. With a better controller, you can play your every match smoothly. Switching from your controller to a better one always takes time to adjust. After some time, you will get used to the functions. 

The X, Y buttons for jumping (as per MkLeo’s setup) are placed nearer to the thumb which makes it easier to control. For the tilt attack, the C button is confirmed. Well. the size of this C button is slightly small. But the placement of this button in the lower part of the controller makes it perfect to hold. The big A button of this controller allows to shift quickly in a comfortable way. 

For special or emergency cases, the B button is selected. If you want to play in the pattern of MkLeo, then these settings will help you to think alike. In your controller, these inputs are really important while playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With the help of an adapter, this controller is worked the most, if you need it. 


For pros, this is the best controller ever used. Now, you can undoubtedly pick the controller up with the choice of MkLeo. Also, for the beginners’ and normal players,’ there are other cheaper controllers. Among them, Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller is counted to be the best in the line.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This is the second-best option for smashers, suggested by none other than MkLeo, which has a classy design. The setup of this controller is not the same. Yet, you can adjust it through the secondary stick available. The stick is also tall enough to get connected easily. The other keys are functioned the same, as the attacker A button, jumping input X Y buttons do exactly the same way. Also, you can change their setup as per your comfort.

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If you are joining pro tournaments, you better not choose this. Yet, if your preference is wireless, then this is the best choice. For friendly smash. ultimate, this high quality, comfortable using controller takes your game to a better level.


How to hold the controller: 


While you are following the whole MkLeo’s style, then gripping is a vital option for your play. The signature style of MkLeo’s is the claw-grip. For quickly grabbing the Z button with the jumping buttons, this technique is the best. We all know about the fast move of MkLeo’s. This holding style is an explanation for that. The normal two-hands grip makes the game slightly slower. So, when it’s about time to quick smash, just switch your position. While practicing claw-grip, you may find it tough, but it surely will help you to take your game a step up. 


Final Thought: 

Here is some quick suggestion about smash bros. ultimate controllers. Not only the controllers, what has made MkLeo reach the top, is the game plan, and various experiments. With a good controller and your intense gaming sessions, level up your game. Whether pro or beginner, learn to understand how to set up your own style and preference in the game. The flawless control of GameCube helps to achieve serious smoothness in your game. That’s the reason for choosing this controller to knock off Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.