How To Choose The Best Nerf Guns For Children

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Nerf guns have been a part of most children’s childhood. By getting them as Christmas presents or as a surprise gift, kids are always delighted to get their Nerf gun. However, not all guns are meant for every age.  

When buying a Nerf gun, it’s essential to have in mind a few specifics that’ll ensure you choose the right gun for your child. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best nerf guns that are suitable for children age three and six onwards.   

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Choosing The Best Nerf Guns For Younger Children  

While choosing a nerf gun for smaller children, look for an easy to use, lightweight, and safe model.  

  • Easy To Use 

How a blaster operates will determine if your child will be able to play with their new toy. While buying a nerf gun, make sure to check how the gun loads. For instance, guns with a simple load system, like a front-load pistol, are easy to use. A front-load pistol allows you to load darts right into the barrel, making it easy to use for a three-year-old.  

Also, look at how the gun is primed, which is how the child activates the blaster. Priming handles located at the back of the gun are easy to use as younger kids can easily pull the handle. For example, the Nerf firestrike has a handle at the back of the gun that’s easy to use for young children.  

Avoid buying your child a gun or pistol with a sliding primer. This is because these guns have the same mechanism as real guns and children can find it difficult to operate.  

  • Lightweight  

Choose a gun that’s lightweight and can be carried around easily by your child. You don’t want your child to carry around a heavy toy that they wouldn’t be able to play with. 

For younger children, pistols are ideal as they’re easy to operate, can be carried around with ease, and your child is not likely to grow out of it for a while.  

  • Safety 

When looking for a nerf gun for your three-year-old, safety plays the most important role. 

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One of the biggest issues with big-sized guns is that the child may struggle with its size and lose their co-ordination, leading to frequent falls. Additionally, bigger guns with batteries tend to be heavy and add to the weight of the gun. 

To prevent your child from falling frequently, chose a lightweight, small gun like a pistol as it can be carried around easily.  

Choosing The Best Nerf Gun For Six-Year-Olds  

Buying the best nerf gun for your six-year-old is not about the best quality gun but your child’s preferences. While one child may want a quick-firing gun, another may prefer a gun for long-distance shots. 

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Listed below are some top features that are popular with children and the best Nerf Guns that are endowed with it:

  • Precision 

For children who are looking for precision in their shots, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire blaster can be a good option. The blaster comes with a foldable tripod and can be used for ground firing. It also has double drums and barrels that fire.  

  • Detachable Modular Components 

If you’re looking for something that comes with detachable components so that your child can exchange them with their friends and have fun getting creative with using different modular components, choose the Longstrike Nerf Modulus. 

This blaster comes with a barrel extension, two scopes, and clips. To add to your LongStrike Nerf Modulus, you can also get separate target lasers and lights.  

  • Long-Flying Dart Distance  

For a child looking for a blaster that they can use for shooting long-distance darts, Nerf’s Ultra One is the best option. This blaster is made from lightweight foam and aerofin technology, giving it the ability for the longest-flying darts that range up to 120-feet away.  

  • High-Speed 

If your child is looking for a high-energy fast operating blaster, the Nerf Rival is the best. This fastest firing electric gun fires eight shots per second. This lightweight blaster also has a quick load hopper, making it quick and easy to reload the gun. All these features make the Nerf Rival one of the most popular blasters with children.  

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Tips For Buying A Nerf Gun 

  • Choking Hazards: If your child tends to put things in their mouth, buy them a blaster with minimum loose components and darts or bullets that are large and cannot be swallowed. Nerf guns that come with smaller components like small bullets can cause choking. Therefore, choose something safe for your child.  


  • Battery-Powered Guns: For smaller children, it’s best to avoid battery-powered guns as they’re usually heavy and can be difficult to operate. You’ll also need to constantly spend on batteries to power the guns.  


  • Attention: Younger children tend to have a short attention span. This means buying a high-end Nerf gun for your little one can be of no use in a few weeks or even days. Young children lose interest in a toy after playing with it a few times. That’s why, it’s wiser to invest in a cheaper, easy to use, and simple operating blaster if you have a small child. 


  • Durability: Most children tend to break their toys while playing. To ensure that your child’s new Nerf Blaster lasts longer, choose Nerf blasters with thick plastic casings and no loose parts.  



With so many options in the market, buying the right Nerf Blaster for your child can be confusing. While it’s important to consider your child’s preferences, its equally important to ensure that you buy something safe, durable, and easy to operate for your child.  

A younger child may find it difficult to operate a battery-powered machine gun, while a six-year-old may enjoy the Longstrike Nerf Modulus for its detachable components. What you choose for your child depends a lot on their age and their brain development at that stage.  

Still, even with several amazing options to choose from, you’re sure to find a suitable Nerf Blaster that’s sure to make your child happy.